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  1. Ray Parsons of R&R did the '59 Edsel wagon along with hardtops and convertibles. Picked one up 15 yrs ago. Not sure how long he had it available.
  2. MCW still does special mix colors - if they have the formula. If you call them with the factory paint code they will let you know if they can mix it. Just had a few special colors mixed by them that are not in the catalog list. I've had them do real obscure stuff so they have a very comprehensive reference for formulas. From the material I have the Desoto's used 300 numbers for color codes but there is no 303.
  3. The Premier Rampside kit is pretty rare - used to be all but impossible to find. Actually not a bad kit but it is a bit undersized and more like 1/28th scale. No glass included. About 15-20 yrs ago it was reissued in resin by a company known as Corvairmodels. This resin kit came in a reproduction box and was a direct copy of the Premier kit. Recently 2 Rampside kits have been released in resin. The one from Best models and another by Robert Burns. Both are available on Ebay, The Best models is pretty much always listed. Both of these are very nice kits, more correct in scale, and nicer than the Premier version. Just wish either Best or Burns would get the Greenbrier and panel Corvair vans released. Robert Burns does list a partially one once in awhile.
  4. The convertible boot first showed up in this issue of the Corvair kit. It was not present in any of the 1965 - 1969 original annual kits or in any of the 1970's reissues or the prestige series reissue. The boot exists as a remnant from the original annual convertible promo models. When this early 2000's issue was released many former "blocked" gates on the sprues were opened up on many older AMT kits so parts that were never seen before or had not been in other earlier reissues showed up.
  5. Only aftermarket company that I've been ripped off by. Order was never received - only excuses ( for years) - and never a refund. A $60 - $80 learning experience.
  6. Either the Fred Cady sheet or original/copy of the Corvair annual kit decals with stripes and emblems can be found on ebay. Search for "corvair decal".
  7. vairnut


    Plain Testors Gloss red will work fine, Number 1203 in the small bottles but I don't know the spray can number. Or Guards Red in the Model Master line.
  8. Appreciate the review Robert. And Beautiful build Steve. In 1975 my parents inherited my great uncle's 1962 Galaxie 500 4dr sedan, oxford blue with blue interior. It was 13yrs old with 13k miles on it. In 1978 it became my first car. Have a few restorable promos and a couple of the cvt kits - it's time to actually do something with them after seeing that black beauty!
  9. Clear lacquer will mess up chrome or gold foil decals - even when dusted on very lightly. To solve this I put a layer or 2 of clear decal film over foil decals before clearing.
  10. I've used lacquer clearcoat and basecoat on plenty of models and types of decals. Key is as mentioned above to use very light dust coats initially. I've used automotive clear lacquer and duplicolor - airbrushing the automotive clear is better to prevent any yellowing after time. I build up several dust coats over time before starting the sanding/clear/sand polish routine.
  11. This is the same as what is in the 1987 Prestige issue except for the Lucas lenses in the lower right corner. The main glass part actually attaches to the sprue on the lower left. The kit number 5727 is for the 1967 annual issue. This number was changed for subsequent issues although the parts and layout did not change.
  12. Was sorting through my Corvair kits today and remembered this thread. When checking kits I found the 1987 prestige series issue had most of the clear parts present that the 1969/1970 issue kits had. The clear sprue in the prestige kits have all the same parts in same locations as the late 60's annual kits and the 1970 issue "Corvair Monza" (T374?). The only difference between the early annuals and the prestige is that the runners between the front and rear windows is not as solid and a part of the sprue with 4 clear smooth "Lucas" headlights is not present. The prestige kit has the side windows, 2 rectangular headlight lenses, 2 ribbed round lenses, and 2 small gage lenses for the rally gage cluster. The top engine shroud in the prestige kits is in the same sprue location as the original annual kits. So the tooling for the original clear parts was still mostly intact after the early-mid 70's "Corvair Custom" T159 kit. The 2004, 2007, and latest reissues only include the clear parts that were in the T159 issue as shown by Casey above. So the original tooling went missing sometime after 1987. I have not compared the top shroud from the annuals/prestige kits vs the custom/2004+ issues to see if it in fact different. Funny that the 2004 and later issues are ones where all the sprue runners were opened up to include all possible parts even the promo convertible top boot that never appeared in any previous kits but the clear parts are lacking. The optional rectangular headlights, Lucas headlight buckets, and driving light parts in the kit have no lenses to go with them.
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