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  1. Hizoot added a post in a topic Acrylic enamel and enamel   

    It's easy to become confused by this but the term " acrylic" refers to Acrycil; a liquid plastic that when dry offers an extra hard, glossy finish to most oil or gum based paints. A good example of acrylic is Future Floor Finish which is not wax but 100% pure Acrycil or "acrylic" plastic.

    The word enamal normaly refers to the oil based paints used in home & automotive applications. Therefor Acrylic Enamal would be simply an oil based paint with acrycil added to it.

    As for Alclad, I don't use it but I know you can apply it over most all paints acrylic or not. Just don't put oil based over it for a clear coat. However I'm told you can put Future acrylic over it.

    Hope this helps..!

  2. Hizoot added a post in a topic AMT Slammers? Anyone build these   

    And they taste good too..!

  3. Hizoot added a post in a topic AMT Slammers? Anyone build these   

    I remember that from the Desert Classic Danno,

    It was very popular & I hope you did well in the club challange..!

  4. Hizoot added a post in a topic AMT Slammers? Anyone build these   

    Yes Kevin,

    You know who I am & you saw these at Pegasus. Was passing by & thought Nick might like to see these..!

    Gotta run,

  5. Hizoot added a post in a topic AMT Slammers? Anyone build these   

    I've done a few but like most everthing else I do they're highly modified.

    Huntington Beach Police Rambler "to protect & to surf"

    Rare construction photo of my Full Force Custom from Black Force Kit.

  6. Hizoot added a post in a topic Arrowhead Aluminum Accessories   

    Thanks for the info. guys I appreciate it..!

  7. Hizoot added a post in a topic Arrowhead Aluminum Accessories   

    Hi everyone,

    I'm considering ordering some tires from arrowhead aluminum as I've had good luck with those tires in the past. However it seems the company has had numberous issues & it takes longer to get them if at all. I understand several people have had problems with them but remember, I want facts & not rants. I've only placed one small order with them a long time ago, anyone have a recent ordering experience with them..?

  8. Hizoot added a post in a topic 29 A roadster - budget hot rod   

    WOW Alyn,

    This looks like a true labor of love for you..! Very interesting project & well done, luv the scratch building !

  9. Hizoot added a post in a topic Don "The Snake" Prudhomme Retires..!   

    You're correct in that Don Hasn't driven since the end off 1995. But in 1996 he put Larry Dixon in the drivers seat & became a team owner. What the BIG question realy was about is not $$$, Don hassponcorship oppertunities. It was about racing in the 50th Winternationals next month as Don won that (his 1st) back in 1965.

  10. Hizoot added a topic in General   

    Don "The Snake" Prudhomme Retires..!
    I guess this is off topic but I didn't know where else to post it...

    In the beginning I wasn't much of a Prudhomme fan BUT I've gotta say, "WHAT A CAREER" this guy's had..! He won me over finally when he teamed Larry Dixon with Dick La Haie, still this guy has helped write drag race history. Like him or not, you simply can't argue with that kind of success! For the full story;


    If you have any Don Prudhomme stories & or photos or "Snake" models built that you'd like to honor him & us with, please post them below...

    PS - For all you schemers & dreamers out there, this means that Dick La Haie trained crew chief Donnie Bender is looking for work, any takers..?

    Thank You,
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  11. Hizoot added a post in a topic Fantom 41 Willys Finished..!   

    As normal I've been away from here,

    But a Huge thanks for all the kind words about my Willys. It looks like there will be no contest held this year but that's ok as I still have a trophy... my 41 Willys..! Plus I'll take it to the real GNRS comming in Jan.

    Good luck & thanks,

  12. Hizoot added a post in a topic '57 Ranchero & Sedan Delivery   

    Real nice stuff there Dave,

    Seems as if suddenly 50's Fords are popular as of late. Here's my Edrhero I started not long ago..!

  13. Hizoot added a topic in Under Glass   

    Fantom 41 Willys Finished..!
    Some of you have seen this but for others, it's still new..!

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  14. Hizoot added a post in a topic My Art Deco Aero Coupe Updated Jan 3, 2010   

    Haven't been around but what a fine job you did with this..!

    Inspirering to say the least.

  15. Hizoot added a post in a topic 1932 ford   

    Soooo for all of you who want to be Californians,

    TODAY we have 3 wildfires, the Santa Ana winds are starting to blow 25 - 35 mph (a calm day) and it's was 105 degrees right outside my door...

    COME ON DOWN...!

    But I love the Topolino Dave, you seem to get around to projects I don't start like the 33 Willys P/U, I have one but only a few hours in it. I also have Anglia fenders but I can't bring myself cutting into Simple Simon yet..!