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  1. berr13 added a post in a topic tamiya two tone   

    Steve: My plan is white for the top, and a light blue for the rest of the body.  Didn't think of just clear coating the primer (slaps top of head), instead I primed with white and hit it with a coat of Tamiya Pure White.  The bottom of the body will be Tamiya TS58 Pearl Light Blue.  I recently completed an AMT '68 Camaro this color blue, and it has a sort of VERY slight purple tint to it.  After purchasing the Desoto I read where in late '59 a color called Bradenton Blue was offered for Desotos, and it was described as having a slight purplish hue.  At any rate, I thought the white and blue would be pleasing, and I'll probably do a charcoal interior following Desoto patterns.  As you probably surmised by now, I'm not going for the factory original look--I'm also thinking chrome wheels--but maybe more of a subtle period street rod.
    I think Petal Pink and Terra Cotta sounds pretty cool--the perfect color combo for the era!
  2. berr13 added a post in a topic tamiya two tone   

    this is good, guys, thanks.  I don't want to mess this up, it's a Johan '60 Desoto Adventurer!
  3. berr13 added a post in a topic holley #4160 carb.??   

    have you looked at the carbs in the Revell '69 Z28?
  4. berr13 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    tamiya two tone
    I'm planning a two tone paint job with tamiya spray paints.  Anyone have any experience doing this, and advice on how long the first color should dry before masking for the second color?  thanks...
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  5. berr13 added a post in a topic AMT '71 Duster   

    Thanks for the input, guys...I envy you your trouble-free building experience!  On mine, I have trouble getting the assembled chassis/interior unit into the finished body.  The windshield glass has a large lip at the front, extending under the front cowl, and that seems to be my problem.  I've had to severely trim the front of the dashboard, and now it's starting to fit but the chassis still won't go all the way up into the body--the firewall still is about 1/32" from the rear inside wheel well.  Guess I'll keep scraping until it sits like it should.
  6. berr13 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    AMT '71 Duster
    I'm having trouble with the '71 Duster,  getting the assembled chassis and interior into the body shell, and need some tips from those of you who have built this model.  It looks like the base of the windshield, where it glues to the inside of the cowl, is the problem.  Is that correct?  Any ideas for me?  This thing has been kicking around my closet for years, and I've re-glued the side windows any number of times after aborted attempts to mate the chassis and body.  Help!
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  7. berr13 added a post in a topic 53 ford victoria 1:1 question   

    Great project--don't forget to show us when you're finished...
  8. berr13 added a post in a topic AMT 1968 ROAD RUNNER HEADER INFO......   

    good to know...thanks
    and just to build on what you've told us---the headers in the AMT '66 Nova will fit the Revell tri-five Chevy kits with very little work, and the headers from the Revell '69 Nova can be used on the AMT '67 and '68 Camaros.
  9. berr13 added a post in a topic better light   

    Harry's right.  Last time this topic came up I bought one he recommended and I've been VERY happy with it.  With the combination of better light and a magnifier I've been able to see better and the quality of my models has improved quite a bit.
  10. berr13 added a post in a topic My 2015 class   

    I'd say you were going for quality over quantity--beautiful models, all of 'em!
  11. berr13 added a post in a topic What kits did you get for Christmas?   

    Gifted myself with a Galaxie '47 Chevy, and paid for it with tire rebate gift card.  Win-win for me, eh?
  12. berr13 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Novus polishing system
    This may be a stupid question, but I'm going to ask it anyway...I've recenty begun using the Novus 1,2,3 polishing products, and I think I need a little expert guidance.  I've got a lacquer paint job, cleared, dry, and ready for polishing.  The  paint is smooth and blemish free, and has some shine but lacks any real gloss.  Should I start with the #2, or start with the #3 and risk it roughing what is already there before going to the #2?  Anybody have any experience in this situation?
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  13. berr13 added a post in a topic 1967 Camaro SS 350 Convertible   

    Clean is the word that comes to mind, along with beautiful!  That is just a great looking model...what color did you use to paint it?
  14. berr13 added a post in a topic How do you pick which model you will work on next   

    The Barrett Jackson auctions sometimes inspire me to find something.
  15. berr13 added a post in a topic 383 'cuda