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  1. Has there been an issue out yet with pics from the Southern Nats from Atlanta from last November ??
  2. ffreak

    McLaren MP4/5B

    Yes it's the Tamiya 1/20 scale. I plan on getting some better shots of it on a different color base soon. These were just a quick shot as soon as I was finished with it. I'll post them when I get them done.
  3. ffreak

    McLaren MP4/5B

    This is the Tamiya kit. I've built several McLaren's with this paint and only had 1 give me a problem. But that was of my doing for getting it too heavy and it ran. I've learned to keep this paint flowing slowly in light coats and one final wet coat to let it flow out. Never had a problem with it cracking out of the many my son and I have both sprayed. We always warm the cans before spraying and it helps.
  4. ffreak

    McLaren MP4/5B

    Just finished up this Tamiya kit. Lots of c/f and kevlar decals used. Scratchbuilt the wiring, axles, seatbelt harness. Bare foil and gold foil. Tabu decals for the sponsors. Tamiya paints and clears. Heat stained headers. Had fun pushing myself on this one.
  5. Not sure if you've already tried this already, but if you click the downward pointing arrow next to your screen name at the top right of the screen, then select "Notification Settings" you can see which notifications options have been selected. Yes I had already checked those, and un selected them and re selected them and clicked save.
  6. Not today but over the weekend I picked up some more Tamiya primer and some Testors dullcote. I use the dullcote to even out the tone of the Goodyear letters of the tires on my current build. Working on a Tamiya McLaren MP4/5B, I hope to be able to put up some pics of it over in the other section. Stay tuned.....
  7. I'm still not getting email notifications either. About the same time the new look was introduced I switched to Chrome and also my IP, Charter, switched me over to their new Spectrum service. I've looked through all my spam folders and such and gone through my settings as deep as I am able to but I can find nothing to change or try. I'm at a loss of what to do.......
  8. Dislikes: Rubbing through the paint on the edges when trying to polish out a model. BMF work, I do it but not fond of it, Going offline when trying to use a sharpie for detail, or brush painting !! And cutting myself deeply with the xacto !! Likes: Everything else that building models brings to me. From an idea that I have to research up to the finished build, and the great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that I get. And for searching for and buying kits/supplies.. And mostly I enjoy the friendships that these little plastic wonders have brought to me. I have wonderful friends that are there to lend an idea and advice, and to even giving you a kit or parts you need !! THAT's what makes it all special !! :rolleyes:
  9. Excellent !! Thanks Richard. My son is on the way to get it now !!
  10. Can anyone please tell me is there is coverage of the Southern Nationals from Atlanta in there, and from which year it was ? Thanks.
  11. I agree that these kind of kits are not for everyone, but mean a lot to some so we should respect that. What we may like may not be the same taste for others. But I do have a problem with them putting out some of the older kits again with poor molds that just make building them next to impossible. Or at the very least, make them so difficult that it's not enjoyable to build, and stuffed back in the box to be stacked up in the " collectible" pile ! And then just wish you could build it. Sure your individual skills at making it buildable will play into that, but for many it will be a big disappointment and make you think twice about buying a re-release next time. I'm all for bringing these older kits to the market once again, but however i'm not for that if it's just simply for being a cash cow for the companies regardless of the quality of the product, at today's prices.
  12. I've not had any problem with the gold. It's worked very well anytime i've used it.
  13. Yes the Ultra was a bust as far as i'm concerned also...I even had a bad batch of the regular stuff there for a while but they finally got some better quality pieces out there. Haven't had any problems in a few years.
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