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  1. Anyone know of anyone making a 67 dart kit or conversion pieces thanks for any and all help steve.
  2. Looking for a good detailed aftermarket carbs for use on grumpys vega and Camaro. Rebuilding my orig vega and Camaros thanks for any an all advice or tips thanks steve.
  3. Looking for articles and tips on making windshields with mattel vacu former thanks steve.
  4. Trying to find article on making working winch assy. Or company making a nice looking and detailed winch assy for trucks.
  5. Looking for how to for a better vega prostock chassis set in the 70s era of drag racing thanks steve.
  6. With the issue of the all new tooling bronco. Hoping someone cast up the bronco buster again with more detail Thanks Steve.
  7. Rest in peace Chuck you will always be a friend. Prayers and condolences to family.
  8. Which frame did you use to start this with thanks. Great start on this.
  9. Nice Fiat Dragster looks easy enough to make a similar FED. Make any other wild decals thanks steve.
  10. billie is no longer doing decals due to serious health issues. But his daughter took over for him and doing a bang up job if can provide any other info feel free to pm me thanks steve.
  11. Thanks everyone for your help forwarded all info on to him thanks again steve.
  12. Looking for 1/24th scale laptops for friend any info helpful thanks.
  13. Cosmic Charger was a streamlined dragster issued by MPC.
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