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  1. Guess I need to finish up my long wheelbase conversion and side doors...
  2. I am pleased to announce that Models by Dave has acquired the masters and patterns from KFS for the Ford CL9000 cab over. Look for updates in the new year!
  3. Bill was Pinecrest. I believe most are in a private collection now
  4. Not sure. I still have to finish the interior, and build the jumpseat area.
  5. Yeah it’s tough to get right. This is I think the sixth version of the nose.
  6. Another one of many projects on the bench is a master for an ALF 700 series fire truck. The nose contours have been a real pain but I think I finally have them correct.
  7. If there is a demand, I could do a set for the Chevy van. I already offer an ambulance conversion for it.
  8. The prototype was displayed at the second Scout Nationals years ago.
  9. I use Archer. They have a sample sheet you can print off of their website to compare sizes and spacing.
  10. Relocated the door handle on the cargo doors and tweaked the body line a bit.
  11. Tackled another Ford project... A couple of the Firestone reissues spliced together for a supercab. First coat of primer on the roof,and passenger side. Still some work to do on the window opening.
  12. Yes. Im thinking a body, interior, frame, and then choice of side door as a separate piece. I will offer the side doors by themselves to fit the short kit body also.
  13. Worked on door gaps, and got some primer on. Still a couple little spots to deal with.
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