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  1. Chuck Most added a post in a topic White Westen Star 112" S.B.F.A.   

    Looks great! I'd definitely be interested in the set once it's ready. 
  2. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Resin 1961 Plymouth Belvedere...anyone make one?   

    Is it the green twin turbo one?
    But, to answer your question- I don't think anyone is casting one anymore. Tom Coolidge of Promolite 2000 did a couple of them- a four door and a Fury Hardtop. I think Modelhaus did one as well. Neither one is in production currently, Tom is having health issues and Modelhaus is closed, but there are '61 Plymouth kits out there. 
  3. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Jeep J10 Gladiator   

    Would be cool if Revell did a Gladiator-era J-Truck as a new tool kit. You could have the old Jeep pickup and *maybe* not as many "proportional eccentricities" going on with the body, like the 1980-vintage kit. 
  4. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Shirley Shahan   

    Really nice!
    Was Shirley just a common woman's name back then, or did destiny itself dictate that two of the best known early female drag racers were both named Shirley?
  5. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Lace Decals   

    ^The other problem I see with that is paint building up in the smaller crevices. The paint itself would be a limiting factor.
  6. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Ferguson tractor   

    Perfect! Careful now- these kits can be addictive
  7. Chuck Most added a post in a topic New from Motown!   

    He's a tough guy to miss...
    But seriously, welcome to the forum.  
  8. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Revellion   

    Very cool! Sure wish they'd reissue this one. 
  9. Chuck Most added a post in a topic A Car I Never Knew Existed   

    Must be your settings- I can make out the calipers and slot pattern on the rotors. It's barely-there but I can see it 
  10. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Perry's Resin   

    Just search the forum for posts about Perry's Resin... should tell you all you need to know. 
    That being said, if you want something from Perry's, look for a secondhand piece online or at a sale, see if another caster is making it or something similar, or try making your own. That would seem like less of a headache to me. 
  11. Chuck Most added a post in a topic A Car I Never Knew Existed   

    I don't get what you mean- I can see the rotors and calipers just fine in the pics....
  12. Chuck Most added a post in a topic New from Motown!   

    Silly question.... know an officer named Alex Murphy, by chance? 
  13. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Four door or sedan/post interest   

    This thread makes me think of a couple of things... observations I've had for years regarding our hobby and 1:1 vehicles.
    First, in the scale world, if you want that Hemi-powered two door hardtop, finding one in scale kit form is no problem, and a cheap proposition. Real life? Not so much. Even a two-door hardtop with a wheezy straight six is going to command a price premium over a four-door, or even a two-door post. Now, when you want to build a model of that four or two door sedan? You need to buy the existing hardtop, and then either buy the scratchbuilding supplies to convert it, or spring for a resin transkit... that is, IF one exists. So, you're spending more money to build what would be the cheaper car to buy in 1:1. 
    Second, and I'll state it kind of bluntly for effect.... coupes are the "old fart" cars of today. Yes, I know that younger people still buy coupes. And when it comes to ponycar buyers they're all over the place. Even then I think it skews more to the Boomer market, because they remember the Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger from "back in the day", but even then, a lot of younger people want them and buy them because they're desirable cars. But, seems like most of the time I see a two-door car, some crusty, Clint Eastwood looking guy is at the wheel. Other than roadsters and two-seaters, think about modern performance cars. Seems like the majority are all four-doors. You have the Subaru WRX, Ford Fiesta and Focus ST, Mitsubishi Evo, and so on. Hell, even Porsche is in the sedan market now. BMW still makes coupes in the M series, but how often do you see those compared to the four-doors? 
    Simple fact is, it's a different time now. People's expectations and perceptions have changed. That being said, I don't know how well any of this will rub off on the scale model market, or onto subjects more than about 20 years old or so. I do indeed think there are a few so-far-unkitted four-doors and posts that would be decent sellers, but as a general rule, all I can say that as much as I like the idea I'm not holding my breath for this to be the next hot topic in the scale modeling world. 
  14. Chuck Most added a post in a topic AMT '29 Ford TROG/Box Art Build   

    Best buildup of this kit. Ever. Period. 
  15. Chuck Most added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford FD-100 Pickup   

    I'm hoping this one won't suffer from the now-traditional Revell body proportion eccentricities we've come to know and love. On the other hand, the '62-vintage '56 kit was always a bit misshappen, too. Meh- I'm probably going to end up with a caseload of 'em either way.