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  1. That's a beauty .. do you need to borrow my chipping hammer?
  2. This is some beautiful going on here! Do put some working suspension in it .. pleeease! My Dad had a '65 Galaxy that I borrowed when I first got my license. I thought it was going to roll on it's side on the first corner from my house. I turned around and parked in our driveway. That was the last time I drove that scary thing and it convinced me to never buy an American car! It did have a beautiful metallic turquoise paint and was a good looking car.
  3. First, I love your build! I had a '51 Plymouth and hated that L-Head with a passion. Actually, it was just cold winter mornings when I wouldn't start. It did only take about a 20 foot push to get it going and naver any other problems. I got the Plymouth just so I could build the engine detailed.
  4. Foxer

    '40 Ford Bobber

    cool ... like how you did this
  5. Beautiful builds ... and the paint is spectacular! Next you should build the one you had.
  6. These are so good at chrome they should be in everyone's tool kit! Everyone likes to bash them about small things but when results are this good just take in stride. One thing is, they have to applied looking like you put too much on ... thick and bubbly. This is the way .. when it dries it will be tight to the part and shiny!
  7. Those are great surfaces on that ... very believable and random
  8. This is starting to look like the Camaro Ball run!
  9. zip-lock sandwich bags secure everything and let you easily see whats in them without opening.
  10. You gotta keep going on the Plymouth!
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