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  1. 1967mustang added a post in a topic SOS... I Need Some Information!   

    thank you for the information it is some what helpful. and i did figure out the whole clear coat thing after i posted it.
  2. 1967mustang added a topic in General   

    SOS... I Need Some Information!
    okay everyone i need your help! I'm building a 1970 Challenger convertible kit and i need information things like where was the plant that built the convertibles? what was the average number of people it took to complete one? how many coats of primer, paint, and clear went on one? which company made the original tires that went on the car? so if anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated. you can post it here or E-mail me at 1967@chess.com thank you!
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  3. 1967mustang added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    im in
    count me in ill join ive got to find a kit but hey ill try it.
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  4. 1967mustang added a post in a topic One Wicked Snake Bite!   

    well everyone i had problems with this one lets just say i sanded it for hooooooooouuuuuurrrrrrrssssss! i did wire and it looks really good but due to a sucky camera it wont be on the forum for a while next month it will be on the TRIAD site though.
  5. 1967mustang added a post in a topic 1980's IMSA MUSTANG   

    hey dave, if ya want the folgers Mustang GTO you can go to emodelcars theres one on there for 13. (and no im not the seller) im curently building the fogers one myself. and this kit come with an opening hatch.
  6. 1967mustang added a post in a topic any michigan model car builders   

    im here in muskegon. with TRIAD (check what i put under my website and you can see some of the stuff ive built.)
  7. 1967mustang added a post in a topic '67 Chevelle SS   

    i think its funny i got the same kit from a buddy of mine in TRIAD i just finished it about a week ago its not on the forum yet though.
  8. 1967mustang added a post in a topic 1960 Chevy Nomad seen in NNL east   

    love the nomads shes a butey
  9. 1967mustang added a post in a topic 97 mustang   

    sorry the pic stinks my moms camera sucks. she says shes gonna go get anew one though.
  10. 1967mustang added a topic in Under Glass   

    97 mustang
    can you tell it was the boyd codington kit? the rear bumper gave me issues if you notice it no longer says mustang on it. but hey enjoy!

    more pics later

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  11. 1967mustang added a post in a topic T-5 the german Mustang   

    tank you all for your coments and storys i think ill have a lambo underglass reall shortly here anyway thank you.
  12. 1967mustang added a post in a topic 1941 Plymouth   

    i think this is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! my dad put two 41 plymoouths together about 25 years ago one for his uncle who owned one and one for him and geuss what both were almost the same orange! if you want to see 'em go here http://home.comcast.net/~triad-pms/site/?/...85bd780cf6cc13b

    there the orange ones obviously.
  13. 1967mustang added a post in a topic T-5 the german Mustang   

    hey gary im sorry i put you on the sheet of info that was at the show as "Gary in Texas" but i printed it ten minutes before we left and i couldnt remember your last name.
  14. 1967mustang added a post in a topic T-5 the german Mustang   

    thank you, its funny it looks really good in the picture but at the show the judges called it the amazing explodeing mustang because every time they picked it up something fell off.
  15. 1967mustang added a topic in Under Glass   

    T-5 the german Mustang
    this is my first under glass post the pictures are from my first ever competition where i won my first ever blue ribbon ENJOY

    Is it a Mustang?
    The answer is no!

    In 1965 Ford decided to send the Mustang overseas to Germany. The problem? The name Mustang was already in use by a motorcycle company and a truck company in Germany, so Ford would have had to pay a $10,000 fee for the right to use the Mustang name in Germany. So instead of paying $10,000 Ford decided to designate all German export Mustangs as T-5’s (that had been the project code at Ford). All 65’-78’ Mustangs exported to Germany were designated as T-5’s. The Mustang name does not appear anywhere on the vehicle. The T-5 was not only different in name but in equipment too, due to them having to fit German motor vehicle regulations. There had to be an anti-theft locking device on the steering column, sealed beam headlights (common in North America) were not legal in Germany, parking lamps and turn signals had to be different, high beam indicators had to be blue not red, and the taillights were modified to German motor vehicle regulations. Some T-5’s got metric speedometers. Many T-5’s that returned to America with military personnel were converted to miles-per-hour. Not all T-5’s got these modifications. Ford built thousands of T-5’s for German export not all of them returned.

    The T-5 I have built has a 289 and Ford 9-inch. It’s raven black with red deluxe interior. It has black steel wheels and red line tires. I hope that all shall enjoy its beauty and history.

    Thank you for looking, I hope you enjoyed it.

    Thank you to Tim Ridout for giving me the link to Model Car Magazines website. Thank you Gary in Texas for sending the redlines. And last but not least thank you Mustang Monthly Magazine for giving me the information.

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