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  1. gunpilotvet added a post in a topic What's your newest project?   

    I'm building a post WWII era midget racer from the Monogram Midget.
  2. gunpilotvet added a post in a topic Ford Flathead 4 bangers   

    Just found this thread. The re-release of the AMT Vintage Cop Car has a DOHC Frontenac conversion for the Model"T" engine, if you're still looking.
  3. gunpilotvet added a post in a topic measurements   

    Everyone seems to have made some good points. In describing a model I usually think of it in terms of scale: scale Mickey Thompsons, scale Ford 427, etc. If I give out the models scale, any further conversation refers to the full size vehicle(1:1 scale). I let the listener visualize the "scale" model. I see no point in constantly referring to the scale of the model. I usually do a lot of scratch building and modifying, usually from a set of drawings. If the drawing says the rear track is 52", then I calculate out the scale track and go from there. If I'm describing how I did a a top chop, I would use actual measurement used to perform the chop: 1/8" off the A-piller, and so forth. Any of this make sense?
  4. gunpilotvet added a post in a topic Centrifugal Casting Machine   

    Just found this thread and would like to obtain your centrifugal resin casting machine plans if still available.
  5. gunpilotvet added a post in a topic H.A.M.B.   

    I wish I could take credit for the drawing, but I got it off the H.A.M.B. Art Forum. Can't remember who drew it, but it's my next project. Actually I've already started by putting a "V-shape" to a '32 Ford grill. It'll have to keep now until my midget racer is done.
  6. gunpilotvet added a post in a topic H.A.M.B.   

    I haven't been to the drag racing forum, yet, but yesterday I spent hours going back through the Art Forums. Incredible work. I may get back into drawing cars, something I haven't done since I was in high school. Retired now so I have plenty of time.
  7. gunpilotvet added a post in a topic AMT Vintage Police Car   

    I don't think the beer bottles would be out of place with the cop car kit.
  8. gunpilotvet added a topic in General   

    Anyone heard of the H.A.M.B. Forum? I discovered it a couple of weeks ago while researching for dirt track racers. The main subject is old time hot rods or jalopies. But the best part is the Art Forum. Different artists post their auto artwork. Subjects are cars, motorcycles, Rat Fink, Flying Eyeballs. The Rat Fink and Von Dutch type flying eyeballs are prolific. here's the link for anyone interested:H.A.M.B.
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  9. gunpilotvet added a post in a topic AMT Vintage Police Car   

    This kit has what looks like a crude molding of a pump shotgun, an old fashioned loudspeaker(megaphone), two keystone cops style helmets and two night sticks.
    I don't have any pics yet, but when I get into building the dirt tracker I'll post some.
  10. gunpilotvet added a topic in General   

    AMT Vintage Police Car
    Being a fan of 20's and 30's dirt track racers, the re-release by Stevens International of AMT's Vintage Cop Car caught my attention. With a separate frame, decent looking wire wheels and a chrome plated DOHC Frontenac conversion for the Model "T" engine, this kit just begs for conversion to an early dirt tracker. There's plenty of photos as well as plans/drawings on the net to use as reference. Haven't even finished my Monogram midget racer and I'm already working on the dirt tracker-well a little bit, anyway. Just to see how things look. If the engine looks decent, I'll use it as a master and cast resin copies for future builds.
    I'm always looking at kits as possible sources of parts

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  11. gunpilotvet added a post in a topic 1947 Midget   

    Your midget looks great. I have the midget as well as the R&C article and considered doing what your doing, but decided to stay with the scale of the kit. Started after Thanksgiving, still lots to do. Still have the rear radius rods to do and I think then I may be ready to paint. Here's some pics If I can get them to post.
    Modified body and chassis with susp. and engine

    Much modified Offy.

    Radius rods from brass tubing polished with SnJ powder

    Mocked up body

    This thing is taking quite a long time to build. Doing the engine up was a lot of fun, made a few mistakes but I'll live with them. I built a seat side panel assembly whch fits up into the body.