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  1. 2019 Volkswagon Golf R Active Struts are best suspension ever
  2. Hope you have luck with this I've converted a couple dashes from left to right and most depends how symmetrical the dash is. Found one of a Subaru I did.
  3. Looking very good! My Dad had a Turquoise 65 that rolled so much on corners I refused to drive it.
  4. After returning from a year and half in Germany all the beer here in USA was like drinking water. At least Sam Adams makes a start toward a real German beer.
  5. One of my favorite back ends, beautiful job!
  6. Perfect fit with the body! Almost looks natural
  7. A Mountain Lion strolled through my backyards as I let the cat out a few months ago. Very nice job on this. The tail had some black around the end.
  8. I learned to drive on my Dad's 1956 Volkswagen Kombi. Corners scared hell out of me, I thought it would turn over.
  9. Looks like it but SO worth it to replicate that memory!
  10. I had the same thought, but never got far on it. Maybe this will give a spark ...
  11. Looks just right as a dirtcar. Maybe the home garage on back.
  12. I've used Bondic as a casting material for some time and the sticky surface is typical I always spray a dust coat of DullCoat rid it of that. It also maintains the clear shine.
  13. I had a 2016 VW GTI before this but the FWD spun tires every time I pulled out and it was only marginal getting up my drivewaw in snow. The big thing was my wife refused to ride in it because of the harsh suspension. I finally got this VW Golf R after the local dealer found one above his VW allotted 2, having to trade two Tiguans for it! This has been a dream for me. The all wheel drive handles my steep driveway well and the 294 HP tiny 2-litter pulls the car well. The most amazing thing is the active struts ... they smooth everything rough and handle better than the GTI by far. What's most amazing is the car rides better than the GTI to the extent that my wife likes (!) the ride! I've had 5 Porsches, a Triumph TR4A and this one beats them all!
  14. I think those headlights are from an AMT kit
  15. Jethro Tull at Trinity College in 1969, sitting on a gym floor with Ian Anderson kicking his leg over my head as he played a flute!. They were little known and this had to be their first US Tour. I was a fan to the end!
  16. Very cool! I remember seeing one of these in a junkyard when stationed in Germany 50 years ago.
  17. Considering how much I hate painting, I bow down in awe of you!
  18. You can buy Refill paint for the pens. This is even better chrome from an airbrush, especially for bumpers and larger pieces
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