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  1. They are probably just trying to get as much as they can off of shipping so ebay don't take as many fees. I hardly make profit selling on ebay after selling fee, paypal fee, and paypal fee to get the money from paypal.
  2. I have one of the crew chevy's and it is good. I don't have one of the dodges but I do have other stuff from them and its good. Of course their is some cleanup but overall good. I would just ask them about it. He has a facebook page and answers pretty quick.
  3. Does anyone make a 1/24 or 1/25 Lincoln welder or other.
  4. trailer trash kustoms has a crew cab body to save you some time. then you would only have to work on the front clip.
  5. I used the wheels out of the revell peterbilt 359 and the large diameter tires from the revell donk kits fit them good.
  6. I just bought a corded one from harbor freight for $10. It comes with a bunch of accessories but it only has one speed.
  7. For future reference check hobbysearch website.They have pics of the contents in the kits. So you know what your getting before you purchase.
  8. Thanks! These mold lines on the new mustang snap kit are a pain.
  9. What coarse grits do the best without taking too much off the bodies shapes.
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