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  1. I hadn't considered that idea, and I guess it is a possibility. In the photos I've seen of the cars, it's readily apparent that the graphics were applied over the moldings, and I'd like to replicate that feature on the model, I think. Also, since several posts have suggested that clear over BMF hasn't been a problem for them, I'm thinking I should be alright, too. I will experiment first, though. I've got the car painted and drying, and I'm eager to get to work on it!
  2. I'm going to guess the bottom one, too, but I wouldn't bet money on it! Mostly I'm looking at the models and appreciating the workmanship. Excellent builds!
  3. Thanks, guys. I'm building a Milne Brothers '64 Plymouth SS car. Their cars were painted in Petty blue, and they added a large "Milne Brothers" on the side, over the chrome side molding. So I figure for authenticity's sake I'll need to do the same thing, and then I'd like to seal the decals with a coat of Testors lacquer clear. Sounds like there's agreement that the clear won't damage the foil, but just to be on the safe side I'll test it first. Thanks to everyone for the advice!
  4. Okay, what's the consensus on applying lacquer gloss clear over Bare-Metal foil? I've got a project (a '64 Plymouth Super Stock) that requires the decals going over the chrome trim, and I'd like to clear the body after foil and decals. Any advice on how lacquer clear affects the foil? Thanks
  5. Maybe only two, but both are works of art. Congratulations on a pair of magnificent builds!
  6. berr13

    NASCAR 1957

    Thinking of starting the Revell '57 Chevy and Ford NASCAR versions, and I had a question. Did cars in those days run some sort of headers? Any responses welcome, and thanks!
  7. This is just an idle question...I don't have the kits at hand to figure it out for myself Has anyone ever used the more detailed Revell 1962 Impala chassis with the less detailed 1963 Impala? Will it work? Problems? I'm thinking this would be a great way to create a more detailed 1963 Super Stock racer. Thanks
  8. If you want to go really big, a company called SOL Model is coming out with a resin 1/16 scale Willys MB jeep. It will include resin and photo etch parts, and according to the company, it'll be out in October.
  9. Business cards work for me, when it happens. I also use Novus, and it rarely cakes in grooves.
  10. Thanks, guys--that confirms what I thought, and it's good to know for sure. Very much appreciated!
  11. That does help. So that means that 265 V8s could have either system, depending on what year they were produced?
  12. Got a couple of engine questions: First, what exactly is the Cadillac engine in the Revell Mercury kits? How many cubic inches? And also, what color would be correct? Dark blue, or gold as the instructions call for? Second, when did Chevrolet quit using the by-pass oil filter system on the 265 V8? I know it was introduced with the 1955 V8s, but when was it discontinued in favor of the block-connected filter system? Just thought I'd ask the smartest bunch of car modelers I know....
  13. Nice job--great color, and as mentioned above, the wheels are a great look. I also really like how you did the vent windows. They look so much better with the rubber simulated...I'll have to remember that when I build mine. Excellent!!
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