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  1. PeterLepold added a post in a topic 1953 Ford Victoria Convertible   

    Great work at the engine, it is looking real. The door and trunk is a very good idea, I will do the same with a '77 Monte Carlo (I will build another one, perhaps to a Station wagon).

    Greetings from Germany
  2. PeterLepold added a post in a topic 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 454 Convertible   


    The '77 Monte Convertible is nearly finished. Some details I have to do to finish it. Here are some pictures of the car:

    Before the convertible top was painted.

    Interior is white, black and anthrazit with wooden parts (steering wheel, parts on the dashboard).

    Now the convertible top is painted in white, all chrome trim added with Bare Metal Foil.

    The front view.

    SS454, a hot and powerfull engine in an elegant car.

    Interior again.

    What a beautiful line. The line looks still much better with the Convertible than with the Coupe.

    Greetings from Germany

  3. PeterLepold added a topic in Under Glass   

    1950 Oldsmobile Business Coupe Rocket 88

    Here is another one I build last time. It is build from a Ertl DieCast Bank. I removed the ugly yellow/green colour and painted it new in black.
    New chrome trim on its sides, new wheels and tires, new windshild wipers, additional fog lights, new exhaust pipes and some more in the interior I build.

    Greetings from Germany
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  4. PeterLepold added a post in a topic 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 454 Convertible   


    Thanks for the comments.

    You'll find it here: That ain't no car, that's a racing machine....! It is finished since July last year.


    BTW: Perhaps I'll build another '77 MC (for me it is the most beautiful car of the Montes). Perhaps a four door Station Wagon. I have so many ideas in me brain, sometimes too much ideas...!!!
  5. PeterLepold added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 454 Convertible
    Hi buddys

    I'm back...! The Handball season of my youth-team is over and I have more time for model building. BTW: My youth-team (and I as the coach) are champions of the season 2006/2007...!

    Now to the new project I'm build. A good friend and me thought about it, how could have looked the '77 Monte Carlo as a convertible.
    “How could have looked†for the reason, because Chevy never build a convertible of the Monte Carlo series.
    And the '77 is the most beautiful Monte Carlo, Chevrolet placed ever on its wheels. So I sawed off the roof of the Revell Lowrider kit….!

    Now pictures of it.

    I put some additional chrom trim on its sides and some plastic sheet around of the coaming. The interior I detailed with:

    - new gauges and chrom trim around the gauges
    - carpet flocking
    - belts
    - sarter lock with key
    - additional chrom trim
    - steering wheel from the '70 Monte Carlo

    and some more.

    The convertible cover I build scratch from plastic sheet.

    I'll paint it in black and white like the '70s Chevelles 454 with the stripes on the hood and trunk.

    Greetings from Germany
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  6. PeterLepold added a topic in General   

    The Directory of Model Car Kits - please help

    A question about "who can help me".

    I need the "The Directory of model car kits" - written by Bill Coulter and Bob Shelton.
    It is sold at Model Round Up (here: http://www.modelroundup.com/arii20001.html).

    But I must pay with credit card. I have however no credit card,
    I pay all the “foreign businesses†with Paypal.

    My question: Who could buy me the book at Model Round Up
    and I transfers the money with Paypal to that, which bought it?
    A condition is, you has also Paypal.

    Naturally I would pay all the shipping costs, also the shipping from you to Germany, no question.
    If someone could make the favour for me, that would be fine.
    Please contact me via e-mail: mcp-administration@onlinehome.de

    Greetings from Germany
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  7. PeterLepold added a post in a topic 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landaulet - Trumpeter Kit   

    I build it, I build it...! Go here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forum/viewtopi...highlight=#6303 and you'll see how many things you have to do on that model.

    The only one good model car kit from Trumpeter is the '63 Nova HT.

    But now I'm build some other cars, a 1997 Reynard Target CART (driven by Alex Zanardi) and Dale Earnhardts 1999 Bristol cage rattler Monte Carlo.

    Best wishes from Germany
  8. PeterLepold added a post in a topic Trumpeters 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau Coupe   


    Thanks to all for the kind of words and the praise, I'm proud of it. Now the model is finished and here you'll see the pics: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forum/viewtopi...p?p=20192#20192



    This is not a nice car, the '78 MC. The best Monte Carlo was the '77 model, a very great car. I love this '77 design of the Monte Carlo, but the '78 model is the first of some boring cars from this decade. But European and Asian cars from this decade didn't looking better.
  9. PeterLepold added a topic in Under Glass   

    1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landaulet - Trumpeter Kit

    Now the model is finally finished.

