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  1. Pico, you are too talented!!. That is great, love the 50's and 60's sports racers. Dave B
  2. Great looking build Rich, that's a nicely detailed kit. Like your idea for the carpet too would never have thought of that! Dave B
  3. Great build Tom, a friend has this kit and I have been tempted to have a go at getting it off him via a swap maybe. Dave B
  4. That's a very nice build Dennis. Dave B
  5. Those observant ones among us may have noticed I failed to put the radiator vent in the nose prior to casting, senior moment. Anyway I have corrected that in my build and have shot the body in auto acrylic to find the faults. I have yet to hinge the nose hence the spacers for the pics!! I also have yet to finish the windscreen mould although that is close. Anyway thanks for looking and objective criticism welcomed. Dave B
  6. Great builds guys. I have been a Cobra fanatic for a loooong time!! The stock black version and the blue with silver stripes were built at least 40 years ago, I had just started airbrushing and using auto acrylic, no clear coating back then. I also built how I would have one, should I have been lucky enough, not. Today I would build them as Gary has, versions of actual cars. The blue on blue was my take on the FIA version, less the boot luggage bumps. I have since built a correct FIA car based on the Revell slot car body but with AMT underpinnings and Monogram small block. I did post my FIA car up here a couple of years ago. Tks for looking Dave B
  7. Hi Gary, I am unable to pm you. Would you mind sending me a pm, it is in regards to my resin flip top Cobra. Dave B
  8. Nice builds Gary and others. I have a couple of AMT 289's which I will post later, sorry but the race one is ficticious!! Dave B
  9. I've partially achieved what I wanted to! I made a two part silicon mould but have been unable to get the body out properly so I have reverted back to a slush mould technique for the time being. I'll work on how to remove the inner mould, maybe by cutting it diagonally through front to back so I can remove the inner rear first? I also managed to get a flaw in the silicon so that on the front guard above the open vent there is a slight depression that looks like the resin is delaminating, it isn't, just a nuisance, not sure how I did that!! At least I am able to give my mate, who gave the a mint 289 AMT body to cut up, a reasonable fliptop. Anyway I now have to remove the fliptop's front, start modifying the front suspension to a leaf spring Ala the 289 Cobra and also make a mould for the windscreen so I can vacform one. Tks for looking Dave B
  10. Hi Andrew, tks for posting this, it looks like they build into a very nice kit, with a little patience that is!! Dave B
  11. Have added the bonnet vents. I have glued 0.010" styrene sheet below them as a temporary measure before it goes into silicon. Getting close now, just a couple of more goes at getting rid of the original mould lines!!. I have included one each of my standard AMT 289 and Monogram 427 and also included my build of a Revell FIA roadster (on a widened AMT chassis but with a Monogram 1/24 small block Ford motor). Constructive criticism appreciated before it is too late!! Tks for looking Dave B
  12. Nice build Rich, I have done one also, great minds think alike!! Dave B
  13. Looks interesting William. If you do Jim Hall's don't forget to pancake the bonnet bulge!! Dave B
  14. After comparing the pics of the restored version to 'as raced' at Nassau I decided the nose needed reworking. I have made the opening larger and it now has the lower front valance. I have also scribed the new panel lines, added the scoop and given an initial undercoat to find the faults, etc. Now it just needs bringing up to scratch. Tks for looking Dave B
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