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  1. Not to split hairs too much, but to make the truck a '57 you'd need to fill in the wiper motor access panels, add turn signals to the grille, change the door scripts, and backdate the engine. Kudos for adding the missing intake grille motif behind the door handles, a touch most builders don't bother with. Including me much of the time. That same basic cab was in production all the way up to 1990. The AMT kit is 1971-ish. That being said, the truck looks fantastic, and I love the weathering on it and the trailer. The '57s are great- I dig the contrast of the well-used tractor and trailer against the shiny new cars.
  2. I started out with one of the 20 or 30 Ohio State Lindberg kits I have laying around, and went with a kind of Wasteland Weekend theme. The car was lifted and fitted with all terrain tires on '70 Ford police car wheels. Front and rear bumpers were fabricated along with a roof rack and LED light bar. I also converted the car to a manual... or at least, I added a clutch pedal and floor shifter. The decals came from a set for a Sherman tank- the Caution Left Hand Drive graphics made me chuckle when I thought of putting them on the Vic so there they are.
  3. This was a five-dollar opened kit I've had laying around for ages. I'd recently gotten some Vallejo rust washes and this ended up being the test bed for them. Aside from the wheels (which are from a '41 Plymouth), tires (unknown origin), decals, and side mirrors, I left the kit box stock and just focused on distressing it. I did also make a cargo light, and added some rear side markers and a tailgate handle, as for some reason MPC forgot to add those.
  4. Yesterday I dug it out and made a winch and snorkel for it.
  5. Anybody know why Ford set the axle back? Maneuverability. A shorter wheelbase yields a tighter turning circle. It was actually a selling feature Ford used at the time. 😁 Aesthetics were an afterthought for trucks in the '50's. That being said, I saw this done on a 1:1 '56 ages ago and I've thought of giving it a shot in scale. This one's already shaping up nicely.
  6. I don't but I did it with spacers and longer shocks in the back. Up front, I added small spacers to the front suspension and got the rest by mounting the tires down lower on the spindles. There are a couple 1:1's like this running around in my area. They aren't so high dollar once they get to the "buy-here-pay-here" part of their life. Nothing depreciates quite like a Cadillac. 🤣🤣
  7. Something was missing...so I whipped up an LED light bar and slapped it on.
  8. I was never too fond of unibody F100s. Until now. 😊
  9. This is the AMT kit with a 6 scale inch lift, wheels and tires from Scenes Unlimited, and scratch built steer horns. Paint is Testors Electric Pink, and the mud is a blend of Vallejo acrylic mud and Tamiya Flat Earth.
  10. This is the Sportside kit with a frame stretch to accommodate the Moebius service body. The 8 bolt wheels came from Scenes Unlimited and the bucket was cobbled together from Evergreen strip. Some accessories from Hobby Gear fill out the bed.
  11. This was an idea I've had for a while- the go-fast parts and touches from a Thunderbolt applied to an F-100. The engine, rear shocks, and traction bars were swiped from a Revell Thunderbolt, as was one of the bucket seats. I added the test equipment from the AMT '65 Grand Prix, and the slicks are from a Moebius Satellite. I also gave it a Hemi Dart scheme- gray primer on the steel and black gelcoat on the fiberglass. The battery was moved to the back and sits on an aluminum floor. Unneeded items like the rear bumper and passenger's wiper were omitted to save weight.
  12. Yes it does. I know that's off-putting to many modelers but I've had far worse-fitting plastic rails.
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