    This was the beginning..... :

    Now the pics (first without the boat)

    The hood doesn't fits good, I don't know why...!


    The connection car/trailer...!

    The whole things. It is not good to make photos of the whole things, it is very long.

    The Interior.

    And so soon I will not build a Trumpeter kit ...no no no...!

    Cheers from Germany
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  10. PeterLepold added a post in a topic Trumpeters 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau Coupe   

    Hello to all

    I'm sorry that I was not present here the last time. Now the '78 Monte Carlo is finished. Her some pics.

    First some pics of the last progress:

    Finished (without hood).

    I'm add some water skis on the trunk.

    Here you'll see a little of the vinyl structure.

    Flashlights are not correct at the kit, first look at the original car.

    Trumpeter made a chrome prop between the front and the side flasher .

    Here are the completely finished car (without trailer/boat). I have to make pics of it (of all, boat and car) when the weather is more better. We have very heavy snow and it is not good to make good pics with the lighting conditions at the moment.

    Cheers from Germany
  11. PeterLepold added a topic in General   

    Ask for pictures of a 1941 Plymouth Convertible

    hope this is the correct board to ask for pictures from the 1941 Plymouth Convertible. I want to build the AMT '41 Coupe to a Convertible and I need some pics where i have to cut away the roof and all the other things. Anybody can help me??

    Thanks and greetings from Germany
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  12. PeterLepold added a post in a topic Trumpeters 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau Coupe   

    Hi there

    Here I have a small update, but it is not the MC, it is an update on the boat. The MC needs some time again for drying the filler, a lot of points on the hood and trunk I have to fill and sand.

    The boat is nearly finished, some smaller detail works I have to do. I will build a windshild scratch and I will put a name on it - perhaps I will named it "Monte Carlo"..!
    All the "wooden" is painted, first I painted with airbrush a base color (dark brwon) and than I painted the wooden structure with drybrushing and detail painting with different brushes and different brown colors.
    It needs a lot of time, but i think it is looking nearly like real wooden.

    At the "hood" I put a photo eatched part with the signature "SS 454"...!

    The rear view (with the real US-flag :wink: ).

    The “ornament†on the sides, on the back and at the hood are decals from the Revell '70 Custom Van. The top side of the boat was chromium-plated with BMF aluminum.

    Now the trailer..! The small tail lamps and the “rubbers†were supplemented on the rails, because the bottom of the boat would not to be scratched when the loading and unloading! The rims are Monte Carlo rims of the MPC Monte Carlo!

    Painted in aluminium.

  13. PeterLepold added a topic in On The Workbench   

    That ain't no car, that's a racing machine....!

    Someone ask me here if I have some Dale Earnhardt models in progress. Yes, I have, two models (1999 Bristol "cage rattler" and the 1988 first black Monte Carlo).
    But here I'll show you the last Dale Earnhardt model I build, it is not a #3, it is the famous #2 car he drove in 1979 and 1980.
    Build from Revells 1977 Monte Carlo Lowrider (the first issue), I started with it in 2002 and finished it this year (I had lost long time the desire to it).

    First two old pics of progress (I have no more pictures from all the things I have did on it):

    I build a part of the roll cage new, chassis is a 1983 T-Bird chassis from Monogram. If you want to build that, take the chassis of Monogram. It is in scale 1/24, but it has the advantage that the long wheel base is present by the scale. With a chassis in 1/25 you must extend the wheel base.

    The interior:

    Rear spoiler I build from plastic sheet, bumpers I changed a lot of things (remove the rubber around the bumpers, thrill holes and and and).

    And here pics of the finished and "raced" car:

    Thanks for looking.

    Greetings from Germany
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  14. PeterLepold added a post in a topic Started The Henry J.   


    Very interesting model. A very good friend build this at the moment to a Stock version. He build new fenders, new bumpers, new this and new that....! He want to have an original Stock Henry J. , and I will make some pictures of process to show you what he did at the meantime. It is a very great work he did.

    Greetings from Germany
  15. PeterLepold added a post in a topic How old are you??   


    I'm born in that year:

    If you know in which year the car was build, you know how "old" I am...(the boy in the car is my son)!

    Greetings from Germany