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  1. does anyone collect diecast?

    I do....what would you charge for the F350?
  2. Don't Let This Happen To You!

    I'm glad you woke up in time...sorry to hear.
  3. Shelby GT500

    It says about $44k.
  4. Question + Newbie

    Lol thanks Our new storage shed......
  5. Which Dually Pickup Models Are Available?

    Looks like that silver one could use a dusting.
  6. Im 12

    @ some of the replies. . . Hmm. . .I've been into models your whole life and i'm only 13! But welcome, and as the 14 year old said (I forgot his name) its a fun hobby, you just have to make time for it. A matter a fact, I have a model car older than you!
  7. Question + Newbie

    I am a Corvette lover, and I suppose i'm a builder. . But when I start building something, I..I want to build something else. I just remembered we have pictures of our model cars. . Well I do. The pictures are bad.
  8. Corpsevette....(Formerly Haulin' Hearse)New photos page 3

    Thats. . . .Thats a model that I would have never thought of. . Awsome work!
  9. Huall'n C3500

    Keep up the good work!
  10. Question + Newbie

    We have the Olds. Aerotech, no telling what else. I know, just that I didnt know if I should build it or not. . I'll hold it a few more months to see what GM plans to do with Corvettes. And thanks everyone. . I believe on Ebay, all the AMT ones were Promos and or Revells..... Thanks, If I have $100 that guy had some old kits for cheap. . My Camaro was $8. Now, when I build it if I do. . Shall I save the Box because Monogram is no more? And the box art?
  11. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    1989 Monogram ZR1, special age package. 1998 Camaro Z/28, special Cali Yellowing package.
  12. Question + Newbie

    Hello everyone! I have a question about the ZR1 in my signature. Is it worth anything? This is it, cept mine isnt sealed. . . and err. . It has age. My name is Austin, im 13. . And hmm. . .I can tell you that me and my dad have 2 rooms in our house, and a storage room full of Model cars/tanks/trucks/air-planes. . .Rare or not we have it. . But not newer ones. . I bought my ZR1 and my Z/28 at a Carshow I just came home from for $10 and $8. I'll get pictures of them tomorrow, i'm tired.