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  1. Ford Asphalt Modified

    Looks really good!
  2. 2019 Silverado

    GM is still making trucks for the masses, no matter how ugly. Even under Fiat, RAM just gets design and isn't afraid to use it.
  3. Scratchbuilt 1982 Aussie Ford Falcon

    It was an amazing journey watching this some to be ... and the result is magnificent! Beautiful
  4. Looking good .. I could use that this morning in the East.
  5. 2018 Cannonball Run

    WoW! Those are as close as anything I've seen for the wheels on my VW. One question ... how many wheels are there in a package? only two? and, these are the 1:1 wheels ... 4 lug is perfect, ordering ..
  6. 2018 Cannonball Run

    I need a set of wheels with holes like this to replicate some I had ... did you drill all those? and how did you register them evenly around the circle?
  7. I've used my wife's Silhouette Cameo a few times and it works well on decals and thin plastic. I needed to make a dash panel for a TR4A build that had subtle curves and wood texture. I first scanned the resin dash board and used that for the outline in Photoshop. I then added some scanned wood and instruments. I printed a photo of the scanned wood with instruments to photo paper and used my wife's Silhouette Cameo cutter to cut the outline out. It took a couple days of figuring out how it works and the best way. I used the Print and Cut method ... printed and cut from the Silhouette. This was the shape I needed to cut ... Final result
  8. It's good to see one of these getting built, mine is still waiting for me, and my son-in-law's 1:1 to get on the Pulled Pork wagon. At least I finished the day measuring the inside of his food wagon.
  9. Jaguar type E Gasser

    No matter what, you can't destroy the beauty of an XKE!
  10. lets do our own 36 coupe chop

    Beautiful lines on that roof!
  11. 65 Mustang mutt

    Very cool, build of your first! ... the best building experience. Oh, the memories. The build of my first has been taking as long as it did to start in the winter.
  12. VW Race

    another great use for Bugs!
  13. 56 plymouth fury resin

    Cool job on this one!
  14. The reason I switched from planes, ships and armor to cars WAS the MODERN AMT ONE PIECE bodies! I looked at the multi-piece Revells and though they were dumb, undo-able anyway if you wanted a finish without big gaps in the paint.
  15. putting a grin on my face ..