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  1. My Heartland stash

    Man, you must have rolled up in an armored car!
  2. 71 duster 340

    Looks great! I did one that same color, so, maybe I'm prejudiced. Great minds and all that. Seriously, nice work!!
  3. Anyone else ever notice this?

    Too bad Revell didn't chop the top like the actual car.
  4. BugBerry: VW NewBeetle luxury delivery van

    Well done!!
  5. A fine '69 MPC '69 Impala convertible

    Pretty snappy! Nice save....
  6. Opel GT

    Looks GREAT!!
  7. Acrylic paint?

    I don't think there's any real trick to it, just shake and stir well. I've found that MM acrylics sometimes take a second coat for complete coverage, but not often. I clean my brushes with something called "Liberty Art acrylic brush cleaner", in a jar with a sponge at the bottom, then rinse with tap water gently and let 'em dry. I like acrylics. For me, they go on smoother, with hardly any brush marks, than enamels, and the paint dries a LOT faster. Acrylic paint is about all I use these daysl
  8. '55 Chevy

    Modify it a "little", you say? What color is that? That's a really fine looking model!!
  9. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone

    That looks SO much better dropped in the front some. How did you do it? VERY nice model!!
  10. 1970 Rare Green Charger

    Very, very NICE. Just promise us that when you get the stripes you'll post more photos. It's gonna look GREAT!
  11. Iconic cars not kitted

    How about an early, split rear window Volkswagen beetle in 1/25 scale? We've waited long enough for that!
  12. Made me cry

    That hurts me, too!
  13. Jeez, I'm going to have to start living better if I want to stay alive until the Novas come out. I had a '64 SS I'd dearly like to model.
  14. What is living?

    Hey, what it says is you're "REALLY living". I can fake it with the best of 'em, and still be happy. Especially if it means I don't have to drive a Simca or wear Lee pants.
  15. Show your Revell '68 Chevelle"s

    Better buy 'em if you see 'em. If those are the wheels made by Scenes Unlimited, he's discontinued them. I've got two sets and they are excellent, and I had a hard time understanding why they didn't sell well enough to keep in stock. Oh well...