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  1. Congratulations one your first Grandchild, Getting older does have its perks, We were just blessed with our 12th grandchild on the 9th
  2. I will let you know, we won't be having one this year but will next year.
  3. Looks killer with those wheels, and a great overall, My 2 cents--- Midget painted to match, Keep up the good work
  4. Welcome aboard Erick, Have you been to the Joplin contest???? your name seems familiar, I am with the four states model club here and our sister club MOSS in Branson. look forward to seeing your work
  5. Hey Doc the Willy looks great but you are scaring me with the Kilt, HAHAHA. Build on my friend
  6. Why is it that we park on a driveway but we drive on a parkway ??? OH and as for the "Brother from another Mother" I have a Brother from another Mother and we have a Sister from the same Mister, We three have the same Dad but different moms, hope this clears things up a bit,
  7. Hey Doc, With out pics it didn't happen-------Bring on the eye candy
  8. Sorry---no update, the " old girl" fell victim to bad packing on my part, I hope to get back to it soon
  9. Hey Marshall good to hear from you buddy, Sorry guys, life and health got in the way of building, I just had surgery on 8-6-2012 (Rt shoulder) and looks like I may have neck surgery after the shoulder is re-habed, but will try to get back to the bench soon
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