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  1. I'm sorry Andrew I have to withdraw the Iso, the paint was literally holding the lexan together. On seeing it stripped I'm of the opinion it may have been a local vacform. Dave B
  2. Looking good Pierre, can't wait to see them finished. Dave B
  3. Looks a bit like we used/are using the same vacform bodies to back cast Gary. Andrew, I have posted both my nobbly Lister's on this forum. Dave B
  4. The old Model Cars plans are on the web, this one is better. The lexan isn't as thick as the Lola or nobbly Lister I back cast but I think it is useable.
  5. Hi Andrew, my vacform body is not real good, apart from being 5mm too short and at least 5mm too shallow (both fixable) it appears the Sebring Iso, chassis #B0202 was the second of only three 7000 rivet cars, being the first 3 manufactured, and the vents, side windows and some body fixtures are substantially different. I'm going too clean the body up, take a resin slush mould and see what happens. Should anyone with a decent resin want #5 please give it to them. Dave B PS my plans are for the later body style but are better than nothing.
  6. Just discovered it ran on wires and I do have some beautiful KAModels photo etched wires. One problem solved Dave B
  7. Hi Andy, I have found in my stash a pre painted vac form Iso. It looks reasonably good but I will need to review dimensions and see what I can do about the wheels prior to seeing if it will slush mould. If someone turns up with a resin kit offer them the slot. I'll keep this link informed of my progress. Dave B PS it would be a curbside
  8. That's a beautiful build Rich, much to my dismay I missed out on buying one from Paul by about 2 weeks. Had arranged with a mate to buy together to reduce shipping costs but the Paradise was no more. Love the trick on the gold tyre stripe as well. Tks Dave B
  9. Tks Andrew. I'll have a look at the thread later. Yes, Hobart Tasmania. Dave B
  10. Looks pretty good to me, that's a nice build Thomas. Dave B
  11. Looks great Rich, I have one half built with the DFV from the 1/32 Surtees F1. Might finish it one day. Dave PS, Helmut, I have the same book by Heuvink.
  12. Tks guys. Gary, I did it that long ago I have forgotten what changes I made!! Dave
  13. This is a restoration of an old Lindberg kit that I was able to do after acquiring my Gunze Sanyo coupe (wheels and tyres) and both VRM decal sets. It depicts the chassis # 2300 as run by Ford of France and driven by Jo Schlesser and Andre Simon to 12th overall and 3rd in class. Tks for looking Dave B
  14. Great build Gary, the Lindberg kit, with a little work and Gunze Sanyo wheels builds into a nice kit. I built the Ford France Daytona from one. Dave B
  15. That's a great build Phil. I actually sat in that car when Ernie bought it to the Phillip Island historics some years back and still have the photos the mechanic took. Thanks for sharing Dave B
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