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  1. n9949y added a post in a topic Any of you guys convert a static body to slot racing?   

    By the mid-1950s, NASCAR was successful primarily in the South and had a presence on the West coast, too. Bill France sought expansion in the Midwest, where a series, Circuit of Champions All Stars, an all-convertible car division was popular. France purchased the entire series to run NASCAR-sanctioned convertible races as a companion division to the hardtop Grand Nationals.
    Convertible racing was a smashing success from the start. Fans were fascinated by the idea of being able to see the driver working the steering wheel inside the car, and the Convertible races began to draw big crowds.
    In 1959 Thunderbirds were allowed to run in Grand National races. Holman-Moody built and sold 5 ‘birds for Grand National racing; a couple of owners developed their T-Birds as “Zipper-tops,” with removable roofs so the same car could race in both the Convertible and Grand National Divisions.
    From my 21st century perspective I’m continuously amazed how little of any safety standards in motor sports was applied, and NASCAR’s convertible Division certainly demonstrated the lack of even rudimentary safety devices – bare, flimsy roll bars, no driver harnesses, or in some cases not even seat belts. T shirts and polo shirts were de rigueur as noted with my short sleeved driver figure.  In some cars the front and rear passenger seats were retained. My ’59 T-Bird nicely illustrates ‘50s vintage safety standards.
    Body from a Monogram 1/24th Thunder Bird mounted on an H&R chassis powered by a Parma Death Start motor. Raced at Pelican Park Speedway, Eugene, Oregon, a club featuring possibly the only fully landscaped slot car track dedicated to 1/24th scale. Since 1987 we members are racing  dozens of accurately modeled 1/24 slot cars, with bodies assembled from plastic and resin kits mounted on custom, scratch built chassis powered by Parma and Pro-Slot strictly stock unmodified motors.

  2. n9949y added a post in a topic Revell Discontinuing NASCAR Model Kits   

    Other than Khart’s posting in which he presents a most interesting, and perhaps a correct opinion, on this as well as other modeler/hobbyist forums, most comments about Revell-Monogram discontinuing its NASCAR model production reflect most writers’ disdain for NASCAR- an interesting subject but really not too relevant to the status of the auto modeling hobby

    Of greater relevance is what are really the reasons that Revell-Monogram has discontinued manufacturing NASCAR model kits. Notwithstanding some writers opinions about the present state of NASCAR , NASCAR racing remains, and will so, the most prevalent form of American motor-sports, and the cessation of Revell NASCSAR kit manufacturing leaves a big hole in the panoply of available motor-sports kits. Would be like Athearn, model railroad’s largest manufacturer of model railroad equipment ceasing production of models of EMD locomotives, though EMD diesel-electric locomotives are the most numerous locomotives used by 1:1 American Railroads.

    Would be more informative for a more in-depth discussion of why Revell Monogram quit, and how or what might fill in the modeling hole. Has NASCAR licensed another model manufacturer, say Tamiya, now that Toyota’s a big player? Would other Japanese model manufactures step up? If licensing fees are such a huge deterrent to manufacturing models, then why are there so many varied 1/32 COT-NASCAR slot cars?

    What’s really transpiring within the model kit manufacturing industry? U.S. economy? The world-wide economy? Is modeling and other forms of similar three dimensional recreation/leisure activities declining? Would seem there are a number of hidden factors involved with R-M’s decision to cease manufacturing of what has been a sizeable segment of its overall production.
  3. n9949y added a topic in NASCAR   

    Revell Nascar
    Any news, rumors if and when Revell-Monogram will release 1/24th COT's?
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  4. n9949y added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Cox Cheetah
    From this

    To this

    As most would agree, the Cheetah, in spite of it's less than sterling race record, is a motor-head’s esthetic delight, and so is the Cox version. Here's my rework of an old Cox slot car I recently purchased on Ebay. I incorporated Resilient Resin windshield and headlamp covers, Pro-Track rims/tires, and Vintage Racing Miniatures aftermarket decals. Of course the original chassis was even by '60's standards a no-go, so in keeping with Pelican Park building methods I scratch built a new dedicated chassis.

