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  1. AWB chasis question

    If you want to split hairs, you could say that the early Super Stock Mopars started it. They had leaf springs that placed the axle forward of the standard location... by a whole whopping inch. Things sort of escalated from there.
  2. What do you miss about classic cars or cars of the past?

    On second thought- one thing I do miss are actual model names. As much as I love my Lincoln MKZ... MKZ sounds less like a car name and more like an ingredient in soup I should stay away from. The MKZ was called Zephyr it's first year on the market, but that is kind of a silly name for a modern car. Probably why they went to MKZ. But even if it's a silly or downright stupid model name, I could give them a point or two for trying.
  3. Scout Parts

    Wait a sec... Mike... did you figure out the whole "posting pics so people will think you build" thing???
  4. Morris Mini Cooper Racing Tamiya

    If I had a 1:1 classic Mini it would probably look something like this. Mine might have the early stamped steel grille though.
  5. 2020 Corvette

    Wait... GM is taking a chance? They're actually trying to do something kind of innovative with the Corvette? I mean, they'e about 35 years too late, but God bless 'em.
  6. AMT Vintage Silhouette

    I have that box somewhere- a little beat up and somebody smeared silver paint on one corner. The kit itself was partially built up and has since been dispersed all over the place but the box is still around.
  7. There's no d at the end of Advance. Sorry- I worked there for five years and it always got on my nerves. That being said- I don't see too much of a problem. I always bought my DupliColor from the local Meijer. Their cost was less than what it would have been from Advance with my employee discount, and they often had buy one get one half off sales. I know not everybody has a Meijer in the area, but if you look around I'd think you'd be shocked how much less you can get it for than at Advance. Or any other auto parts chain really- seems like the auto body stuff is always pretty dearly priced when you go to an auto parts store.
  8. What did you see on the road today?

    I actually saw this a couple of days ago, but whatever...
  9. What do you miss about classic cars or cars of the past?

    Nothing, once I get into a modern car.
  10. Why Can't I Post?

    Same here. I just posted twice in the light commercial Under Glass section, including the post that was giving my trouble, and all was fine.
  11. I've posted this model a few times before, but it has recently undergone a few changes. It started out as a Monogram F350 chassis and an MPC '53 Ford cab, and just snowballed from there. Here's how it looked upon completion in 2010. About a year later, it was damaged on the way back from a show, so a few repairs were in order, and I decided to make a few changes while I was at it. I added a sling to the wrecker, changed the air filter, and front wheels/tires. I also airbrushed on some wide whites for the rear tires. And that's how it stayed until 2017. The 2017 refresh was pretty tame- I added some cab lights and turn signals from an AMT big rig kit, and I changed out the air cleaner once again, raiding one from a Moebius Comet this time. Some time ago the hood ornament was knocked off, and rather than replace it, I opted to replace the entire grille with a resin Hudson Terraplane piece. I also redid the interior, replaced the glass, and channeled a little more out of the back of the cab so the cab would sit level. Maybe it'll finally stay one way or maybe it'll get totally rebuilt one day, who knows. I call this my "George Lucas" model, because much like he did with the original Star Wars trilogy, I'm constantly going back and changing things whether I should or not.
  12. This is a mix of parts from the Revell '66 Suburban, the MPC '84 GMC, and a few other doodads to create a Mad Max style cruiser. The kit engine was treated to a supercharger from a '30 Model A with the GMC kit's headers, and a scratch built front end. The gun is from a Mega Bloks Halo vehicle kit.
  13. '65 Goat-A-Mino Can Be Yours!

  14. '65 Goat-A-Mino Can Be Yours!

    Those guys are still around- they've traded in the open button-up shirts for tank tops and the Levi's for sweat pants, but they're still around.
  15. '65 Goat-A-Mino Can Be Yours!

    "Hi, I'm your creepy mustachioed bachelor uncle."