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  1. I've just finished my Fisher 917 that I have been building while working on my scratch built Elfin ME5. I opened the three cooling slots in the nose and added a radiator (not sure what it cools though as the 917 was air cooled). It definitely has a cooler there and the slots needed opening. I also added a gearbox. It's finished in Gulf blue (Triumph powder blue) and my take on Gulf orange acrylic and clear coated. The black stripes are pinstripe tape. The roundels and numbers on the sides and nose haven't sat that well even though I waited for a new supply of Microset and Microsol prior to applying the sides decals. This could be an age issue? Anyway tks for looking and back to the Elfin. Dave B PS sorry about the photos, laptop is broken and had to use my phone.
  2. That's a great build Joe. Profil 24 do some beautiful kits, they're just a little rich against the Oz dollar. Dave B
  3. Coming along nicely at the moment. Yes Philip you're right, Elfin open wheelers did compete in the Tasman series.
  4. Having built 3 Elfin 400's based on resin bodies I cast I thought it was time to have a go at the ME5. I saw this car race many times when owned by Don Elliott and then Johnny Walker. The early colour scheme as used by Don (driven at that time by Robin Pare) was white with green a red stripes and that remains in my mind as my favourite look. As it is a slab sided car, and the plans are available, I decided to scratch build one using styrene sheet and an assortment of resin cast pieces from my stash. Having both the Elfin books has helped and also period pics from my good friend Bruce. It has started well and I'm enjoying the build. I'm building it as a fill in between Fisher resins I have managed to pick up. Tks for looking. Dave B
  5. Great build Ken, looks like it belongs in the Oakland's Roadster show. Dave B
  6. Hi Brian, thanks for sharing this, it's a great build and I had no idea Aurora released this kit with so much detail. I do have the Aston Martin, Ferrari 250 GTO and the Maserati 3500. Tks again. Dave B
  7. That's a great resto Helmut, I particularly like your early use of Fujimis wire wheels, they are rather nice. Regards Dave B
  8. That's a great display Gary, thanks for sharing them. Dave B
  9. That's a superb build and paint Ferby, tks for sharing. Dave B
  10. Nicely built Rich, I have built this kit as a Gulf car. I was not happy with all the framework under the rear deck and actually struggled with it, must have been having a senior moment!! Tks for sharing Dave B
  11. That's a great build Steve, I'm sure the museum will appreciate it, they should!! Dave B
  12. Pierre, an extremely well built duo you have there, tks for sharing them. Dave B
  13. That's stunning Tim, tks for sharing. Dave B
  14. That's a sweet build Ray, it would look right at home on my shelf 🤗 Dave B
  15. Well, I have finally finished my conversion of a SMER Alfetta from 158 to 159. I used the ideas as detailed in Model Racing Replica News plus a couple of my own ideas to get a more rounded tail, lots of styrene sheet and Milliput epoxy putty. The wire wheels are Italeri 275GTS spokes mounted into the SMER rim/tyre. Apart from the body mods I also changed the supercharger to multistage, modified the air intake to replicate the 159 (tks Milliput) and made the dual exhaust. It's finished in auto acrylic and clear coated. I have included my Merit Alfetta 158 and also an old survivor in a couple of the pics to show the body mods. Tks for looking. Dave B
  16. You've done a great job Ray, would be very happy to display that in my cabinet! Dave B
  17. Tks folks, it's not a bad collection for a Ford guy!!😉 Dave B
  18. Almost finished, will post finished model within the week, I hope. Dave B
  19. My survivors, front row, and other builds. Front row left to right Cox 2A Cox 2 D Arii 2C on Cox chassis and Cox 2E, mag frame. Back row is Arii 2C, Monogram 2D, Fujimi 2D, Fisher 2F, Mini Exotics 2H and scratch built 2J. Dave B
  20. Very nice Gary, unfortunately all my survivors have been over restored!! Dave B
  21. I seem to recall Penske's M started life as an S then he upgraded it. I don't think the S was ever raced in Penske's iconic blue livery. Dave B
  22. That's a nice clean build Bruce. I know what you mean by delicate, I built mine around 30 years ago and remember it well. Dave B
  23. I'm sorry Andrew I have to withdraw the Iso, the paint was literally holding the lexan together. On seeing it stripped I'm of the opinion it may have been a local vacform. Dave B
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