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  1. 2003 Ford Focus SVT Beater

    Those of you who were in high school around 1985 or so, and you remember the beater muscle cars from that time... think of this as the equivalent of a '70 Duster or Maverick Grabber from that time. A little rough and tattered, but still getting the job done. The idea here was an early 2000's tuner show car that was wrecked and neglected, and is in the process of being repaired and put back to stock. A stock rear bumper cover is stuffed into the back seat area, along with a cardboard box we can assume contains the missing exhaust header and other doodads. The car still needs that and a little rear suspension work to be a reliable driver but it's in way better shape than it was when the present owner got ahold of it.
  2. This is an old Lincoln Touring car that was converted into a pickup in the mid '40's. The 1945 plate on the front is there to kind of represent when the conversion was done, while the '57 plate on back denotes the last time it was registered for regular street use. The bed was scratch built while the cab was pirated from a '34 Ford. The Lincoln also got a bit of a power upgrade with a home made manifold housing two Stromberg 97 carbs. This is how it looks today after 60 years of spending most of it's time in a shed and only being used for parades and such. This was the first model where I used a Molotow chrome pen, believe it or not.
  3. Where are these tools?

    Didn't Monogram immediately scrap a large percentage of the Aurora molds shortly after purchasing them?
  4. What Engine is this ?

    The Revell '70 Torino Cobra has pretty much the best version you'll find in anything.
  5. Mike and Jay are great guys. When I took in my VCR for repair, they stole my credit card and ran me $75,000 in the red. After holding onto my VCR for over a year, it was in worse condition than when I left it. When I finally came in to pick it up, Jay smashed it on the floor and Mike poured beer on it, and they both laughed maniacally. I tried to voice my concerns but Mike kept interrupting me with Star Trek trivia. Every time I go in the lobby smells bad, like there is a dead body in the back or something. When I told Lighting Fast's corporate office about how Mike and Jay treated me, they promoted them to district managers. All I wanted to do was watch my Night Court tapes. Lightning Fast is the best VCR repair shop in the world and I'd recommend them to anyone. http://www.lightningfastvcrrepair.com/
  6. Academy Hyundai Excel GLS

    I was looking at that one. I opted not to get it because of what you said. I mean, I've spent much more money on things even more frivolous than an Excel model kit but still.
  7. What Do I Do?

    Well... wait a while. Once you've built a couple of those other subjects going back to one you've already built can be a nice project.
  8. What Do I Do?

    Well, I'm guessing the guy who sent it to you wanted you to build it. So... build it.
  9. Anyone want an Indian Jeep?

    Took them long enough- they've been planning this for almost a decade.
  10. This project began many years ago, and stalled out for quite some time. It began with a '20's Oldsmobile chassis (Beverly Hillbillies kit) set up on some Radir mags and wide whites. A chopped '41 Chevy cab from Jimmy Flintstone and a '36 Ford truck grille from Drag City casting were also used, along with a homemade bed. I had originally planned for the rod to be powered by a straight eight, but I figured if a straight eight would fit, so would a V16. It wasn't quite as straightforward as I'd have wanted, but the '31 Cadillac mill slid into the frame with a little work. Some Replicas and Miniatures Stromberg carbs were installed.
  11. Austin Mini V-Tec rear engine

    I love it! That's one way to get around having to stretch the nose for a Honda swap.
  12. Suppose I don't want to write a public post in my feed... ? :P

  13. 1941 Chevy Garbage Truck

    They have to start out all clean and non-stinky.
  14. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered