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  1. I as well was not aware the WS had COE's even though my dad ran a number of WS log trucks back in the day.
  2. I agree 100%. I am all about space between the sleeper and the front of the trailer and it actually bothers me when a trailer does not sit square over the drives.
  3. Very nice truck. I like the Drom box, it came out well.
  4. That is a wild looking rig. Is there any scratch building of that contraption in your future?
  5. Awesome build Tim. I have one question though, what was the truck used for?
  6. I am going to have to get a few of these. I hope someone releases a day cab conversion for it. I can see it now, a Lonestar log truck.
  7. With all of the ones that I have built I have always reworked the trunnion so that the trailer will sit properly on the truck. THat is one of my biggest pet peeves about this trailer is there is not the proper range of motion built in to the kit.
  8. A glider is exactly what you see in the picture. It is the frame, cab and all that stuff in the front but just a bare chassis in the rear so that the owner can sling his own running gear under the truck and get the exact wheel base he wants. Most west coast log trucks start out as gliders
  9. These are some pics from when I was hot shoting. Hauling an older chevy truck for a customer in on OK My truck and big trailer at a truck stop in Arkansas Hauling a Bobcat for the Army in FT Campbell KY
  10. Can I enter a past build? Its a lil hard for me to build trucks in Afghanistan.
  11. Very nice looking rigs. The tank trailer suits the Pete nicely.
  12. I still stop at this thread all the time to look at this truck. I love everything about it and now I really want to build one. I wish there was a self loader kit or at least some plans for scratch building. Do you have any pics of the build up of it and the conversion of the trailer that I could have a look at?
  13. Yes there is a bolt on version. I am not sure who builds it but they are the most common way to go if the truck was not purpose built.
  14. Awesome looking truck. I love the tires you chose and although the sleeper is extremely rare (at least in the NW) it adds some nice character. The reason for the extra frame on the back (between two and four feet with four being the norm) is that in the Pacific NW the logging roads are very winding with hairpin turns due to the mountains. The length of the frame out the back (known as the stinger) helps put the pivot point as close to center between the bunks as possible. In this way the tires of the trailer will stay in or very close to the tracks left by the truck making it so you do not have to swing wide on turns. All you need is to clear the trucks drive tires and the trailer tires will take the same line. Very handy for one lane logging roads as seen in this vid from my friend Jeff.
  15. Great man cave. I am currently working out of the same shop that I work on the real trucks in. LOL You need to make a thread that has all of your trucks in it. You have several very interesting models that I have not seen before.
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