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  1. About $100 in resin parts - never received stuff or refund - Reliable Resin. Only time ripped off. Multiple 4-6 wk waits from Asia but I don't pay for the fast shipping either.
  2. What happened to the Accurate Miniature molds ?

    Academy did re-release the AM p-51B a couple years ago so that tooling is still around.
  3. The end is near

    The thing I really do not like about the new one is lack of room. I worked on the C7 and C8 programs and drove C7's year round for 5 years. Including every day through the winters. At 6ft tall and 280 lbs I was comfortable in the C7 but would really have liked another 1/2 - 1" legroom. The C8 is smaller inside - enough that if there were a manual trans version I would not be able to drive it. Good thing about the C7 was it was a great daily driver car - did always have issues with infotainment and HVAC systems but for a single guy was a great performer. I packed more stuff in them that could never fit into Camaros. Could take several full trash bags in the back and still close the hatch. Stopped on the way home from work and picked up sets of 4 14" and 15" new tires that would fit. Packed the back full of groceries, tools, ect. Stop on the way home and pick up shingles, lumber, and such from the home supply stores. Plus the C7 would get 40mpg on a highway cruise. Granted Corvette owners don't care about storage space or mpg but these were just +'s to the great ride. C8 has no room for anything - barely enough to store the roof. While the mid engine may be neat there is little to gain in performance for what is lost. Also packs a lot of heat in that mid area and cooling has been an issue. Should keep the current layout and do the mid as a separate entity. The C8 will debut with the current engine but that gets replaces by a dohc and then twin turbo dohc so it's the end of the small block as well.
  4. Pyro Brass Era kits

    The kits in the vintage brass series are really nice. Others kits from their table top series did not have plated parts and had plastic tires so kits like the Alfas and Bentleys are not as nice. The Life Like and Lindberg reissues mostly do not have the plated parts plated. Stick to the old original Pyro issues.
  5. Sad day for NASCAR fans

    Starter 1/43rd scale kit
  6. Clear coat over decals?

    I also always clear over the decals. Had a couple very bad experiences with ones I didn't clear over. Including a recent build that had decals destroyed when a contest judge handled it. Some will state that they are more accurate by leaving the decals uncleared as the real car will have a difference in gloss level between the painted surface and the markings. True but only if you then remove all the clear decal film between lettering or numbers. I clear coat over them and then sand and polish, and I use automotive lacquer for both color and clear. Have to be very careful and build the clear up in light dust coats.
  7. MCW Oldsmobiles

    Very nice kits, good quality resin castings. The only issue at all is unplated parts. Some include engine and decals for scripts/emblems.
  8. Corvair rampside

    Both the Best and Robert Burns resin rampsides are very nice kits and both more correct in size than the old Premier kit. Both have +'s and minor -'s but are great kits. Nice to have available. The Corvair trucks did not share the floorpan of the early Corvair cars - both very different subframe structures. Similar front and rear suspension assemblies and drivetrains but that's all. Looking forward to the Greenbrier version as that's what I own in 1:1. Still need some Corvair cars in resin as well like a 1960 4 door, '62 or '63 coupe, and '64 cvt.
  9. Fujimi Ferrari 288 GTO Variants?

    Some of the EM kits have been reissued as curbside kits in the RS series so they are all not the same. At least some 911's and the Dino's are that way.
  10. Scam 'Bay Listings?

    Here is a good example. These show up every couple of weeks with same photo and different 0 feedback seller. People keep falling for it though. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Old-PROMO-model-1961-Corvair-700-Seamist-Turquiose-color-Nice-origin-/152630247448?hash=item238978c018%3Ag%3AxzoAAOSwD5BZb4fi&nma=true&si=bJ5MNStTRLuipmwuzew9Hv%252BKBnk%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  11. 1962 Ford Galaxie. This tool would provide variations to cover the 500XL 406 factory stock version, Nascar racers, and factory drag versions. Wild wish is for 1962-1964 Corvairs
  12. Astro I OHC Corvair Engine

    I'd be interested in at least 3-4 of them
  13. Great news and a nice looking kit. While the new Camaro doesn't look much different than the 5th generation it is much improved in ride and handling. And I really like the LT1 over the previous Gen IV small blocks. Hope they can do the new 2017 ZL1 version as well. Bring on more full detailed kits !
  14. Monogram Deuce

    Very Nice !
  15. Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!

    That has been the case for some time now. Ever since I started trying to get parts to complete the project cars I have the prices for original parts needing rechrome have been more than Modelhaus replacements. Lots of $12 - $15 bumpers that need replating found on Ebay but why pay more than nice replacements ? I still need several bumpers and wheels for 1960 - 1964 Corvairs if anybody has a stash! I was putting off ordering the Corvair parts needed until this fall. BUMMER!