    Some GM dealers were involved with racing Cheetahs- Dixon Cadillac, Citation Motors and Alan Green Chevrolet. Applying a little artistic license I did mine as a Washburn Chevrolet sponsored Cheetah. The dealer sponsored a 62 Corvette and a 63 Stingray raced at Cal Club SCCA regional races. The number on its cars, 614, derived from Washburn's street address, 614 Chapala St., Santa Barbara.

    Fujimi Driver kit

    Couldn't find a 64 Calif dealer plate, so used a California Mfg plate

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  5. n9949y added a topic in Dioramas   

    Said Heads
    Eugene OR (AP) Traveling from New York State where they were seen on national televing during the broadcast of the Nextel NASCAR race at the famed Watkins GlennInternational Raceway, some Said Heads were seen trackside at Pelican Park Speedway

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  6. n9949y added a post in a topic Resilient Resins bodies?   

    Here's one of my Resilient Resin bodies- perhaps the only 1/24th 1954 Mercedes Benz W-196 Stromline in production. This slot car is raced at Pelican Park Speedway, Eugene, OR in its Monza class.

    (My Resilient Resin 1956 Lancia-Ferrari D-50 and my Resilient Resin Maserati 250F)

  7. n9949y added a post in a topic Cool slot bodies.   

    Jah Bill,

    No 1/32 activity at Pelican Park, though there's a 1/32 club in West Eugene, set up by Kimm Marshall, 541 688 5943.
  8. n9949y added a post in a topic Cool slot bodies.   

    Yes, Richard, we do in Eugene, Or have a 1/24th track called www.pelicanparkspeedway.com. With 20 active members we have been racing every week without interruption 1/24th scratchbuilt model cars for 20 years now.

    Pelican park is a unique operation in that we capture in miniature the essence of the many forms and eras of motor sports from the 1930's to the present.

  9. n9949y added a post in a topic Cool slot bodies.   

    My 1/24th scale slot car model of the Dean Van Lines 1958 Lister/Corvette Al Polack drove at the Los Angeles Times Grand Prix, October, 1968.

  10. n9949y added a topic in General   

    The Pelican Park Speeway road course runs by the Dundas Glen village where some nasty wrecks have occurred:

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  11. n9949y added a post in a topic Have a track in your town?   

    Hi Richard,

    Ooops, incomplete address- should be:

    The Courage C60 is a 1/24th TSRF resin body, and the Audi R8 is a 1/24 Carrera body converted and mounted on a scratch built brass chassis.
  12. n9949y added a post in a topic Have a track in your town?   

    No commercial tracks in Eugene, OR- in past 10 years 4 have been started; 4 have failed and disappeared.

    However for the dedicated model car racer Pelican Park Speedway ( www.pelicanparkspeedway.com )offers hobbyists an opportunity to build and race authentic appearing 1/24th scale cars.

    PPS members have been racing every week without interruption since 1976

  13. n9949y added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Daytona Prototypes
    For all their Plain Jane looks and relativley unsophisticated mechanicals, The lar4ge numbers of Grand American Daytona Prototype Rolex cars is providing spectators some of the most consistant, comeptitive racing that could become one of the most popular road racing series in the US.

    here are two scratchbuilt 1/24th versions I just completed for racing at Pelican Park Speedway.

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  14. n9949y added a topic in General   

    Daytona Prototypes
    For all their Plain Jane looks and relativley unsophisticated mechanicals, The Grand American Daytona Prototype Rolex cars is providing spectators some of the most consistant, competitive racing that could become one of the most popular road racing series in the US.

    For those wishing to add novelty to their collections a whole new class of contemporary purpose built race cars models, http://www.resilientresins.com/home.cfm will soon be producing 1/25 scale Grand American Rolex Sereies Daytona Prototype scale bodies.

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  15. n9949y added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Lamborghini Murcielago GT-R
    Applying some artistic license I fashioned a FIA championship car. Body: 1/24th Fujimi 12200 kit. Scale Production decals. TSRF Chassis.

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