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  1. I agree, they're easy to make with just flat and strip ..
  2. A great project for detail freaks, cool ... )) I like how it looks
  3. another contest with no address or even state in it .. whats wrong with this?' I did see that it was typed in by hand in the post, but ...
  4. I'd love to see a realistic view on how good this works. Like photos
  5. Don't see many of any of those this side of pond .. wonderful photos!
  6. we have vast knowledge here so I searched your title )) there are many more .. I myself I prefer a white pearl paint.
  7. Foxer

    '39 Ford 3-W

    The body mods are so well done this looks like it could have been stock!
  8. I was living in Germany 50 years before the wall came down and played a role in making it happen. I was in Neckarsulm in a Pershing Missile Battalion with nuclear missiles aimed in. These missiles were a major reason the Russians pulled back their missiles and opened the Wall. We were not allowed within 50km of the border. I have to congratulate Revell for putting this out.
  9. I like this take on the Merc!
  10. The A Team van is huge! I used the 1/25 AMT A Team van to do my daughter's '85 Van ... I would go nuts doing as much detail on this one!
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