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  1. vairnut added a post in a topic Astro I OHC Corvair Engine   

    I'd be interested in at least 3-4 of them
  2. vairnut added a post in a topic Round 2's new AMT 2016 Camaro SS FULL DETAIL kit: First look/detailed overview (and I'm not kidding about that full detail comment....)   

    Great news and a nice looking kit.  While the new Camaro doesn't look much different than the 5th generation it is much improved in ride and handling. And I really like the LT1 over the previous Gen IV small blocks.  Hope they can do the new 2017 ZL1 version as well.  Bring on more full detailed kits !
  3. vairnut added a post in a topic Monogram Deuce   

    Very Nice !
  4. vairnut added a post in a topic Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!   

    That has been the case for some time now. Ever since I started trying to get parts to complete the project cars I have the prices for original parts needing rechrome have been more than Modelhaus replacements. Lots of $12 - $15 bumpers that need replating found on Ebay but why pay more than nice replacements ?
    I still need several bumpers and wheels for 1960 - 1964 Corvairs if anybody has a stash!  I was putting off ordering the Corvair parts needed until this fall. BUMMER!
  5. vairnut added a post in a topic Which Model Gave You a Whoopin'?   

    Built the Revell '57 Nomad way back when - still have it and still looks good. Did it just like the box art car with metallic bronze paint and the reversed chrome wheels.
    2 that I have had issues with are the Monogram 1966 Hertz Shelby. I didn't follow my normal process of doing the body first so finished and fully detailed the chassis, engine, and interior. Nice black lacquer on the body but messed up the gold hood stripe decals while sanding after the first couple clear coats. I bought another kit but found the decals were not the same as what was in the original issue. Also got Keith Marks decals but they are different size and color.  So it still sits unfinished after many years.
    Worst kit as far as assembly was the Pocher Ferrari Testarossa. Kit parts are so bad nothing on the engine fit together. I even broke some on the intake runners trying to get things lined up close enough to glue together. .
  6. vairnut added a post in a topic Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!   

    Well I missed out on getting in my last couple of large parts orders. Did get a large mail in order sent in June and 2 online orders placed in May. I have a large amount of restorable built ups and other resin kits I have been trying to complete before they closed. I used to order the parts as I started to rebuild a model or add wheels/tires or other parts to resin kits from other manufacturers that didn't include them. Even have some older Modelhaus kits that did not include all stock parts.
    Although I may not build all of them I at least wanted to make them complete, since w/o Modelhaus trying to find the needed parts will be much more difficult. The cost of the parts needed to complete the kits/builts that I've ordered is more than the difference I could sell them for. I wanted to make them complete rather than possibly offer them with missing parts or unrestorable parts. I have lots of parts to send out for plating but still come up short. May have to try casting parts but what I need will need plating so that will be difficult.
    I will miss Modelhaus having been a regular customer since the 80's and they very much deserve to enjoy a well earned retirement. Hope they take a very nice cruise or vacation, buy a nice classic car, lakeside vacation home, or do whatever they want with the overtime income prior to closing.
    As for out of production profit, check out the WIngnut Wings website for 1/32 WWI airplane kits and then look at the selling price of their discontinued kits on Ebay. Kit prices more than double as soon as the kit goes out of production - and all sell. Supply and Demand is all it takes.
  7. vairnut added a post in a topic `65 Plymouth Hemi Super Stock "Melrose Missile"-Moebius/Model King   

    Recieved 2 of the kits in the mail Friday. Both boxes had bulges on top from the body not being inside the box bottom when sealed. Both bodies are straight so I got lucky this time. Did get 2 replacement Satelite bodies for $10 shipping from Moebius. They really need a deeper box to fit this kit in. 
  8. vairnut added a post in a topic The Modelhaus Website will open on May 15th.   

    My last order was mailed in back in mid January. Just got an email that they are starting on it. Still have a couple large orders to get in. I have a lot of old annual restoration projects that I need parts for.
  9. vairnut added a post in a topic The Pisano Brothers Corvair   

    A Beautiful Build - Love It !!
  10. vairnut added a post in a topic 1961 Pontiac Ventura   

    Nice Clean Build. Looks like a great kit.
  11. vairnut added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    OK - didn't know about the other thread so will add post there for the real car. Apologize for that.
    DAAM show today and picked up
    1967 Nickey Camaro,  2015 Foose C7 Corvette, 2013 ZL1 Camaro, 1961 AMT Galaxie Styline kit ( chrome parts to restore a '61 Sunliner built )
    Revell Jungle Jim T/F Dragster, Porsche 918 Weissach, and a Stoops Steve Butler Gamler sprint car.
    Was looking for Fujimi/Testors Porsche 356's but non found.
    Bandit1 - The 1960 annual kit by SMP was a 4 dr sedan, I have a couple restorables around. Real cars were 4drs only until April 1960. There were some 1961 - 1963 4 dr corvair models by Palmer and/or Premier but they are pretty funky looking.
    Dann - lt dusting of snow in Grand Blanc, good raods today and no snow. Saginaw still getting snow and sleet today.
    Unclescott58 - yes the one in the backgound is another 1960 two tone blue 700. That one was sold last fall by the person who had mine. He just sold off 6 or 7 of his remaining 12+ 1960's
    vinagercr - I would like to find a solid wagon body for a 2dr conversion project. Everything that show up is too rusty or too $$ to cut up.
  12. vairnut added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    A 1960 4dr Corvair 700 sedan. Won't see the road for a few weeks yet. Built in July 1959 and stockpiled by GM until the Corvair's debut on October 2nd Now I need to dig out an old SMP built model and restore it to match.

  13. vairnut added a post in a topic about how many models have you   

    Tried to get a count last year from what is in my spreadsheet. Has resin kits and restorables as well as unbuilt kits. Does not include builts or the 1/43rd resin kits. Total was 4700. Way too many !!!  In case of a severe flood at least I could glue up a houseboat.
  14. vairnut added a post in a topic What AMT/MPC Molds Might Still Exist at Round 2?   

    Actually the early Corvairs are very accurate - the 1961 2dr kit is the only bad one. 1960 and 1962-64 have no issues other than being curbside.
    The Astro 1 was an experimental Corvair not Corvette with a DOHC Corvair motor. The body was modified to make the Scorpion funny car
  15. vairnut added a post in a topic Old balsa carving kits. Did you finish one?   

    -----+A few of the Hudson Miniatures kits ended up becoming the 1/16 Aurora classis cars. I think all of the 1/16 Aurora kits were once in the HM line. I have built a couple - the Rambler and '03 Ford. Not bad but some of the plastic parts have warped over 50+ years since the kits were produced.