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  1. I used Tamiya clear on a '57 Chevy Black Widow with Power Slide decals, with no problems. I don't know if it's relevant or not, but I used Micro Sol and Micro Set in applying the decals.
  2. Scenes Unlimited used to reproduce the wider version, but he told me he quit making them because they didn't sell. I bought what he had left unsold, and I'm working my way through them on various projects. I'd like to see them return.
  3. Not to misdirect the thread, but I have a set of the sbc headers, and I'd like to know: what are 3D parts made out of, and what glue and paint should be used?
  4. Nice job...that looks great! The wheel detail really makes it stand out!
  5. My favorite task it putting the completed model in a display case, and admiring what I've created. I really enjoy the finished product. Windows and BMF are tasks I enjoy the least.
  6. I just finished a "tribute" build for the little old lady, and it looks exactly like that. I used the Lindberg '64 Dodge in a bright Tamiya red. I did fudge a bit, though, and gave the old lady a street exhaust, Cragars, and I broke down and gave her a radio (added some knobs to the delete plate and called it good). Oh, and pie crust cheater slicks, too. She was, after all, the terror of Colorado Boulevard!
  7. An owner interested in straight line performance might have invested in a set of Traction Master traction bars. The company dates from the 50s, but I don't know what year. I had a set on my '55 hardtop, but that was in '65. 🙄
  8. Can anyone recommend brush paint, enamel or acrylic, that's close to Petty blue? Or, even better, close to Tamiya TS-23 Light Blue? TIA!
  9. Made a random trip to Hobby Lobby today with my girlfriend, and found a Revell '67 Nickey Camaro reduced to $9.95. It came home with me!
  10. I hadn't considered that idea, and I guess it is a possibility. In the photos I've seen of the cars, it's readily apparent that the graphics were applied over the moldings, and I'd like to replicate that feature on the model, I think. Also, since several posts have suggested that clear over BMF hasn't been a problem for them, I'm thinking I should be alright, too. I will experiment first, though. I've got the car painted and drying, and I'm eager to get to work on it!
  11. I'm going to guess the bottom one, too, but I wouldn't bet money on it! Mostly I'm looking at the models and appreciating the workmanship. Excellent builds!
  12. Thanks, guys. I'm building a Milne Brothers '64 Plymouth SS car. Their cars were painted in Petty blue, and they added a large "Milne Brothers" on the side, over the chrome side molding. So I figure for authenticity's sake I'll need to do the same thing, and then I'd like to seal the decals with a coat of Testors lacquer clear. Sounds like there's agreement that the clear won't damage the foil, but just to be on the safe side I'll test it first. Thanks to everyone for the advice!
  13. Okay, what's the consensus on applying lacquer gloss clear over Bare-Metal foil? I've got a project (a '64 Plymouth Super Stock) that requires the decals going over the chrome trim, and I'd like to clear the body after foil and decals. Any advice on how lacquer clear affects the foil? Thanks
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