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  1. thanks for all the advice i guess i might just lock the hobby room door for awhile and go from there.
  2. just cant get into it anymore would rather work on my real toys.gonna put it all on craigslist.ill stop in every now and again. or am i in just a in low spot
  3. like something you would see at any hometown track on saturday night freakin awesome build
  4. hard to look at. but i would still take it! lol great build
  5. looks like this gonna be a good build
  6. thank again all.hope to get some outside shots soon
  7. i have this just cant get into it.looks awesome tho green make it pop
  8. yup and i was pickin them up out howards flee market on 19
  9. craig i got a few not many there were over 500 builds
  10. thats a cool little build. tell him good job
  11. not really a big fan of that body style. but the color make it pop.nice build man
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