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    Derrick you need to go to work for NASA and design the space shuttle that will take us to Mars.You got skills man you got skills.Seriously never seen nuttin like this in this scale Great job.When you do design that space shuttle I want a ride.
  2. Another '57 Chevy To Add To The Mix

    My favorite thing is a tri five chevy.My second favorite thing is a straight axle.Its a one two punch for me.Nice job!!!!
  3. 41 Willys Street Gasser

    Very nice!!! Excellent job!!!! Looks just right.
  4. '56 Nomad Wagon

    Your nomad looks great!!! Nice job!! Great color combo.
  5. 67 Chevelle SS

    The car looks great.I like the decals and color.I have a couple of these kits and like them a lot.I am kinda partial to a 67 chevelle as I own a full size 67 el camino.
  6. 1966 Chevy Nova Super Sport

    WOW!!!!!! Very impressive.Excellent job!!!!!!
  7. New guy current projects

    The 58 chevs look great as gassers.That's why have built two as gassers and will probably do one of my remaining three 58's as another gasser. 58's got the right lines for a nose high stance(Really any stance).Probably thought as a bit to heavy for a drag car back in the day. The ladder bars and front axle were dug out of a box of parts in the early 90's.I dug through some of my kits and the traction bars appear to match those from a monogram 55 street machine kit.The front axle looks to match my 54 high boy kit front axle.The girl helps keep the dog from peeing all over the shop.He just sits there with his tongue hanging out most of the time.Go figure?LoL!!!
  8. 55 Chevy 4x4

    James that looks great!!I've got the same truck built box stock.Have been thinking about pro streeting it or jacking it up and throwing a front axle under it.I believe you helped me with that decision.LOL!!Love the bumpers.
  9. Revell 55 Chevy

    Stance looks great.Like the wheels also.Keep us posted.
  10. 1937 Chevy

    Car looks real good Nice job!!!I got to get me one of those kits.90% of what I build gets a straight axle and a nose high stance.
  11. Car related movies

    Macon county line was a good one.Anybody know if it is available on dvd?
  12. New guy current projects

    Since getting back into model building I have really learned a lot more on how to use my digital camera.
  13. Car related movies

    Let us not forget Two Lane Blacktop With James Taylor(driver) and Dennis Wilson(mechanic) and Warren Oates(gto driver).A cross crountry race with only has the baddest 55 chevy on the planet for its time.This will be one of my future builds and I will do everthing possible to exactly replicate the 55.
  14. New guy current projects

    Well I have been lurking on this site for a little while now.Absolutely love it.I check in around 5 times a week.I built models as a kid like everyone on here and built a few models in my early 20's(which I still have) I'm now 39.Had not built any models since the early 90's and for some reason in January of this year I decided to start building again.I have become seriously addicted to the hobby purchasing around 120 models plus parts lots and diorama from ebay and local flea markets and hobby shops in the area since January of this year.I am buy no means a pro at this but do take pride in everything I do.I have been learning soooooooooo much from the great people on this site and will continue to learn from the people on this site.Thankyou all for that!!! I have four young children a 12 year old boy and three girls ages 8, 4, 2 and have bought them all model kits. They all love building their models with dad. Most of what I buy are glue bombs or models that need finishing or restoring.Something about bringing a model back from the dead.I do have about 20 new in the box kits but I figure I will make my mistakes on the glue bombs before I start on the new kits.I am definately a kit basher as 95% of my models are built this way.I build mostly chevy's in a gasser,pro street, or hot rod style.One last thing for now I have to comment on, is what you guys do with plastic models it is really incredible.I restore classic/muscle cars for a living and it totallly blows me away what you guys can do at such a small scale.I think that is what has me so drawn to build cars on this scale.It creates a whole new set of challenges to take a 1/24 scale model and make them feel so real.Plus the freedom to totally express ones style.Anyway here are some of my current glue bomb/ restoration projects.These have either been purchased from ebay recentley or have been in a box since the early 90's. Most are close to complete but all need something finished or refinished.Some I have sanded and recleared others I have cut and buffed and some I just left the paint as is for a more weathered look and a couple still need to be stripped and repainted.This is one of the best ###### sites on the planet.Thanks for looking Billy. Forgot to mention if I don't have 6 to 10 projects going at once it just don't feel right.
  15. diorama figures

    I did check out some of the websites mentioned and found some figures that were more like what I was looking for.Thanks for the info guys.