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  1. vairnut added a post in a topic What AMT/MPC Molds Might Still Exist at Round 2?   

    Actually the early Corvairs are very accurate - the 1961 2dr kit is the only bad one. 1960 and 1962-64 have no issues other than being curbside.
    The Astro 1 was an experimental Corvair not Corvette with a DOHC Corvair motor. The body was modified to make the Scorpion funny car
  2. vairnut added a post in a topic Old balsa carving kits. Did you finish one?   

    -----+A few of the Hudson Miniatures kits ended up becoming the 1/16 Aurora classis cars. I think all of the 1/16 Aurora kits were once in the HM line. I have built a couple - the Rambler and '03 Ford. Not bad but some of the plastic parts have warped over 50+ years since the kits were produced.
  3. vairnut added a post in a topic Defects, short shots and warpage   

    Have jsut seen this with the Moebius Plymouth. Both of the kits I purchased have badly warped bodies. They basically do not fit into the box and were put in on an angle such that the packaging ruined them. 2 unbuildable kits. As I purchased them online I didn;t return them as I would have had to pay the shipping to return them, and ship the replacements. Be nice if Moebius backed up their product like Round2.
  4. vairnut added a post in a topic modelhaus order   

    Right now it is a 10 - 12 week wait. This may grow longer as they are continuing to be swamped with orders since the retirement notice.  I keep sendng in very large orders every 8 weeks or so to get all the parts I need to complete about 100 old builder kits. Used to just order parts when I started on one of the kits but that won't be an option in the future. Very expensive year for me!
  5. vairnut added a post in a topic Moebius 1965 Plymouth Satellite news   

    I recieved 2 of them yesterday. Nice kit but both have badly warped and twisted bodies - beyond what I could fix. First issue I've had with any Moebius kits.
  6. vairnut added a post in a topic SMP 1911 Chevrolet   

    2 of the 1911 Chevy kits arrived the day after sent. Great Job by Missing Link for getting this one out. Parts fit is very nice and quality of the casting is like other stuff from them - top notch. Never knew the original kit was a snap together - must have been close to the first for that in 1961.

    Thanks Kevin - one big missing hole in kit history that's now obtainable and buildable !
  7. vairnut added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ranger Pickup   

    Got the pickups today and they are incredibly nice kits. Have gone throught the 1971 and having the exterior colors and 2 tone combinations called out is great.

    Do find it strange that there are no color guides for the parts. Not tough to figure out but given the insturctions in the Hudsons and Chryslers from Moebius this seams odd ?
  8. vairnut added a post in a topic Guardsman Blue and Gulf Blue?   

    My local auto paint supplier mixes up 1 - 3 oz of lacquer for me all the time. Known as "touch up" for fixing door dings and small areas. I have about 50 factory stock 1950's - 1970's colors on hand. They have been doing this for 15+ yrs. After telling them I used it for models and showing a couple of builds to them they very rarely ever charge me for it. About 1 out of every 4 mixes they charge $5 - $7. They stopped doing spray cans a long time ago but there are a couple of other auto paint supply stores around here that still do that.

    I use the Tamiya AS lt blue all the time and it's way too light for the Gulf color. I know of nothing close to Gulf blue in spray cans, the closest would be the old Testors regular line enamel lt. blue
  9. vairnut added a post in a topic Guardsman Blue and Gulf Blue?   

    Scott, Model Car World offers both colors in spary cans. Gulf blue 2064 and Guardsman blue 6436. It's automotive lacquer. The cans are a bit pricey at $15 each but much better quality. Does require priming first with lacquer primer - duplicolor spray will work.
    I haven't found anything Tamiya or Testors close to Gulf blue, and the real Guardsman is a bit different than the other dk mettalic blues in that it has a bit of gray or cast steel hue to it.
  10. vairnut added a post in a topic List of all the AMT/Ertl new-tool kits from the late 80s-90's   

    1960 Chevy Fleetside pickup, a "Custom" stock version and a street machine or custom version.
  11. vairnut added a post in a topic Re-issued or new tooling? Flintstones

    thought I remember this one existing
  12. vairnut added a post in a topic GM is off to a good start in ruining the Camaro again   

    Not one to fuss about looks. Do know the new one is smaller and feels a lot smaller and lighter driving it. Rides much smoother as the older oners were very rough. The older cars did stick really well but just rode extremely rough and felt like driving a big heavy brick. This one is a lot like the new Corvette in that it feels effortess in hard driving with a nice comfortable ride. As far as room I'm 6 ft and have plenty of head and leg room in the older car. This one is smaller inside but still I have plenty of head and leg room. The visibility is a bit better in the A pillar areas. It gets the 450Hp LT1 out of the vette with no detuning so more low end tq and more hp than the older versions.
  13. vairnut added a post in a topic I'd like help identifying a kit maker please.   

    The 1/24th Testors 917 is the Heller kit. Done in the 1971 Martini livery. Was available in the 80's as a Union kit. Heller also did the 1970 LM winner and a Gulf livery version. Pretty sure the Testors boxing was before the Fujimi 917 versions were released. There were a lot of different Fujimi kits reboxed as Testors though.
  14. vairnut added a post in a topic Which kits are.....   

    Wingnut Wings

    These guys raised the bar for all other manufacturers - and no others have reached it yet. SWS and HK are close.
    Moebius for automotive kits.
  15. vairnut added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    screwed again by the company I work for !

    oh - kits today 2 pirhanas showed up