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  1. 68 Firebird 400

    I like your choice of light ivory for the interior color. Looks great! Nice job all around!!
  2. Headlights

    I just poke the lens with a VERY sharp Xacto knife, just enough to hold it. Tiny hole, but it's usually a strong enough grip to accurately place the lens. I use a toothpick to rotate it, if need be. Works for me...
  3. Please let us see the finished model when you're done. This looks like a nifty project, and I'm eager to see it! Great pics, too!
  4. A few years back Mike at Best Model Car Parts made me some license plates with my letter/number combinations. You might try him--his stuff is high quality and he's a great guy to deal with.
  5. No real trick--I just shake and stir. Occasionally I'll get a bottle that seems thin and fails to cover well, no matter what I do, but that's pretty rare. For me the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. If nothing else, get a bottle of Aircraft Interior black and try it for your flat black needs. I swear by that stuff!!
  6. I've had NO problems brushing with Testor's bottle acrylics, and in fact I use them exclusively if they're available in the color I need. To my mind there is no better flat or semi-gloss black than the acrylics. Overall though, Testor's acrylics go on virtually brush mark free, they dry very fast, clean up easily, and have no odor. My first choice for brushing paint.
  7. 70 Plymouth GTX Johan kit

    Really excellent--you had a great starting point, and you improved on it. Excellent work!!
  8. Painting over red

    Hey, don't mind me! I'm the OP, and I'm learning a little, or a lot, from each post. Keep at it, guys!
  9. Painting over red

    As to color, I really haven't decided. I do have a Dino that I'd like to paint yellow, but beyond that I'm still thinking about the two others. I did find a Ferrari site that listed and showed all the colors available by year, and there's a much wider variety of colors than I suspected. So I thought that for the three models I have I might try something that's different and seldom seen. I do have a couple other projects going right now, but I bought some of the Mr White Surfacer, so I'm ready to go when I'm done cogitating.
  10. Vintage 1946 Monogram streamliner kit

    Thanks for sharing that!
  11. 1940 Ford Standard

    That's just pretty!
  12. I'd be happy just to find something similar, in tire width and diameter, and in almost any wheel style.
  13. Painting over red

    New to me, too. Thanks for the tip--gotta order some of that!
  14. AMT garage accessories

    love the oil spills on the decal sheet
  15. I have a Ferrari, molded in red, that I'd like to paint another color. I plan to use spray can lacquer, starting with Tamiya white primer. Will this primer be enough to keep the red plastic from showing? Any hints, tips, or advice gratefully welcomed. Thanks, Jim