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  1. If you want to go really big, a company called SOL Model is coming out with a resin 1/16 scale Willys MB jeep. It will include resin and photo etch parts, and according to the company, it'll be out in October.
  2. Business cards work for me, when it happens. I also use Novus, and it rarely cakes in grooves.
  3. Thanks, guys--that confirms what I thought, and it's good to know for sure. Very much appreciated!
  4. That does help. So that means that 265 V8s could have either system, depending on what year they were produced?
  5. Got a couple of engine questions: First, what exactly is the Cadillac engine in the Revell Mercury kits? How many cubic inches? And also, what color would be correct? Dark blue, or gold as the instructions call for? Second, when did Chevrolet quit using the by-pass oil filter system on the 265 V8? I know it was introduced with the 1955 V8s, but when was it discontinued in favor of the block-connected filter system? Just thought I'd ask the smartest bunch of car modelers I know....
  6. Nice job--great color, and as mentioned above, the wheels are a great look. I also really like how you did the vent windows. They look so much better with the rubber simulated...I'll have to remember that when I build mine. Excellent!!
  7. You love 'em, and they seem to love you back. Great work!!
  8. Yesterday, on a trip to Lubbock, Texas, I found the Revell '70 AAR Cuda on the shelves (at Hobby Town). Of course I bought the one and only, but I've just had a few minutes to take a look at it, and I have no photos. I'll try to describe what I found in the box, though. It's the same body as the '70 hemi Cuda, so if you didn't like that one, you won't like this one, either. It's molded in white, with new AAR decals (I found two sets in the box). The only differences between the first two versions and this one that I could see, in a quick look, were: No hemi, but a 340 six pack, with appropriate decals; new AAR exhaust, AAR hood with hood pins, and a rear spoiler. I was disappointed to see that the tires were the old, kinda small, no-name tires that I'm familiar with from the '69 Nova. Looks like this will be a good time for some AMT L and F 60s. It also looks like some left over parts from the previous issues, like the hemi valve covers and the lower side trim, are there, but I didn't inventory. Hopefully somebody else will add photos soon, but I thought I'd take a minute to give my quick review.
  9. Thanks all for your suggestions. What I'm trying to do is replicate the '57 Chevys of Bob Lambeck that were so successful in junior stock back in the '60s. I still have one can of Testors Kiln Red, but I don't know if it's still any good. It may be a little too red, so I may investigate copper, too. Thanks again--you all have given me different ways to go.
  10. Perfect! That's exactly what I wanted to see. Now I'm gonna have to dig for my Firebird to scavenge the headers for the GTO. Thanks!
  11. Can anyone suggest a source for Chevy mid-fifties Sierra Gold paint? I need an aerosol can, since I don't have an air brush. Thanks
  12. berr13

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    They're all nice, but I love the Ford hardtop!
  13. Looks great! Any chance you could flip it over so we can see the Firebird headers? I've got a GTO build-in-progress that could use headers and I've had trouble finding anything suitable. So, I'd like to see what you used. Again, I LIKE it!!
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