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  1. LT added a post in a topic LADIES and GENTLEMEN: The C6R is done!   

    Really well done, Ismael. Lots of detail work there.
  2. LT added a post in a topic Completed: Porsche Carrera GT   

    I smelled Seal Grey paint and honed in on this.

    Nice work James! Those CF decals would drive me nuts.
  3. LT added a post in a topic 71 Buick Riviera   

    Real nice. I love the color on it, especially with the white top and interior.
  4. LT added a post in a topic 2001 Jaguar TransAm   

    Nice job, Brendan. That's the first I've seen of that model. It looks quite nice, decals and all.
  5. LT added a post in a topic Firebird SD-455   

    That really does have a good, no-nonsense look to it. With all that red though you'd never be allowed to park it at the polo club.
  6. LT added a post in a topic Complete:Ferrari 575M Maranello (now with better pictures!)   

    Looks great, Antonio. That's a pretty accurate match for Grigio Titanio.
  7. LT added a post in a topic REVELLS 71 HEMI CUDA   

    Nice work, Tom. Very clean and smooth.
  8. LT added a post in a topic Pocher Alfa FINISHED!   

    That's an exceptionally nice replica. I really like the exterior colors along with the complemeting interior.
  9. LT added a post in a topic Orange '41 Willys with True Fire   

    Nice job. Great graphics and a real good look overall.
  10. LT added a post in a topic 70 Super Bird   

    Real nice work. Very clean, good detailing and good photos.
  11. LT added a post in a topic Revell C6-R Corvette (7-4-07 update)   

    Looks like the days of orange peel and rub-through spots are over for you. Nice work!
  12. LT added a post in a topic 2 Underglass for tha Dog. 62 Dart and 29 ModelA   

    Nice! Both are very cool.
  13. LT added a post in a topic Revell '49 Merc   

    Excellent review, Dave. Looks like it's about ready for publishing.
  14. LT added a post in a topic Gluing delima   

    I usually always use CA glue unless the job calls for epoxy.

    It sounds like your concern is more about damaging paint on parts you've already painted. 99% of the time some touch-up painting is required to cover glue bonds between two parts so scraping painted parts, if necessary, before joining them isn't a concern if done carefully. Once joined, touch it up with a fine sable hair brush and try to blend the brushed finish with the already painted finish.
  15. LT added a post in a topic New Resin Body From Reliable Resin & DB Designz   

    The resin body looks very accurate and high quality. Looking forward to seeing your finished replica.