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  1. Half of my projects are stalled. That NYPD car is over eight years in the box... I really had to think how many moves that poor car has been through. I don't even remember what color blue that is.
  2. Great job, young man. Looks fantastic! Glad to see that dad is letting you use the sprue cutters. I wish I had those when I was your age! Paint is definitely the next step. If nothing else, have dad get you some Sharpies and experiment (only on plastic, not the cat) with what works and what doesn't. I have found the silver Sharpie to be an invaluable tool in my arsenal. Keep it up!
  3. The LHP Crown Vic is in the finishing stages, just trying to figure out what equipment/antennas to use. I'm kinda thinking about doing it as a California Highway Patrol Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit. I have some of these decals in my book: I seem to remember them using that as a door logo for a short time on those cars. If I'm mistaken, please let me know. White CV either as a slick top or Vision lightbar, LoJak antennas, hockey puck for the computer, a 12" antenna for the repeater and 96" whip for a CB. On another note, it's amazing what you find when you start cleaning
  4. Nice find, Ray. This Pete and this KW are for sale here in Omaha. I know they ride like buck wagons, get horrible fuel mileage, are a pain to get into or out of, but man, do they look cool!
  5. I thought about it, but it's a metal body. I really don't have the moxy or the facility do do a major repaint in the cold... OUCH... Ok killer, let's see what ya got!
  6. It very well may be the one. That was taken when I lived in Middleburg, Florida, just southwest of Jacksonville... Certainly not factory colors.
  7. You need to keep that little Dub away from Mr. Skwirl's. Might be love at first site. Speaking of, ain't seen nor heard from the Skwirlster lately. What gives?
  8. Real Cat 3406B: My Cat 3406B: Other than the oil pan being reversed, they look pretty close.
  9. My old 1:1. If you want or need more pics, let me know. Not easy to find detail shots on the net.
  10. If you're looking for a 3406 B, you might want to pick up the Pete 359 snap kit. Pretty detailed motor and really looks sharp. I've done a bit of detailing on it, but it gives you an idea.
  11. That is beyond sick. I love it. A couple of 9" straight stacks behind that cab would be perfect!
  12. It was put out in 1999. I scored it off evilBay for a pitance. Only problem was no decals. The Jetstream lightbar was used on my 240-Robert build as it is closer to the AeroDynic size. The Edge was used on a replica of my Indialantic, Florida 1:1. I'm swiping the strobe bar out of the new Dodge Charger police kit for this one. It has really turned out to be a good kit. We'll see if I have the same attitude when I start assembly!
  13. Quickie update on the Crown Vic: Painted up the chassis with several different types of metalizers. Add a parking brake cable and move on.
  14. Nice builds guys! Here is what I'm starting on: In blizzard conditions here in Omaha, so I should have some time to get it worked on.
  15. I didn't even think of tow services... Bring it on!
  16. I've been seeing more emergency vehicles on here as of late. Thought it might be a good time to start a build thread. Very basic rules: 1: It can be any type of emergency vehicle (Police, Fire, Rescue, Ambulance) from any department - real or imagined 2: Any year will be acceptable 3: We need to see some in progress pics 4: Let's keep it to buildable kits (no prebuilt die-cast that have been detailed out - although I have seen some really neat jobs done...) 5: Let's give it a 6 month window - say June 1 for completion 6: Lastly, keep the comments productive. If you see
  17. Amen to that. If you look closely at my pic, you'll notice that the white paint is peeling off the doors above the green stripe. The factory paint... I wasn't able to run the a/c and run at high speed for fear the thing would overheat. The county I worked for was the size of Rhode Island with lots of agriculture (read: orange groves). We did lots of high speed driving. And lots of sweating. When I traded up for a 1990 Caprice, I transfered all my equipment over. What had stuffed the Dip's trunk barely covered half of the Caprice's. When I picked up the car, I noticed three hole
  18. I was looking the conventional on evilbay for the conventional and ran across that promo ad the other day. Dang, that would have been a cool kit. I certainly would have bought one (or two, maybe three..)
  19. Nice job! I was leary about these when I first saw them available. The oversized hood ornament was my initial misgiving. I really wanted to do one as my first cruiser: Might have to give it a shot now.
  20. Clean build. I wouldn't run from him.
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