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  1. Foxer added a post in a topic 1955 BMW 507 Coupé   

    yes .. oh sweet thing .. wonderful job on that!
  2. Foxer added a post in a topic 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera   

    absolutely beautiful!
  3. Foxer added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    what truck is this?
    I'm not exactly knowledgeable so I'm coming to the experts. This truck was driven by a friends father (around AZ) and I want to build her one for her N Scale Railroad. I don't expect to learn where I might find one but I won't refuse anyhelp.

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  4. Foxer added a post in a topic A friendly Hello from Germany   

    Welcome to the forum. Michael. Those builds look like they just came off the road ... very nice!
    I spent two years in Neckarsulm many years ago and lately have been longing for some wine from the Neckar Valley as I remember it well. Most I can find here is just too sweet and not the "earthy' flavor as I recall it. That region must not expert like the others.
    Sorry for the memories but I do recall field trips in a tanker down the Autobahn to Stuttgart for some jet fuel, and trying to break the governor on the truck. 
    I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your builds.
  5. Foxer added a post in a topic Is website down?   

    They are moving to another host. It's noted on their Facebook page
  6. Foxer added a post in a topic From Oregon   

    yes, young man, welcome to the forum ... and building!
  7. Foxer added a post in a topic Italari 1/12 Fiat Mefistofeles   

    Never seen one of those .. great looking car! Will be watching this one   ))
  8. Foxer added a post in a topic CLEANED my workbench........   

    WoW! I had to look just to see what it looks like ..
  9. Foxer added a post in a topic Eric Goodrich`s:: "IRON LUNG" - On the Workbench 2/8/16   

    pulls up a chair ...
  10. Foxer added a post in a topic ..and now for something completely different: 1:160 scale bumper cars (dodgems)   

    I know how small N scale is .. wonderful job!
  11. Foxer added a post in a topic 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air. Something to do during the holliday.   

    Black that deep and no polishing . man . .that is BEAUTIFUL!
  12. Foxer added a post in a topic Weathering Tires   

    Yeah, that's the way I like to do it and rotate the tire in my hands as I stroke to keep it even.
  13. Foxer added a post in a topic Reinforcing Body Glue Joints   

    I got some Sig Glass Cloth from Sig Manufacturing Co. at Bill's recommendation. I got SIGGF003 Light Wt and it has worked out well for many splices and reinforced body areas. I may not be doing it exactly to his specifications but I typically apply a layer of epoxy over the joint then lay a piece of fiberglass over it. I'll press it into the epoxy with toothpicks or other object until it's buried. The one sheet I got will last me the rest of my life.
  14. Foxer added a post in a topic Peter Lombardo, where are you?   

    I believe he mentioned last time on he had a pretty busy plate. And, I don't believe anything can take the Modeler out of Peter ... probably just a matter of time.
  15. Foxer added a post in a topic IHC Transtar CO-4090A WIP   

    That is major ... chassis painted in final color! ... I usually take a week off, myself, after such a milestone.