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  1. That looks really good, nice build Pierre. I have built Fujimi's 917 and personally I did not find the rear framework easy. Dave B
  2. It may not look it just yet but I have been very busy working on 3055, as opposed to my Alfetta 159! I have scribed the boot, door and boot lines, corrected the head rest, opened the openings in the boot for fuel & oil caps, added the four bonnet vents and the NACA style vent, finally had a go at making and installing the side vents and drilled the tiny holes for the photo etched bonnet and boot release clips. The side vents are not perfect but with a little more work will look OK. Have made the photo etch wires using Herb Deeks spokes and my own resin cast rims and urethane cast tyres. They look almost as good as those on the 450S although they are Hasegawa and superior. Tks for looking Dave B
  3. That's a great kit from Indycals Thomas, it's a pity I'm building the 159, the supercharger is quite different. Dave B
  4. That's a great build Giovanni, tks for sharing. Bet the real one never looked that good. Dave B
  5. Great looking build Rich, missed out on that one from Paul unfortunately!! Dave B
  6. I've started my 300S that my mate filament printed for me. As I want to build a specific car, Chassis 3055 that I saw race at Longford, I'm going to have to make quite a few mods, which I have started. Going to be a long road to get right. Tks for looking. Dave B
  7. Coming along slowly as I have been slightly distracted, as you will see shortly. I am very happy with the body mods and wheels so I'll keep on moving along. Dave B
  8. A fantastic build Tomasz, tks for sharing. A mate has one unbuilt, I will show him this thread. Dave B
  9. There are some great builds here guys, tks for posting. Gary, I particularly like your scratchbuilt TR61, beautiful!! I might have 2 or 3 winners somewhere, must get around to posting them!! Dave B
  10. The other day a mate gave me a SMER (Merit) Alfetta 158. As I already have an original 60'S built Merit kit plus another (SMER) I built around 10 years ago I decided to have a go at converting the 158 to a 159. Using an article from Motor Racing Replica News the conversion is started. It won't have photo etched wheels, like the previous 158 I built, but I have high hopes of converting a set of Italeri Ferrari 275 GTS wheels to suit. Wish me luck and tks for looking. Dave B
  11. That's a great looking build especially using AMT as a base. Tks for posting JC. Dave B
  12. Great builds Helmut, tks for sharing. I fear my Tamiya version will never look that good. Dave B
  13. That's a great build Rich, at least you can see all the work that went into the steering!! Dave B
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