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  1. I have a al. hauler sleeper. pm me thanks james
  2. I'm in on the build just not sure of what kind of truck though. thanks James
  3. hey tom you from the east or west side of cleveland? james litteral
  4. What series truck is the peterbilt alaskan hauler ? james litteral
  5. can you post a pick of the tire tread? james litteral
  6. walking in a winter wonderland james litteral
  7. modeltrucker


    I got the latest issue of mcm and read it cover to cover and so did the mail man ha ha. james litteral
  8. Jim wonder how he got the smell out of it? james litteral
  9. Miight be easyer to change wheels on the 1to1. james litteral
  10. Has any one built a garbage truck of any type and can you show pics? need ideas for project thanks james litteral
  11. What color do you paint a60 series detroit? james litteral
  12. Dude that engine bay looks spot on I worked on a fleet of c series trucks for 10 years nice work. james litteral
  13. Glad to here you are doing well. Keep up the good work and god bless james litteral
  14. If the Italeri tires in there truck accessorie kits are the same i have at least a dozen or so for trade. james litteral
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