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  1. Beautiful builds ... and the paint is spectacular! Next you should build the one you had.
  2. These are so good at chrome they should be in everyone's tool kit! Everyone likes to bash them about small things but when results are this good just take in stride. One thing is, they have to applied looking like you put too much on ... thick and bubbly. This is the way .. when it dries it will be tight to the part and shiny!
  3. Those are great surfaces on that ... very believable and random
  4. This is starting to look like the Camaro Ball run!
  5. zip-lock sandwich bags secure everything and let you easily see whats in them without opening.
  6. You gotta keep going on the Plymouth!
  7. Here's a Database of Cars in Movies that has all you know plus many small uses of like one frame. You should be able to find anything you like here. thought I could use my TR4A I'm building and found over 100 movies a TR4A was used in ... but I know I'll never finish this one. 1965 Triumph TR4A in Week End Movie 1967
  8. I'm in a rut too, but good to see you made something you owned ... best kind of build. Looks very good!
  9. Maybe a new 2 liter turbo that probably has more horsepower and always starts!
  10. I'm fully enjoying your build!
  11. This is my favorite type of build of all ... a car you owned! I've done (or started) most of the cars I've owned. This is a good example of what I've encountered, close but with modifications, depending on how insane you are. Good call about the doors, only you will even think about it.
  12. I wish this one survived ... it lasted in my Mom's attic until I graduated college and trashed thinking I'd never want it again. For some reason, I still have the trophy ...
  13. I love these two and had to get ... may never build them as my health goes down. 49 Buick Roadmaster 49 Cadillac Series 62 Fastback Model
  14. Please, NEVER forget your camera when on the job!
  15. I had a '59 Impala that I bought just for the gorgeous dashboard and those weird eye tail lights! The convertible model went thru 3 changes with a resin body until they released the Hardtop. Then the BMF killed me and there it sits 20 years later. I'm going to enjoy watching you put one together! Here's a couple dash photos for reference
  16. I'm pretty sure I got one's I use to make 3-section antennas on Amazon as noted above. It's 3 sections ... Insect Pin at top then 23 and 27 gauge hypodermic tubes. Base is a 1/8 Al Tube. Tip was dipped in Bondix.
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