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  1. Yeah, it has the two piece tires. Not a bad kit for a snap together. The molding leaves a little to be desired, but talk about a thick body! It came with the dry transfer decals that stink, hence the change to Chicago. If I remember, they made a pickup as well as the Blazer, both in two versions. Ah, memories of my youth... :angry:

  2. I had this kit as a kid and it made a fun toy... I even have one of the tires laying around in a parts box somewhere.

    Anyway, this is a Testor's issue from 1980 that came from eBay. I had been kicking around what to do with it and scored one of the light bars from the "Cop Out" dragster and decided to do a little something from the Chicago PD.

    Quick, down and dirty, oob (other than decals and lights). This is the first time I've worked with the layered style decals (no idea where they came from) but they laid down very nicely. It'll be a nice shelf piece - if I can find room!





  3. Folks, thanks for all the compliments.

    Unfortunately, thing being what they are, I have been laid off from my nice cushy office job with Werner and am headed back on the road as a driver trainer. Soooo, the project will be "shelved" for a couple weeks until the next hometime rolls around. I did, however, pic up my black 387 today w/ a C-15 Cat. If anyone wants detail pics, lemme know.


  4. Let me start off by saying that some of the projects I've seen on here are insane and way beyond my capabilities. This will be the first WIP post I've done, so be kind. I unfortunately do not have the patience for the super-detailing, but I do alright by my standards.

    I had posted up some pics of one of our museum trucks a couple weeks ago and then landed a trade with Dave for a 359 kit. Not a super detailed kit by any stretch, but very workable. I ran some oil and vent lines on the really nice 3406 B Cat motor:



    Before shooting some light metallic blue Duplicolor, I ran some airlines to the rear airbags and rear diff. I didn't mess with the brake lines or the the front diff as you really can't see them. I also raided my daughter's bead box for a heim joint for the torsion bar.


    The tires in the kit, for the lack of a better term, suck. I raided the parts box for a set of an old tanker trailer. The look great on the drives, although they need to be straightened out just a hair. The steers are the best of the ten supplied in the kit.


    I have the air deflector from the RG Pete kit that will work perfectly with some new bracing and an old Great Dane trailer for it. The biggest hurdle is going to be the stripes on the cab. I've never had the best of luck with two tone.

    More to come!

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