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  1. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Truck Kits You've Scored Recently   

    After he mentioned the Autocar mixer, I went "Googling" for one and could find no mention of one. Which would mean I DO have the complete set of AMT Autocar kits. 
  2. Chuck Most added a post in a topic "Long Term Parking" better than Cadillac Ranch ?   

    I can only imagine what future archaeologists would have to say about this.
  3. Chuck Most added a post in a topic A few I'd like to share   

    Tim sent me some pics of his two latest completed models today- a Diamond Reo SBFA, and an Autocar hauling a gravel train. Apparently Tim's young grandson has already claimed the Autocar as his. 
  4. Chuck Most added a post in a topic 1983 Revell 5-ton military wrecker   

    It's 1:32 scale. It's not a terribly rare kit- it was originally released by Renwal. Revell reissued it in the old Renwal box a few years ago.
  5. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Painting cabs - inside first or ouside first ?   

    I'll throw another "inside, then mask, then outside" on the pile. Only exception is if I'm brush painting the inside of the cab, then the outside will be painted first. 
  6. Chuck Most added a post in a topic 1984 Ford Transit by Esci   

    I wondered what happened to this one. Loving what I'm seeing.
  7. Chuck Most added a post in a topic some corny jokes   

  8. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Scratchbuilt Welder   

    I love it. Reminds me of the old Hobart units with Willys Go Devil powerplants. 
  9. Chuck Most added a post in a topic AMT American LaFrance Aero Chief   

    Probably the most impressive AMT truck kit, just on account of the sheer number of parts. That's also a problem- there's quite a bit of stuff jammed into the box. I have the "Code Red" issue- the sprues are so tightly wrapped and stuffed into the box that many of the boom parts were warped, and one of the frame rails had about 1/2" broken off at the end. Round 2 isn't as careless with the packaging as RC2 was, so I'm hoping it won't be an issue this time. Nearly limitless possibilities with this kit.
  10. Chuck Most added a post in a topic 41 Chevy Rat Truck   

    Sick and twisted... in all the right ways. I wouldn't change a thing about it.
  11. Chuck Most added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    1973 Republic CTC-8500 Prototype
    Long story short, this came about because of the connection between Republic Motor Truck Company of Alma, MI, and ALF. Also, I had an incomplete ALF pumper I wanted to dispose of the fun way. If you want the whole story, check out the link here-
    Anyway, here's how the unit looked after it's one-year R&D odyssey was complete.

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  12. Chuck Most added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    International Transtar 4300 "Hidden Agenda"
    I hatched this idea about five years ago, but never really did much other than think about it until a few months ago. At first, it just looks like a nicely restored Transtar, until you look closer, or open the hood. Then you realize it's riding on a 2010 LoneStar chassis. Sort of like a "Class 8 Restomod", it has the looks of a classic, but you can get service or mechanical parts from any International dealer. Which might come in handy for when that MaxxForce starts giving you fits! Hey, at least the dealer will 1. Have parts for it in stock, and 2. know what the hell a MaxxForce is to begin with. Same can't be said for the V800. 
    Paint is none other than IH Harvester red for the chassis and interior (where you will also find the LoneStar's seats), and Ford Oxford White for the cab and hood. The red stripe decals (and warning labels on the rear frame rails) came from, while I took the liberty of making myself the driver with the "Chuck" decal from the AMT White Road Boss. The "Not For Hire" decals are from the Ford race car hauler. I also used a foiled AITM too box to fill in the void under the passenger's side of the plated Mercury sleeper. I don't normally build conventionals with sleepers, but I just had to try that plated Mercury on this one. Glad I did now!

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  13. Chuck Most added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Kenworth W900 Day Cab
    Finished my first Peterbilt earlier this year (or was it last year...?), and I wanted it to have a Paccar sister on the shelf. So, here's my first finished KW. This started out with a Revell snap kit, and a few choice bits from a glue-bomb AMT Watkins KW. The idea here was an early '70's tractor that was upgraded with a Cummins NTC 475 and a newer 8-bag air ride sometime in the '90's. At that time, it was also treated to a fresh coat of Chrysler Intense Blue Pearl and some white stripes. Well, it ain't sometime in the '90's anymore and she's starting to look like she needs another trip to the spa...

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  14. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Semi truck transmission colors   

    Another thing you could do (if just for visual interest if nothing else) could be to paint the transmission a dark gray or cast-iron color. A friend of mine had an FLD120 with a remanufactured trans which was painted a sort of dark bluish gray.
  15. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Semi truck transmission colors   

    On Peterbilts (possibly other manufacturers) the transmission was painted the chassis color. The engine and trans were installed in the chassis before paint, then the engine would be masked off and everything else painted the chosen color.