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  1. The hinges look good, I know what you're saying about the parts getting smaller as you go ... it's an addiction we both have to do it all! eheh There's a thread here to my VW Kombi build. I's a 1956 VW Kombi Bus that my Dad had and what I learned to drive on! My Uncle used it as a school bus previously. I's still waiting for a repaint after I cut and moved the molded in rear door hinges up a quarter inch ... see, we are both addicted.
  2. Those gaskets look great, Tom! I should have shown you how I shrunk the window on my VW bus ... same method looks like, only my gasket went inside. ehhe
  3. Amazing paint on those!
  4. This is very natural weathering and doing cars you know in !;! is the best kind of building. Lil Piggie could us a roll in the mud maybe ...
  5. This is a long missing kit ... hope it does right by you.
  6. I'm guessing this must be from the 70's, after my time, eheh. I'm more surprised there was a kit! It'll be fun watching your touch on it.
  7. I build many of the cars I've owned, which at least I think are cool, but I had this Mouse Cover for many years thinking it looked like a Hot Rod. Finally a VW came along with just the right frame! COOL! ehhe
  8. Looks good. I've used the same method to replicate the large, flat wood dash in my resin TR4A.
  9. Beautiful everything! Welcome to the forum! I lived a couple years in Neckarsulm in the late 60's and loved Germany.
  10. The hill I live on is up the side of a mountain in The Berkshires of Western Mass with a steep driveway. All my Porsches and rear drive cars hated it, even my last, a VW GTI front driver. This year I'm ready with another VW Golf but this time am all wheel Golf R!. AS long as this doesn't happen (below) I'm good!
  11. That's one slew of levers! They all metal or have plastic handles? I also really like the seat with the squashed tube ends for bolting! I looked back at the start to see if you posted any interior photos, but what got me is you mentioned Crane Operator Al Scalise. I have ridden on his bucket a few times to inspect a structure, long ago when we could do that! I just saw him a few weeks ago ... was before me getting a haircut from his daughter Brandi. He's a great person.
  12. Looks like a car you had .. the best kind of build.
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