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  1. 1954 Buick Roadmaster

    Hopefully Steve still has one in stock- R&R closed up shop when Ray died, and that was five or six years back.
  2. Johan Javelin dashboard

    Checked the AMX dash, and it doesn't come anywhere close to fitting. The one Paul has looks like what I need.
  3. Johan Javelin dashboard

    That doesn't look like it, but I do have an AMX in the stash. In the morning I'll check and see. If it will fit the Javelin tub it might do.
  4. Johan Javelin dashboard

    Looking for the dashboard for Johan's AMC Javelin AMX kit. I have the Trans Am racing version, but a stock dash would work just as well.
  5. Nissan Gloria 280E "Gulf"

    Wonderful model.
  6. Ford GT - Polar Lights

    Very nice! I built one of these about 12 years ago from the AMT/Ertl Rides Magazine version (same kit, different boxing). I also painted mine red. Some of the decals split on me, I wasn't using decal solvents back then. One of these days I want to buy another one and build a better version.
  7. Mopar is a nickname for Chrysler products, it comes from the name of their parts organization. I always found it odd that the company's parts department became the nickname for the company's cars (kind of like if you referred to a GM car as a "Goodwrench"), but hey, I guess it works.
  8. Honda GT3

    Done as a model, that decal scheme doesn't look like it would be too much of a pain to apply either. Always a plus.
  9. I love the idea of cutting the bed bulkhead away from the back of the cab and gluing it to the bed assembly... the way MPC should have done it to begin with. I might have to give that a try- numerous test fits with my kit (and even more with the body from the Mini Monster version) haven't led to satisfactory results but your solution looks like it'll work just fine.
  10. Models like this make me wonder why I even bother. Lovely job on this.
  11. Isn't it time....

    Know what I'd love to have? I'd pay full retail for a first-gen Benz/Freightliner/Dodge Sprinter. That's right. I said it. Resin/3D guys... you hear me???
  12. Isn't it time....

    And I'm probably pickier in that regard than you are- I prefer street vehicles that can be built at least close to USDM. I even snagged a couple of the Build And Play Mustangs and Raptors just to have something 21st-century to build. As much as I love the classics my shelves cry out for late model stuff. Even if it's laughably mundane. I'm still holding out hope that Academy will make a kit of a Veloster.
  13. Isn't it time....

    I don't see how. Revell is on the ropes, but Round 2 and Moebius are pretty active... though Moebius is quite a bit more active in the new material department. I know Round 2 is pretty bad with endless reissues, but every so often they bring back something thought to be long lost, and even the straight reissues at least have nice decals. Revell was relying strongly upon reissues too, while still squeaking in a new kit or two each year. And that's before we get into the resin and 3D printed stuff... both full kits and parts for existing plastic kits. Even if all of the domestic kit manufacturers disappeared tomorrow, there'd still be the aftermarket. Gripe about the prices of that stuff if you like, but come on... you know you'll pony up if you want the subject badly enough, right? The military modeling market went through a period of time with fewer and fewer manufacturers and new realeases, and the aftermarket stepped up. That was about 20 years ago and that segement still thrives... and new plastic kit makers in that area have sprung up since. The loss of the "big guns" might lead in to more diversity in the hobby as far as subject matter goes. There will come a day when a home user can buy scanning equipment, borrow Uncle Bob's old family car to scan, and print out a 1:25 scale '58 Ford two-door post. No, not every modeler will purchase that technology, but the ones who do will make their product available to others. Somebody out there will bring subject matter that lights your fires. As far as having nothing but the Japanese manufacturers... I'd be perfectly happy building nothing but Fujimi and Aoshima kits for the next 80 years or so. But who knows? Even they might step in to fill out the void... prior to Revell's release of the '70 'Cuda, I seem to recall there being interest in a full detail 1:25 kit of that very subject. I guess what I'm trying to say, if there is a market for it, the companies will find a way to bring it to market. The model car hobby/market may not look the same in ten years time, but it'll be around. Ancient Romans built scale model chariots, for Pete's sake... as long as there are transportation devices, people will miniaturize them for fun.
  14. Isn't it time....

    Revell's current caretakers have a bit more to worry about right now than putting out new product. But... yes, I'd be all for some '58 and '59 variants off the '57 Ford tool. I'd even be good for at least a couple more spin-offs from the year '57. (Stock-proportioned Ranchero, anyone?)
  15. Just thought I'd throw my hat in the "I'm not going to build the Foose '56 kit as the Foose '56" ring. To that end, the wheels and tires from the Foose Cadillac were used, the drilled front bumper from an AMT '53 F100 was added, and the truck was powered by a Lincoln 368 made using bits from the AMT '57 Ford hardtop and the Chris Craft boat kit. Since the Glacer Green paint I used on the Hudson pickup conversion I finished a while ago so it was pressed into service again for this one.