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  1. Thanks guys, I think I'll pick up an ultrasonic cleaner. I really dislike cleaning my airbrush the old fashion way.
  2. All, Just wondering if anyone is using an ultrasonic cleaner to clean their airbrushes? I found one that hold a bit over 2 pints that I think would be big enough. Thanks, Lou
  3. Thanks Scott. Too bad about Modeli Verona, but it's tough for the cottage industry guys. Take care, Lou
  4. Scott, Beautiful builds. Does Modeli Verona have a website? I would like to see what else they have in 1/43. Thanks, Lou
  5. Beginning of the end for me was the switch to 1000' in the fuel classes. I wish that the TV coverage would show more (any) of the Sportsman racing. F1 even gets boring when the outcome of the race is almost inevitable. Time to get rid of the TV...
  6. Nice bike builds guys, including the full scale Trumpy. Here's a pic of a bike I built this summer, I should probably build a couple of scale one now... Lou
  7. Here my workbench today. Looks kind of sad compared to many of yours, oh well works for now... Lou
  8. Len, Awesome job, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the build. Were did you get the braided line (I assume at a craft store)? Is there a name brand or size that you prefer? Thanks, Lou
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