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  1. Thanks! Here you guys can see the table with the glass on top better from this angle: Of course it reflects more light into the camera from this angle, thus these look a bit worse IMO...
  2. Thank you guys! Iceman-555, thanks for thinking it was photoshop, but it wasn't. The car itself sits on a white glass table in our completely dark living room at night (for the reflection), and I used my LED torch for lightpainting it while shooting with the camera. It takes some practice but not that complicated :-)
  3. janositamas

    DMC F12

    Hi Guys, I haven' completed anything since January, so I decided to finish my F12 with DMC transkit. Paint is pearl white, decal stripe from 599 GTO, rims are Hobby Design Aventador Roadster ones, here are the pics: Thanks for watching!
  4. Fantastic job, the color is terrific, congrats :-)
  5. Thanks, I might take some pics as weather allows, currently it is snowing... As for the background, it is a noise barrier alongside the road I go every day.
  6. Hi Guys, Here I present my black GTO with red stripes. I used some real mesh and PE parts here and there, but had issues with warped windscreen, thanks to Revell it was replaced, I also had a little bit warped hood which I didn't replace - it happened with almost all my 599 GTO and Aperta models before. I broke one of the brake discs so I had to remove the calipers and DIY the discs, and finally the red of the stripes doesn't match with the mirrors and calipers - so it wasn't my favourite build, I'm happy it's sone. Here are some pics: Thanks for watching!
  7. Nice job, congrats, unusual color but suits the car well!
  8. Hi Guys, Probably the Ferrari freaks have heard of the one-off 458 Italia customized in the Ferrari Tailor Made program in honor of Niki Lauda. This was my inspiration, not an exact replica still I like it. I used the Revell kit with Hobby Design PE goodies for it and Hobby Design rims and tires. Here it is: Thanks for taking time to watch it!
  9. Hi Gentlemen, I haven't finished any kits in the couple of months, I started collecting diecasts also recently. Still I have some work in progress, so it was time to finish one. Another addition to my 'black with red' collection, here is my turn on the Revell Italia. Body is matte black, interior is red/black combo. HD PE parts were used, rims replaced and 458 Challenge decals were used, and a little Mustang GT wing at the end. Here are the pics, forgive me as the weather is not too friendly to take pics outside: Thanks for watching!
  10. Good job, it looks killer in all black. As for some suggestion, if you are going to matte clear it, try gloss clear on the roof, that would definitely pop up the whole look, heh?
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