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  1. That would be interesting to read. I ended up wrapping the cars in bubble wrap sealed with packing tape, then put them in ziplock bags, then used a combination of polyester batting and bubble wrap to fill the shipping box. Just seeing how protected they are once they’ve been done this way gives me a lot of confidence that they’ll be fine. I only put a max of two cars in one of the medium size Priority Mail boxes, which leaves enough space for good cushioning and protection.
  2. Thanks for all the good suggestions, guys! My first round of auctions ends tomorrow and I have the boxes, bubble wrap, polyester batting, and ziplock bags ready to go, and I won’t put a “fragile” label on the boxes.
  3. That's encouraging to hear! Did you use USPS Priority Mail? Have you opted for the extra $10 Fragile handling fee?
  4. Good idea, the only thing the buyer would need to be careful of is having the batting catch on a small part during removal. But I can deal with that when I wrap it by positioning the batting to avoid those small parts.
  5. That stuff looks like it would work really well because it minimizes any air gaps and cushions impact shock. And it looks like the stuff used for Xmas decorating so it may be on sale now! If I wrap the model tightly in bubble wrap and then stuff the box with this batting, I think it would be pretty safe.
  6. Yeah, that may not be a good idea after all. Maybe I’ll just throw a bottle of glue in the box...
  7. Yes, the tightly wrapped small bubble wrap, with the bigger air-pocket wrap around it sounds good. The cloth was to protect the model from plastic stickiness from the bubble wrap but this may not be a big deal. One thing I just read was that to ship a vase or anything hollow, fill the inside with packing, which makes sense. A model car is basically a hollow shell, so it may be good to fill the interior with tissue paper?
  8. The double box idea is good. I'll pack these myself instead of using the eBay service, for sure.
  9. Great tip on the ziplock bag! None of my models are ultra-fragile so I’ve got that going for me. I just finished cleaning them all and had to re-glue some things, but other than that they seem sturdy enough. But if the stray door handle fell off then the ziplock would catch it. Keep those tips coming!
  10. Hi all, I’m currently downsizing my collection on eBay, and I’m getting ready to ship out a bunch of built model cars. I’m planning on using USPS Priority Mail, saying they should be marked “Fragile”, and wrapping the models in a cloth followed by bubble wrap. Any other tips you guys have used before? Thanks!
  11. Looks excellent, those whitewalls are perfect. How did you do the gold Starliner script? Paint? Gold foil?
  12. Looks excellent, that color scheme is perfect!
  13. Thanks man, I just checked out the Chevelle that's shown in your avatar. Yikes, that thing is fantastic!
  14. Wheels and tires are 19" "Chrome T's" made by Pegasus Hobbies. Thanks!
  15. Thanks all! I modified the dropped front axle from the Revell '40 Ford.
  16. Here are some photos of this Anglia that I just finished. Check out the pics when you get a chance. The headlights are from the Deuce Coupe kit, and the other kitbashing details are in this thread: In-progress thread
  17. That's a great looking wagon, cool concept! I'm going to get the Thames in the weeds as much as possible. I think I'll start with the '37 Ford chassis for that one since it's pretty easy to get it layin' rocker.
  18. These Anglias are like the anti-944! I think these rims came from the AMT '57 Chevy kit but I'm not completely sure since they came from the "wheel storage drawer". Rear tires didn't come with the rims, but they're hollow Goodyears ('69 Ford Galaxie kit maybe?). The front tires are from the Deuce Coupe or one of the '37 Ford kits (they all use the same tires).
  19. Drivetrain, chassis and interior are done. I used the kit's engine and added a radiator fan from a '37 Ford kit: The sound system is from a Ford Focus SVT kit (can you hear me now?) The dropped front axle is from a '40 Ford kit, the headers and exhaust tips are from a '37 Ford kit, and the mufflers and pipes are from a Deuce coupe kit: Brakes are from a Willy's coupe kit. The Anglia kit rear end was modifed quite a bit to lower it: Next up is some polishing and final assembly. Thanks for checking out the progress photos!
  20. I'm starting one of these now as well. I opted for the modern street rod look with mine. How about 2-tone paint job, black for the top half, some lighter color for the bottom half, with big 'n little steel wheels painted to match the bottom half of the car and baby moon hubcaps? The suspension would need to be lowered. I'm going to lower the kit's rear axle and use the front axle from the Revell Deuce coupe to drop the front end.
  21. Yes, this is my '87 (stone gray metallic, actually). I tracked down your "under glass" thread and posted a response there. Great work!
  22. Your avatar (and comments in my Anglia thread) led me to this thread. Great job on this 944! The engine detail is spot-on. Do you still have your 1:1 '87? That's the same year as my current 1:1.
  23. Thanks guys! Peter, that hair dryer trick is a great idea. I'll try that next time I use vinyl masks. I sanded down the overspray (some of it shows in that photo) and clearcoated it. It never ceases to amaze me how overspray can get under about 3 pounds of tape. BTW Foxer, love that avatar
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