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  1. Mid-Engine Corvette

    I'm not a Corvette person, but the coming posts on this are deafening already!
  2. 1968 Volkswagen Beetle

    Looks really good.
  3. Favorite Car

    There are just way too many to pick from ... ... I'd rather pick from cars I've owned, but that is hard too ... so I'll choose two that I owned ... I had a 1967 Triumph TR4A when I exited the Army. It was exhilarating when the SU Carbs didn't need to be synced. Then, after 4 previous 944's, the last Porsche 944, a 1991 was the best. It had the 3-liter four destined for the 968. Gobs of torque from those coffee can pistons. Still, my 2016 GTI is faster, but nowhere near the suspension on the Porsche.
  4. East Coast 32 coupe

    I just meant what you're doing with the fan. The 3 pieces mounted to the front of the engine meed to be sanded to fit tight together to minimize interference. I know it all glued already but your work on the radiator-shell fit may make taking this apart unnecessary.
  5. I really like this, a Chevy Rod! I'd wish those portholes had a touch of the Molotow Chrome Pen on them ...the contrast with all the tastefully done chrome distracts.
  6. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I'm amazed how much of the parts besides the Inlines are so interesting and well done. This is going to be a memorial run.
  7. East Coast 32 coupe

    That looks like an accumulation of clearances. Is there some added clearance of the grill against the radiator that could be made by scraping the shell? I can see the large gap of the shell against the frame ... should fit tight there. The engine mount seems very positive. Everything in front of the engine looks tight, but a lot of space could open here by filing all mounting surfaces, especially the fan belts mount. Just food for thought.
  8. East Coast 32 coupe

    Keeps looking good. Those bumpers are classic.
  9. 1966 Honda F90 Tiller model

    I'm not sure what to say, but a beautiful build of an 'unusual' subject! Now, I can't wait to see what custom versions come of this!
  10. This makes my eyes sizzle!
  11. Senior citizen

    Welcome to the forum where many of us are in your shoes. I've been retired 10 years which gave me time to do whatever I wanted leading to a model shop in the basement. I too take pleasure in building all the cars I've owned.
  12. Some new snacks. I don't understand why my model building has slowed down, must just be age.
  13. The M972 Flatbed/w Excavator

    This is just exquisite and, FYI, there's oil leaking on the deck ...
  14. Porsche Outlaws & Hot Rods

    Is turning a 944Turbo into a naturally aspirated considered hot rodding it? LoL
  15. "Older Than Dirt" Quiz

    Everything and more ... Hires Root beer Baseball Cards