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  1. mredzadventure added a post in a topic Straight 8 Rod   

    Love the strait 8 I'll be following
  2. mredzadventure added a post in a topic Enamels WIN!   

    What a great thread. Very helpful indeed A few pages ago the topic of safety was brought up. If you use a respirator Here are a few tips . I am in the hazardous waste industry and here is what we do.
    Your cartridges do not have an off and on button they are always working. When your done put the cartridges in a freezer bag to stop them from absorbing everything in the atmosphere. Clean it after every use. Alcohol swaps work fine. If you have a beard or mustache that is around the seal your respirator will not work right. At work we must be clean shaven. A bit extreme for a hobby but I thought you should know. If you can smell the solvents there in your bloodstream that is the bottom line. Make sure you have the correct cartridges they make different ones for different applications. Your paint supplier will have them. We use MSA brand they work good. Also check to make sure it works. Cover the cartridges with both hands and breath in you should feel the mask suck to your face. Cover the valve in the middle of the mask it should puff out as you breath out. Now your sealed and safe.
  3. mredzadventure added a post in a topic 1/24th scale speakers   

    Try here http://www.detailmaster.com page 8 You may have to scratch build the box's
  4. mredzadventure added a post in a topic "Up In Smoke" 64 Chevy Impala   

    Hey Strawberry
  5. mredzadventure added a post in a topic "Up In Smoke" 64 Chevy Impala   

    I'm In
  6. mredzadventure added a post in a topic Dayjobs   

    I am the Stig Actually I am a truck driver in the hazardous waste industry. I drive a tanker truck, roll off trucks and vacuum trucks.Mostly I haul 7000 gallons of stuff that goes KA-BOOM if you have a bad day. Been in the tanker business for 15 of my 17 years of driving. I also make some side money playing music I've been doing that since I was 13. My dad had a body shop and I helped restore cars with my uncle so I have a few hours under my belt with a DA sander.
  7. mredzadventure added a post in a topic Scratch build challenge entry IR Suspension pics 10/2   

    Push the car! Get a little motor and battery and make it remote control Spectacular work
  8. mredzadventure added a post in a topic MUD BUG! Gettin' Dirty...Deals Wheels Style! Done: 11-12-12   

    This is why I get nothing done. Maybe you should change your screen name to The Plastic Surgeon What a cool build I love the Driver
  9. mredzadventure added a post in a topic Scratch build challenge entry IR Suspension pics 10/2   

    I'm speechless. I can't imagine what your layout looks like
  10. mredzadventure added a post in a topic Read any good books lately?   

    I have read most of the recommended Authors so far All good stuff so far. I have read almost all of Clive Cussler's books and series and they are a blast. Jack Dubrul who helps Cussler with the Oregon Files is not to shabby either. Anything from Dean R Koontz is a fun read. His Odd Thomas and Frankenstein are fantastic. Stephen King is always good for a surprise. The Gunslinger is an epic series. John J Nance is good especially if you like airplanes. Jonathan Kellerman is great his wife Faye and Son Jesse are all great writers. His Alex Delaware novels are a great read. James Patterson's Novels are wonderful Alex Cross enough said. Kathy Reichs is really good to her books are the Bones T.V series .Dan Brown weaves a great yarn his attention to detail is stunning. First Man was a great biography of Niel Armstrong. Keith Richards Bio was a great read and I'm not a big stones fan I am now after the book. Other good reads Flags Of Our Fathers,The World Is Flat,Planet Google,The Walmart Effect all very good. Dan Simmons Hyperion novels are well.... wow you would have to read one to explain. Anne McCaffery's Pern novels are a great read. If you want a change of pace The Walking Dead Graphic novels by Robert Kirkman are some of the best writing I've read in a long time. Margret Weiss and Tracy Hickman write some great novels Death Gate Cycle and Dragonlance to name a few. I'm sure there are some more I will have to go through my library
  11. mredzadventure added a post in a topic Gilmore Vintage Hot Rod Show   

    It is so worth the trip
  12. mredzadventure added a post in a topic Purple power   

    Yes wear gloves I found out the hard way my left hand has been molting all weekend
  13. mredzadventure added a post in a topic Gilmore Vintage Hot Rod Show   

    Not to shabby for a @#$ camera Thanks It is a great show and a fantastic museum if you ever get a chance I would highly recommend it.

  14. mredzadventure added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Gilmore Vintage Hot Rod Show
    Here are some shots I took at this years hot rod show Ignore the date on my camera it's is messed up

    Champagne lady This car has been on a few covers I know the owner he is a cool guy.

    This is my friends car. Drives like a dream

    1954 Hemi Good luck finding any more of these.

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