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  1. Foxer added a post in a topic 2012 POST APOCALYPSE/ZOMBIE HUNTER COMMUNITY BUILD   

    Those are some great builds, Daxman!
  2. Foxer added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    That never happened in the brush painting days
  3. Foxer added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"   

    My Ferrari 250 GTO is about 90% done .. just making a GPS and iPod to plug into dash  ))
  4. Foxer added a post in a topic From central Ohio   

    Or, click New Content and see EVERYTHING that's been added since your last visit. There are amazing builders here is every category and you'll miss seeing a lot if you just stick to one or two subjects. There is also a lot of cool builds from just about everyone here of every skill level.
    And, welcome to the forum!  ))
  5. Foxer added a post in a topic Mack, 1971 with a Bi Train.   

    This is one of the most realistic trucks .. AND photography I've seen! 
  6. Foxer added a post in a topic Chopped Willys Custom-Finished for NNL Nationals   

    That looks really good!
  7. Foxer added a post in a topic 74 Cougar dragster,,,, not what you'd think!!!   

    That needs to be run on the street! 
  8. Foxer added a post in a topic 32 Ford 7-Window Coupe RATROD --- UPDATE 10/08 --- New Photoshop mockup   

    still watching .. I so love slicing and dicing bodies!
  9. Foxer added a post in a topic 37 cord phantom p/u from the twisted mind   

    I think it looks good .. but need more photos! 
  10. Foxer added a post in a topic '37 Ford, mid-engined, twin turbo. I LIKE it.   

    I love the lines of this car!
  11. Foxer added a post in a topic Gasser versions of old Porsches?   

    How sad is that  ... spectacular handling destroyed by a 9" ... and it already HAD a V8!
  12. Foxer added a post in a topic Painting and paint fumes question   

    I'm today's safety officer ... NEVER spray inside any enclosure unless you have a fan venting all to the outside .. or unless you don't like your lungs. The respirator may protect you but anyone else that enters your house, or you when you remove your respirator after spraying is up for death.
    I'm being extreme but the things in paint are not meant for lung exposure .. and they are probably landing on your most precious objects in the house .. like your previous models.
  13. Foxer added a post in a topic One More '29 Ford?   

    I too like your two-tone paint scheme. But the frame-fender well separation line in your first photos really says a lot about the quality of this kit .. wow!
  14. Foxer added a topic in Wanted!   

    Sam SC Miller 1951 Plymouth
    I have been looking to build a model of my first car, a 1952 Plymouth, for many years. I found a '50 Plymouth resin body some years ago and figured a conversion to a '51 was all I could do. From the wheelbase this appeared to be 1/28 scale, a bit small for my tastes and a lot of subtle body modifications.
    Recently there were a number of Sam SC Miller resin bodies on ebay and included was a '51 Plymouth! The long story short is I didn't get this body but ended up with a Sam SC Miller 1949 Dodge. This scales out close to 1/24 though not a nice a casting as the smaller '50 I have. I have also recently seen two "advertised" '51 Plymouth promos on ebay, but on closer inspection, these appear to be the originals that the '49 Plymouth from Star resins is cast from.
    After all this time and searching I've come to believe the Sam SC Miller 1951 Plymouth is my best bet to build a scale replica of my first car from.
    If anyone has or knows where I might obtain a Sam SC Miller 1951 Plymouth from I would be forever in your debt. I would be willing to trade any kits I have or any other negotiation. This one has been my Holy Grail ever since I returned to the hobby 20 years ago and just recently found this body exists!
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  15. Foxer added a post in a topic Death of the "Camera Counter"   

    That had to be Autocad 1.0!
    And my ashtray on my desk was always spilling over and people could tell drawings checked by me cause of the little burn holes.