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  1. It wasn't too bad other than the aforemetioned windshield mishap. The frame has been started and painted as were about half the tires assemblies. Half the parts are off the tree (it's a good thing I have a clue as to what goes where). The duals were completely disassembled and all the old glue removed. I had one tire that whomever cut the star out took half the sidewall with it. The rest were in pretty decent shape other than the overabundance of glue. The body was squirted with red (and not very well or even completely). I de-burred and sanded what needed to be sanded. A couple coats of primer to seal the red in and here we go. I painted the body, rear hubs, tanks, air cleaner, visor, and a/c unit bright yellow. The interior will be grey and black. Frame in gloss black. More pics to follow...
  2. Super clean build! Amazing job on the BMF.
  3. Cool idea and nicely built... For some reason I pictured you in full zombie mode mumbling, "Must have glue..."
  4. I'd say Hunter... As far as using the "wrong year" Bronco on my build, you may have heard the old saying "Run what you brung?" The body was molded with the fender mud guards in place and the dual tire carrier. And it's just a hair bigger than 24th scale, IMHO. Nick, looks good. The graphics laid down really well. You might want to paint the inside of the body to match the interior on your next build. I think your skills are really coming along, dude!
  5. Wow! Super job! Not to nitpick (really) but did a seam get missed on the air cleaner?
  6. Great job so far! As for the gauges, your's look fine to me. I wouldn't change a thing...
  7. Just a quick update on the CJ-7 - Warmed up enough yesterday to squirt some paint. Hit it with a coat of primer and sanded where it needed sanded. Next up was a coat of Krylon Yellow (same as the 1:1). Some flat black on the interior (best I could do for Rhino Lining) and the engine compartment and we're in business. The cage included in the kit was horrible. I started cutting it up and am planning to do a full cage using sprue (same diameter). The engine was a Chevy 305 painted Grabber Green. The 360 in the kit will do the job. I looked for a close match to the green I used, but couldn't find anything in a bottle. A little Pearl Green by Boyd seemed like a good idea, but I'm not so sure. We're see after another coat to cover the silver/chrome base. And just for fun, I found this 20th scale jeep 95% completed in my kit cabinet. I finished off the little pieces/parts and figured I'd post it up for the heck of it.
  8. Nice build! I like the lower mudflaps on the quarter fenders.
  9. Just received a 352 kit off ebay that had been mildy started. All the parts seem to be there, but the windshield had been glued in (rather heavily). I managed to get the glass out without damaging the body, but can't say as much for the windshield. Rather than try and make one, does anyone out there happen to have one laying around? Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Three words: IT'S TOO CLEAN!!! Super nice job. Seen many of those out where I taught heavy equipment.
  11. My 14 year old daughter has started work on her metal-bodied Dodge Charger police car she got for Christmas.
  12. Thought about some dents and missing parts...
  13. NYPD Caprice is done. This has actually turned into a "comissioned" piece. My dad has a friend that is a retired NYPD detective that has a birthday coming up, so it'll be on it's way to Florida first of the week. And yes, that is a NY Times and cup of coffee on the dash. At dad's request, there is a box of donuts on the passenger seat...
  14. NYPD Caprice is done as well: Adding it to the under glass.
  15. For pics of a real one being rebuilt, check this out: The Wraith
  16. Here's the kit (1/16th, not 1/12th as I had previously posted) Here's what I am planning for the finished product (my first 1:1):
  17. My Louisiana State Police Crown Vic - Looking forward to seeing some other projects! Chris
  18. I'm calling the LSP car done. I'll be starting an under glass section finished projects!
  19. I've got a 1/12th scale Jeep CJ-7 from Revell I'll get started on here in a couple days.
  20. The NYPD Caprice is coming along, probably be done tomorrow sometime. Here's were I'm at: The engine - The chassis - The body (still needs decals and the bumper trim) - I had forgotten how detailed this snap kit was. It'll look good sitting on the shelf!
  21. A really good site on Firebirds here. And one on the "Ladybirds." I didn't make up the name, I swear. Enjoy!
  22. Half of my projects are stalled. That NYPD car is over eight years in the box... I really had to think how many moves that poor car has been through. I don't even remember what color blue that is.
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