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  1. Spectacular build Rich, really nice, congratulations. Dave B
  2. Great build Gary, I have the slot car body as well just haven't got around to back casting it yet. Dave B
  3. Hi Andrew, it's 1/24th, the wheels are made up from Herb Deeks photoetched spokes and cut down Italeri rims. Dave B
  4. Final WIP post. Have been busy finalizing body shape and making the mould for the windscreen. Sprayed a clear coat on this morning just to see how it looks, with a polish it will come up fine. Tks for looking. Dave B
  5. Beautiful, what more can I say. Congratulations Bruce. Dave B
  6. Tks, just an auto acrylic I mixed and then clear coated. Dave B
  7. Tks guys, appreciate the comments. The Tipo 151/3 is coming along slowly and I've just got an A6GCS download which is yet to be printed. Dave B
  8. Hi Bernard, I've managed to buy a 3D download of the A6GCS.  Now just need my mate to print it for me.

    Dave B

  9. Hi Walter, your Stang looks nice. I have this exact car to build but I'm trying to work out how to pie cut it 2" as Moff's was!! Dave B
  10. The good news is I'm getting somewhere with 151/3. I've started by deepening the body 2mm, lengthened and reprofiled the nose, reprofiled the exterior of the rear cabin area, reprofiled the tail, initially opened a few vents and scribed some appropriate panel lines. It's now starting to look a little like 151/3 as most of us know it. Now it's time for some primer and some finer tuning. The bad news is the Zagato is not available in a file that my mate can handle so I'm looking at an A6GCS Spyder by Fantuzzi. Hopefully that will be. Tks for looking. Dave B
  11. Great build Walter, I saw this car race in Tassie. Dave B
  12. Well, there is an old saying "you get what you pay for" and I certainly got what I paid for with this 3D download my mate printed for me. It's a representation of the 151/3 when first presented to the ACO at Le Mans. The rear vision was not acceptable and it had to be modified to the Tipo 151/3 that most people know. It's a reasonable starting point to build a passable model so wish me luck!! I have started gathering the basic things I need to build it from my resin parts boxes, wheels & tyres, seats, transmission tunnel and steering wheel. I also have plenty of styrene of various thicknesses and Milliput epoxy putty. I'm hoping the download of the Maserati A6GC Zagato I have ordered is better, it was not cheap! Dave B
  13. Great build Rich, especially with your 'signature' posed steering. Dave B
  14. Beautiful build and love the colour. Dave B
  15. Well, I have finally finished the 3D filament Tipo 33 my mate printed for me. I had to do a bit of extra work because I failed to give him an accurate height for the body, nothing a bit of styrene and Milliput epoxy putty couldn't fix. I know you can buy these from the likes of MFH but I really enjoy the work required to build a reasonably accurate model from just a body. I used the wheels from a Tamiya GTAm but the rest is from my parts box. I vacformed the windscreen and headlight covers and finished the model in an acrylic red I mixed and then clear coated. The model is relective of the Tipo 33 that ran at the 1967 Nurburgring 1000 and failed to finish. Not an exact replica but looks good in the display cabinet!! Now on to my printed Maserati Tipo 151/3. Tks for looking. Dave B
  16. Nice build Doug, looks like Mike Hawthorn's but his was a Mark 1. Dave B
  17. Nice build Justin, that does look really good. Dave B
  18. Nice build Helmut, I actually pinched the wheels off mine for a Tipo 33 Periscopia that I have almost finished and retro fitted Minilites to the GTAm. Dave B
  19. That's a nice build Helmut, the 60's Alpines were great little cars. Dave B
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