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  1. My parent's 1960 VW Beetle

    This is how car modeling in meant to be! I've done my '54 and wife's '68 Beetles with my '69 still in the mix and my Dad's '56 Kombi needing a repaint... It's fun getting all the details right. Some links to inspire you .. I'll be watching! ))
  2. Pleased vs Irked

    I never have anything to post in the Irked thread
  3. '41 Plymouth Special Deluxe G/Gas

    I had a '51 Plymouth with that BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH L-Head 6 that never started in the winter and they still didn't get it right after decades! Good job throwing in a Flathead Ford!
  4. I've used melted plastics (using liquid glue) and it works fine for small parts. The problem at the start here is using silly putty that reacted with the MET. It had nothing to do with using plastic. The only limitation is the curing light has to reach every part of the part to cure it. Silicone casting rubber is the easiest mold maker also. Otherwise, taek all the advice to make your part making last longer than necessary. For small parts there's nothing faster or simpler than using a Bondic type light-cured plastic. Look here.
  5. I had to fabricate a tunnel for a Triumph TR4A resin kit and used another TR3 kit to shape the tapering tunnel. I used Silicone molding rubber to mold it, rather than destroying a kit. Just mix the two parts and push over the tunnel. Then I slit the rubber At the open ends and inserted thin plastic to close it off. The tunnel was plastered with Bondic heat curing plastic on the inside to make the tunnel. The ends were made from plastic tubes and all glued, filled and sanded. Hope all these pics I took along the way help. Bondic is a miracle product for all these small casting jobs. This is a thread I started with all the uses I've found. Just put in a mold and shine blue light on it for 4 seconds and it's cured. Done.
  6. Need a 1967 car

    I've been working on the '67 TR4A I had in 1/24 resin, but this smaller version even has an engine.
  7. Cardz Scale dreams of 2018

    Cars are meant to be driven ... beautiful!
  8. Insane Pagani Huayra...WARNUNG: photo heavy

    Just beautiful! I really enjoyed watching this come together.
  9. Not your average Porsche 959 Club Sport

    Zowie! Turned out good!
  10. Mass State Police '63 Ford 300

    BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH those things! Wonderful job on this!!
  11. el camino 68 "HAYDEN FLOUR MILL "

    Beautiful job on it all. I'm assuming the roof is based on the real mill. Never seen a roof sloped like this in my whole career as a structural engineer.
  12. I have that one and it is pricey. but it's everything they say it is and will last beyond your lifetime. This was the thinnest square I could find and it's pretty useful for me. High Quality.
  13. I'm out of breath just watching ... !
  14. 1960 Chrysler Imperial Coupe, 12/6, Outdoor Pics Added.

    Wow .. beautiful job!