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  1. Next up I feel has to be body work which I'm really not looking forward to. I feel all the innards can be slightly sloppy, but if the body looks sloppy, it'll be really distressing to showcase. The ultimate parking space for this is going next to a 1:18 Autoart C6.R and a 1:18 Spark Audi R10. It'll look really bad if it doesn't look halfway decent next to those.
  2. Last update for now. Finished the roll cage install, corrected the seat belt orientation and installed. The rear bars didn't quite like to sit all the way into the rear shelf, so bit of blue tape holding them down while the other half of the testors tube glue sets lol. I've also been checking along the way for fitment issues as I've seen a few people get tripped up. With the windows in the body it might not be model show perfect, but with enough gallons of testors tube glue I should be okay. At least for an office knick knack on a top shelf of a book case with no books.
  3. Putting the chassis together now. This was painted with rustoleum semi-gloss, which is far too glossy. Oh well. I had a little trouble getting the front right corner to sit flush, so it was taped down while copious amounts of testors tube glue set overnight. Also threw in some splashes of color to the electronics. Nothing special. Is there a yellow warning label there? Idk, probably not! ? I really like the color of the headers. Instructions call for gunmetal, this was a silver/gold mix. Again not accurate, but visually looks good enough.
  4. I still need to paint the rear tail lights something smokey, but here's my attempt at jazzing up the front lights. I used metallic gray here instead of regular gray. I couldn't quite find a good reference photo of the inner light surface as most pictures have either highly processed glare on the lenses, or the lights are actually on. Main bulbs are a mix of testors yellow and gold. Not perfect, but hoping it's small enough once the model is completed that it won't stand out as painted by a two year old. Also threw some aluminum on the inner bulbs to further break up the head light bucket.
  5. Back to the C7.R, and interior work this time. Added a little detail to the drink bottle. A little clumsy, but will be buried and will provide visual items to a black hole of an interior. But nowhere near as clumsy as this seat belt arrangement lol. First time using tape for a seat belt. A small slice of sprue painted silver serves as the "clasp" lol. It's so crummy that it cracks me up looking at it. Keen viewers will also realize it's even installed upside down on the seat ?. This has been corrected. ? Also tried to give the dash a little color as there's no decals. Looked pretty good until I slipped the tooth pic adding green at the last second. Oh well. Highly doubt it will ever be noticed. For the dash I originally painted it testors flat gloss black with a brush, but the visible strokes in the paint were too much. Rustoleum Flat black here. Surface looks grainy, but I think that's the low light again.
  6. A little inspiration! And if the base model comes with Pilot Sport 4 all-seasons, then that's good enough for my station wagon! Coming from Pilot Super Sports obviously the ultimate grip is decreased, but for spirited daily driving to the office they work really well. These are 245/45/17 on an 8" wheel. Maybe a smidgen too much, but I'm glad I tried the larger size. I would have always wondered. I'll definitely step down to a 225/45/17 next time.
  7. These pictures are making it look worse than it really is, I promise! Discs and calipers behind an unpainted wheel. I decided to paint the Calipers gold just to give a little pop. Again, probably not super accurate, but visually stimulating enough. Was happy I got the decals on well though!
  8. Yikes - my phone takes huge, grainy low light pictures. Anyway. here's some progress on the air box. I debated ordering some carbon fiber decals and some solvaset, but determined it was just over the line for the spirit of this build. Went out and bought some metallic gray for the box. Taped up the ridge and painted steel for the top airbox straps, then used tin foil and super glue for the intake hose clamps. Just detailed enough!
  9. Engine work. The basic testors kit didn't come with a few colors, so I tried to mix a few of the basic paints. Mildly successful, and it'll definitely pass the sniff test. Did my best on the pulleys with the basic testors white brush lol. Luckily while drying it I pulled the bristles out of the handle, meaning I got to go to walmart and upgrade.
  10. Easily the best thing to do upon opening a kit is to throw tires on the unpainted wheels. With all my fun modeling files somewhere in a box, need to improvise on a few things. "Uh babe, do have any nail files laying around?" Not perfect, but good enough. These don't belong to a Corvette, but I'm certainly not lacking for inspiration throughout the week!
  11. I've been in a slump for a few years now. Airbrush learning curve and a broken Countach window frame have kept me procrastinating for a while. Then in July we packed up our house to move into a house that is still yet to be completed lol. After a few months of apartment living the lack of household chores made me antsy enough to go out and buy a model. Used a Hobby lobby 40% coupon for a Revell C7.R as Le Mans was around the corner. My work does all the IMSA tire sales and at-track tire work, so it's a slightly close to home subject. I figured if it turns out to be a turd of a finished model, I can blame apartment living and having none of my "nice" tools and supplies! I also bought one of those Testors kits that has basic paints, brushes and glue. It's almost funny using such a simple set when I usually would think I need 10 times more. As I worked through, I've gone out and bought a few supplemental paints, knife, brushes, rustoleum flat and semi-gloss black. Body will be Krylon Fusion Dandelion. (Morning Sun? Lemon sherbet? Idk it's the yellow one). I'm mildly detailed oriented, but I've tried to ignore that and just push through with a who cares, it's better than doing nothing attitude. I also don't particularly care about super accuracy. I'm a ways into it so far, so pictures Coming!
  12. Yeah color is perfect. A generic black/red/blue would have been more controversial! Also have this kit, but way too doubtful of my own skills. Just take it nice and slow, and make it look easy for me!
  13. Thanks for the replies, good stuff. My first glance through arc and few similar googlings is what caused me to ask here about a more active database. A number of the arc stuff that I was looking for didn't work or had little activity. I did notice a similar trend to this site while initially browsing the aero search results. Most of the subjects that draw me in are modern things. Modern sports cars here, and the latest generation of fighter jets in the airplane topic. Eventually my era eyes get wider and I start shopping for older stuff. There are a huge number of people contributing topics of modern subjects in auto realm on this site. However the overwhelming majority of the postings on most of the aero forums I found were more along the lines of "random 1930s subject that has been done thousands of times, but I'm going to make sure the radiator part number casting is accurate for that particular production week since the stock market showed improvement that week." On here the subject is usually a topic like the General Lee. Like haha yeah we've all done 1 or 20 and we chuckle and go along with every new GL build. I kinda expected the aero communities to be filled with Blue Angel stuff. But most of what I found were subjects that, even as someone with what I thought was a passing knowledge/awareness of aero history, didn't entirely register with me. I'm certain all the major brands have cranked out a bajillion Top Gun flavored tomcats, but most modelers are focusing on mid to late 1937. Or spring of '53. It becomes tedious to look for info on a certain topic through 30 threads of that. And when there are modern topics mentioned (in my initial lookings) There's not much info in the original post, and almost no follow up discussion. But it looks like I've not really scratched the surface, and you guys have given a number of options. Just keep reading!
  14. Out of the blue I decided it would be fun to build a bunch of planes. No specific time period, - WW2, cold war, modern jets, bombers, civilian, kinda a wide range. Can anyone point me to a site similar to this forum for a beginner? I feel like subject category will dictate scale, but I'm looking to research which kits/brands are decent, which to avoid, etc. And then tips and advice specific to aircraft modeling genre. A few of the forums I've found so far seem super specific to one kind of style, and not really a wealth of information. Thanks!
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