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  1. Nice job so far. I seem to remember a pretty comprehensive write up on this kit in SAE several years ago. Might be worth a look.
  2. NICE job! The white letter tires really set it off.
  3. Thanks for the compliments. The pics were taken on my back porch on a folding table. I had taken some pics of a LA Sheriff's Bronco last week and it was covered in snow. I was hoping for the same effect today, but this balmy weather here in Omaha has somewhat melted it. Surprising what a little forced perspective can do! This one was by no means going to be a show build. I really had never planned on doing any detailing to it at all... The CB cord was a piece of thin hobby wire clamped in a forceps and wrapped around a mini drill bit. A little dab of superglue and voila! Made a good
  4. Cool pics. I had no idea the Bandag Bandit was housed there. Been by there dozens of times and never took the time to stop.
  5. I got this kit a couple years ago off eBay strictly for the Ground Hawg tires to swap onto a Jeep CJ the represented my 1:1. The jeep still sits, but this one's done... Go figure. Built box stock other than a set of Super Swampers from the LHS, parts box grill guard and spare tire carrier. The color is "Grabber Green" engine enamel that was originally used on the CJ's engine. Super light coats came out looking better than expected. The lowers were painted flat black reminiscent of the Macho Power Wagons of the era. A wire CB antenna and coiled CB mike cord pretty much finished it off.
  6. It was from eBay. I had watched several of them go for upwards of $50. I won it for around $12. It sat in limbo for almost a year and a half after the initial paint job. There's a cool website @ 240-Robert.com that has some cool pics and great reference info. If you build one, be aware that the tires are front and rear specific and the lightbar is horrific. Other than that, it's a pretty straight forward build. Thanks for the compliment!
  7. Looking good, Nick. The tires and rims will match great!
  8. Awesome paint color. Whole kit looks really good!
  9. I thought about it. Nursing a bad back and it was freaking cold out. I took that on my back porch on the top of my table. Thanks for the compliment!
  10. Fixed the double post in "Under Glass" Sorry 'bout that!
  11. Pretty much box stock other than the light bar and equipment in the rear. I omitted the back seat and added scratched cases, ropes, and scuba tanks. The light bar is from a Testor's metal bodied Crown Vic with alley lights. Shotgun is a parts box special and radio heads are Evergreen. Didn't realize until after the pics were taken I had forgotten the front license plate and the a-pillar spot lights. Soon to be rectified. Enjoy!
  12. Calling the 240-R Bronco done (except the front license plate is missing-noticed after the pics). Enjoy!
  13. Nice build. I saw one of these in person at the LHS yesterday and it almost followed me home, but a Xmas present for the clone took precedence. Not a bad price and really liked the retro box art. Are the 352 and W900 ads on the side retro or are they really upcoming?
  14. Nice job. I had thought about doing the grill, but was unsure of how strong the spars would be. Any luck on the sleeper?
  15. Thanks for the compliments! It's turning out a lot better than I thought it would. I'm using Tamiya's masking tape. Works like a champ. Plus it's had a month or so to cure before tape. I've lost a little of the light blue, but that's an easy fix. I'm off the road for a couple weeks due to a slip and fall on the ice... Captain coordination. May have herniated a disc. So, I may be able to get some work done of the half dozen or so projects I've got going. To bad it's too cold for any spraying.
  16. The lightbar came from the Testor's metal bodied Crown Vic (NYPD, Chicago, or Denver versions). The kit was issued in 1980. I guess that they had that year tooled and used it. The body isn't really right for a '79 or '80. I've looked at several pics of both and there are variances in the grill and taillights. Pretty much just building it boxstock other than the lights and equipment. The unit number on the roof was transposed to read 420-R-2 Instead of 240-R-2. As much as I would love to believe this kit was a direct tie in to the show, it was never labeled or promoted as such. I su
  17. Super clean build! Just curious, but why only a single stack?
  18. I have always thought those were neat looking trucks. I think I saw that style the first time on the early 80's in a movie called RoadGames with Stacey Keech and Jamie Lee Curtis. Super nice job!
  19. What I'm building and where I'm at... The body: The interior with scratched equipment (the scuba tanks are aluminum tube with Model T headlight buckets): The AeroDynic lightbar swiped from another kit with alley lights added on: Basic chassis with white rims instead of chrome (matches TV truck): Quick video from the show: <a href=" target="_blank">240-Robert opening</a>
  20. Thanks for all the compliments. It wont be too much longer till it's done. Hometime days come so few and far between at this time of year. And those are usually peppered with honey-do lists...
  21. I've been working on the Bronco from "240-Robert" for quite some time. Might be just the venue to show it off when it's done! From Wikipedia: The series chronicled the missions of "240-Robert," a specialized unit (three young deputies utilizing a four-wheel drive SUV and a helicopter) of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Emergency Services Detail. Most of the assignments were sea/air/land search and rescue operations in their extensive (over 4,000 square miles) jurisdiction. The show's creator was Rick Rosner (himself an LASD reserve deputy), who created the hit CHiPs two
  22. Been a while since I have worked on this, but a quick update... I had run out of the pactra tape and wasn't happy with the way some of it laid down. If you stretch it the least bit, it has a tendency to shrink over time. I peeled off what I had done and decided to try my hand at pin striping. I know I'm not overly steady, so some tape was in order. Some gold paint and viola! Not bad. Now to tape off the top stripe and the hood.
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