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  1. Foxer added a post in a topic '81 Plymouth Reliant 12/10/15 final mockup!   

    I never posted the link to the completed Betty, been filling in errors in my posts  eheh
    This is how she got it  . .

  2. Foxer added a post in a topic 40 Ford Coupe.   

    A great color combo and applied magnificently!
  3. Foxer added a post in a topic Subaru Sambar 2/24/17 Diorama start pics   

    I doubt anyone believes I have been working on this, even the hour a day or so I manage ...   The diorama on the case has been new to me, despite following HO Railroad construction as long as I've been on cars. The wood base is taped off and the road was done with pavement tape and Woodland Scenic products including the blacktop paint. Smooth It was placed roughly on the remaining areas with real sifted dirt and some fine grass. A trail leads off to the left for the dogs. The tree will be a young fir. I wanted to put the base of a full size tree at one corner but I'd have to sculpt it myself and this would never get done.
    The truck only needs the wipers and mirrors added for completion!

  4. Foxer added a post in a topic Pocher Bugatti type 50 Coupé de Ville: a resurrection   

    eheheh   no, I've been here all along and enjoying it every time I pop in.
  5. Foxer added a post in a topic Larry's '62 Renault 1093 (a factory hot rod) in his words   

    I always liked the look of these, and yours is a fantastic looking one!
  6. Foxer added a post in a topic 1929 Model A Roadster ArtDeco/Coachbuilt/Streamliner   

    Thank's for the Uschi decal sideline as I have some but haven't tried yet. They photographed well, probably the skill of the photographer than the decal transparency.
  7. Foxer added a post in a topic Dr Crankys Rat Rod   

    A most excellent weight reduction. Bones will clog more, but, metal is still heavier than meat.
  8. Foxer added a topic in Links, Advertisers, and Web Sites   

    Car Morgue
    This is a Pinintrest site called the Car Morgue with tons of junkyard and barn find photos ... all types from Bugatti to Chevy.  A great reference for you all loving a little rust.
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  9. Foxer added a post in a topic Chevy LUV 4x4   

    My favorite kind of build, something you owned.
    Fantastic job!
  10. Foxer added a post in a topic Pocher Bugatti type 50 Coupé de Ville: a resurrection   

    whew, that exhausted me!  ... astoundingly beautiful!!!!! 
  11. Foxer added a post in a topic Dr Crankys Rat Rod   

    but, it does a messy job on Zombies! 
  12. Foxer added a post in a topic 55 Chevy 3100 Rusty from Brazil   

    I like it a lot ... and all the detail looks right, new wheels and shiny engine.
    I'd like to see it with that fancy hinged hood closed.
  13. Foxer added a post in a topic I'am depressed   

    I graduated in 1964 and feel great!
  14. Foxer added a post in a topic 76 Cadillac Wagon   

    Thanks, Al. 
    Was a bad morning for me ... reading my post, sorry if I came across like a jerk.
  15. Foxer added a post in a topic Questions for those who use 3D printers   

    You need a 3D mesh file of the proper type to send to the printer. The lettering might come out ok though you may have to try a few prints and adjustments to get it just right. I had some turn signal light pods printed by Shapeways and they cost about $5 plus about the same shipping. The detail that printed well on these is probably finer than your lettering. The pods are a bit over a quarter inch long.

    This is a rendering of the 3D file I sent. It's a 1/24 model