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  1. Porsche 550 Spyder

    Nice build Larry, your 550 looks great Dave B
  2. Done a little bit more to these. The bodies are not exactly 'square' but neither was the master!! Although they are curbside I am building one supposedly Jag powered with Dunlop wheels and the other Chevy with exhausts both sides, side louvres and kidney bean Halibrands. The Jag version will be a tribute to Archie Scott-Brown and the Chevy a fictitious American racer. I have removed the Weber bonnet scoop from the Chevy version. Hopefully they will look OK on the shelf. Tks for looking. Dave B
  3. Ferrari 412P

    Tks for sharing Gary, another great build by Scott Dave B
  4. 1956 Citroen DS

    That is a great build Paul, magnificent. Dave B
  5. Hi Jason, these are a small car. According to "The Magnificent Front-engined Birdcages" by Oosthoek and Bollee the Type 60 and 61 both have a wheelbase of 88", front track 50", rear track 48", body length (standard) of 152", body width 60" and height 36". I built a couple a while back that I believe were based on the Aardvark body. The link is Regards Dave B
  6. 1941 Zephyr coupe

    Great build Paul, tks for posting. Dave B
  7. Corvette Grand Sport 1964 Sebring

    Another great build by Scott, tks for posting. Dave B
  8. Alpine A110

    Very nice build, I hope mine looks that good when it is built. Dave B
  9. I have slush cast a couple of bodies using old resin and also made a mould of the windscreen, repaired the damage and vac formed one. Looking OK so far but I need to undercoat a body before going any further to make sure the resin is still OK. If they are OK will build one as a Jag powered version with 'D' type wheels and one as a Chevy with early Halibrands. I may also cut some louvres into the lower side panels of the Chevy version in front of where the exhausts would exit and consider removing the air scoop on the side of the bonnet which is for the Jag powered version Webers, just so they are different. Tks for looking Dave B
  10. Anybody that checks my threads would know I like to build 50/60's sports racing cars, particulary from old slot cars or toys. My latest pick up from a mate was a rough fibreglass Lister Knobbly body that another friend had pulled off an old vacform slot car body back in the 60's. Part of the rear was missing and the sills were straight, not curved, to allow the original to be removed from the mould. I checked the scale and as it came in marginally smaller than 1/24th I decided to have a go and see how it looked after some work. The sills were cut off and new ones shaped from MDF, vacformed and attached. The rear was deepend using styrene. For those Lister fans out there the rear is still incorrect, it should curve under but this one is relatively straight. I filled the area between the rear guards with epoxy to give it a more correct higher tail, it looked a bit like a Birdcage Maserti at the rear!! Anyway after some work it looked reasonable so I put it into silicon and that is the status at the moment. Shortly I will slush form a resin body, cut out the broken windscreen and form a new one from MDF coated in epoxy, I can then pull a vacform. Won't be built for a while but look for it "under glass" in a few months time. Tks for looking Dave B
  11. Cobra FIA Targa Florio

    Great minds think alike Scott, did exactly the same to mine. Dave B http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/81409-revell-fia-cobra-csx2323
  12. Chaparral

    That looks great Tony, I had to scratchbuild mine using the plans from Vintage Racing Replica News!! Tks for posting. Regards Dave B
  13. AMT Sunbeam Tiger

    Nice build Paul, looks really good. Dave B
  14. Hi Bernard, I was going to suggest you try http://members.optusnet.com.au/pattosplace/home.html

    for a vacform body.  At least it will be in one piece and not two.



  15. Hi Bill, I was going to suggest you try http://members.optusnet.com.au/pattosplace/home.html

    for a vacform body.  At least it will be in one piece and not two.