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  1. Bill was Pinecrest. I believe most are in a private collection now
  2. Not sure. I still have to finish the interior, and build the jumpseat area.
  3. Yeah it’s tough to get right. This is I think the sixth version of the nose.
  4. Another one of many projects on the bench is a master for an ALF 700 series fire truck. The nose contours have been a real pain but I think I finally have them correct.
  5. If there is a demand, I could do a set for the Chevy van. I already offer an ambulance conversion for it.
  6. The prototype was displayed at the second Scout Nationals years ago.
  7. I use Archer. They have a sample sheet you can print off of their website to compare sizes and spacing.
  8. Relocated the door handle on the cargo doors and tweaked the body line a bit.
  9. Tackled another Ford project... A couple of the Firestone reissues spliced together for a supercab. First coat of primer on the roof,and passenger side. Still some work to do on the window opening.
  10. Yes. Im thinking a body, interior, frame, and then choice of side door as a separate piece. I will offer the side doors by themselves to fit the short kit body also.
  11. Worked on door gaps, and got some primer on. Still a couple little spots to deal with.
  12. Well, slight change.... Decided to cut out the sliding door, so I can offer it as an insert, with 4 versions. Slider without window, slider with window, split doors with windows, and split doors without windows.
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