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  1. This started with the 66 Flareside kit. The cab and chassis were lengthened using sections spliced from a second kit. The wheels and fifth wheel are from Scenes Unlimited. The tailgate was made from plastic strip and mesh screen, and the bumper is a modified Moebius part. The bed was littered with junk and the whole mess was lightly weathered. Paint is Krylon Chalky Scarlet and Colonial Ivory.
  2. This was a light kitbash of a Moebius kit, built to go with a White Freightliner Michigan special I built a few years back.
  3. Happy Birthday Chuck! Enjoy your special day as much as you can.

  4. Tamiya flat blue with a light mist of Testors dullcote.
  5. With all the talk of Coronavirus, I thought I'd counteract that with a Corolla virus. 😂 It's the Fujimi TE27 Levin kit with wheels and tires from a Fujimi AE86. It's lowered a bit in front and converted to LHD. The idea was an old US market beater with a few JDM touches.
  6. This was just a simple project based around an AMT kit. It has a bench seat from an Extreme, Rally wheels from a 1968 El Camino, and home printed decals. After taking these pictures I added backup lights using BMF. The kit went together OK, though I had to trim the throttle quite a bit to get the hood to shut over the intake duct.
  7. That's.... certainly putting it diplomatically. I'll be keeping an eye on this one. I'm looking forward to seeing make a silk purse out of it. :)
  8. This was a quick, simple throw-it-together consisting of an AMT F150 long bed, a Moebius service truck body, and 8-bolt wheels from Scenes Unlimited. It's loosely based on a mid '60's-ish Dodge I remember seeing as a kid near the local campground. I just updated it and Ford-ified the idea.
  9. This was a hodge-podge (Dodge-podge?) of bits from a 1994 issue of the Little Red Express, the '78 long bed reissue, and a Slant Six with Hyper Pak from Motor City Resin Casters. It also has a slush-cast '74-6 grille, and steel wheels from the CHP Monaco, which are a far sight better than the steel wheels provided in the '78 long bed, though I did use one of those wheels for the "cowcatcher" spare.
  10. Not very, at least until you stretched the Bel Air's wheelbase to match the Buick at least. As far as a good Nailhead, the '66 Riv has one, albeit with a dual quad intake. .
  11. This is the second and likely last of my RedLetterMedia-themed models, the first being the 2003 PT Cruiser for Lightning Fast VCR repair. Here is the '76 Fury belonging to Chunky's Chicken, proudly serving the south side of Milwaukee since 1993. It is a later reissue of the Joker Goon car, with a Fury conversion from Missing Link, a Motor City Resin Casters Slant Six engine, home printed decals, and a giant chicken from Schleich. The steel wheels came from the MPC '78 Dodge pickup. Be advised, the steel wheels included in the CHP Monaco look better, despite not being correct Mopar cop wheels. http://chunkyschicken.com/
  12. Modern Cryogenics Monthly went out of print in 2006. I let my subscription lapse in '03 but I can mail you the back issues I do have.
  13. Because not everybody is into Chevelles and Novas. Then again, I'm the guy who will walk straight past those without breaking stride just to check out a mint '86 Plymouth Voyager out in the grass lot. Something like this is infinitely more interesting to me than just another silver, LS-powered faux-touring muscle car or lifted old 4x4.
  14. Hello, neighbor! No, literally guys... he's my across-the-road neighbor. :P I'm the one who told him about this forum so I apologize in advance.
  15. Just here to verify that the Miss Deal rear axle is, indeed, a tad too large to look convincing. It seems closer in size to a 40's 1-1/2 ton axle and would probably be more suitable for something like that, if it were a 2-speed. Reworking one of the aforementioned Revell Anglia kit axles might be the way to go. On the plus side? 8 bolt wheels are the easy part of your search. On the left are the W28 1:25 scale wheels from Scenes Unlimited, and on the right are the W44 1:24 scale units from the same caster. The separate floating hubs are below the wheels. Here is the W28 in an AMT M&H slick, with the W44 in a Revell M&H slick. The W44 is just a tad small for the Revell opening, despite the wheel being 1:24 and the tire being 1:25, but it would work if the wheel back pushed it out far enough to look seated on the bead. On the other hand, the W28s fit the AMT slicks like a tailored suit. The BNL castings of the old MPC 4x4 wheels were mentioned. Here's a comparison of them with the W28 in the AMT slick. You can see how large and deep they are. Now, Ford did offer a 19.5" wheel as an option on the F-250 in the '50's and early '60's. In a pinch these might be passable for those. But they were rare and much narrower than depicted in the MPC wheel. Sure, you could say they're widened Ford wheels but I doubt anybody was making a racing slick for a 19.5" wheel in that period, or today. Much less one that had been widened.
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