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  1. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    Yes, yes, and yes... though that last one may be a bit iffy because Fred retired about a decade ago. The sheet came with graphics for both SC/Rambler color schemes, several scripts, air cleaner graphics, and things like that. I had a pic of the sheet at one point but I can't seem to find it. I nabbed that sheet off ebay for about ten bucks a few years back.
  2. AMC Matador - dad's build

    That's not a model, it's a family artifact. FYI- The latest reissue of the NASCAR Coke stock car has the stock grille, as well as many of the stock engine parts. That's the one with the model photoshopped onto a race track on the box, the earlier one with the plain grey background does not contain the unused stock parts.
  3. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    Yeah- this kit is garbage. But you wrung a pretty nice model out of it. I had one I had grand plans for- Fred Cady decals, some nice aftermarket red line tires, the works. I ended up starting to make it into a drag car because I realized I'd never be happy with the results.
  4. I had so much fun building the Pinto 4x4 wagon, I decided to try another one. The MPC body was cut down into a pickup body style, and perched on top of a Revell Bronco chassis. The Bronco 302 was retained but the EFI setup from a '92 Mercury Cougar was added. The plow is from the '77 GMC, and the '77 Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000 is from the Ice Patrol Jeep pickup.
  5. 2019 Ram

    They toned it down somewhat. That's actually refreshing for a change. It's still a bit "in your face", it's a Ram and that's kind of the point, but it's already less eyesore-inducing than the previous gen. I just don't want to know the MSRP...
  6. AMT Union 76 Chevy pickup

    I've got a few sets of the old solid AMT Firestones to use instead
  7. 300 Straight 6 engine

    Yes, it's OK. I went back and re-read your post and realized "Duh- he DOES want the 300 in this situation". And it is a pretty cool swap! Again, I'd go with the Moebius kit, raid the engine from that, then stick a nice Windsor block in the Moebius kit as another fun little project.
  8. AMT Union 76 Chevy pickup

    So, it's the Texaco version with new decals and retouched box art? Sigh... I'm a tad let down but I think I'll probably still get one.
  9. Yes and no, kinda. The chassis, axles, inner wheels, and a few other doodads are shared, but most everything else is unique to each version. The Daisy Duke Jeep is closer to a '55-'69 CJ-5 with the F-Head "Hurricane" engine. I think at one point that kit did contain parts to build it as a military M38, some of them might still be lurking around as spares in the Daisy Duke version.
  10. 300 Straight 6 engine

    For a '56, you don't want the 300. The "Big Six" didn't go into production until 1964. You'd want the 223, which is also offered by Kitchen Table Resins- https://public.fotki.com/KenK/kitchen_table_resin_kits/ford_ohv_6_resin_kit/ Unless, of course, you're doing a non-stock type of truck, in which case a 300 would be a pretty cool and interesting swap. EDIT- I went back and read the post a little more carefully and saw that you DO have a '56 with a 300. What I'd do is buy the Moebius kit, use the engine from that, and dig out an old Windsor to stick in the Moebius.
  11. Revell's "new" Jeep & Snowmachine kit

    Almost exactly three and a half inches.
  12. RIP Dan Gurney, 1931-2018

    The original...
  13. A 1925 T-bird? The Thunderbucket!

    I love the idea (you had me at "Thunderbucket" ) and I love the finished product even more.
  14. AMT Diamond Reo rebuild

    Lovely! I like the mismatched hood and cab.
  15. Here's the Ice Patol kit, minus the snowmobile. (Patience... I'm working on it. ) I deviated from box stock a bit by using the spot lights, wheels, and tires from an Aoshima Nissan Pathfinder, and a winch from an MPC Deserter. The whole mess was coated in a backyard camo paint job. Traces of the factory orange paint are still visible in the engine bay and interior.