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  1. I built one years ago with a Rotary from a Tamiya RX7. I'm hoping Round 2 will reissue the Styleside version.
  2. Love it! I built one about a decade ago and recently found another. That one might get upgraded with the wheels and tires from the new Revell KWB kit.
  3. I like it. Aren't those Prowler wheels, not Viper wheels?
  4. Their Jeep Wrangler kits are also in that series. 😂 I just finished one of these over the weekend. What are the odds?
  5. This was a rare one for me- a totally box stock project. It's the motorized Tamiya kit built in about six hours, though I left out the electric motor and it's associated doodads. The red over silver paint job was inspired by a mid 80's Civic a friend in high school owned. The biggest pain was getting the 34 year old decals to cooperate.
  6. It doesn't look much different but here's the end result
  7. This is a phantom GM10 Gran National, built from a Regal promo. It has a Hurst Olds hood bulge, GNX wheels and fender slats, and a reworked interior with a console, bucket seats, manual transmission pedals and shifter, and a head up display untit.
  8. Still needs exhaust tips but...
  9. Here she sits as of tonight. I adjusted the track and ride height, and treated the body to a bit of Testors Blazing Black.
  10. I may go without flares but we'll see. The car does need a front end job as of now. 😂 The wheels were treated to a thin coating of Testors Blazing Black, a wash of thinned Tamiya flat black, and finished off with Molotow pens. And here it is with the bumpers and hood more or less roughed in. I'm starting to like the look without flares, but the wheel fit still needs a bit of fine tuning.
  11. I tried something similar with the van version but gave up. You're making me want to review the project! I'd love to convert one of these to stock too.
  12. And don't forget to slant the distributor too. 😜 This is the finest fat fender street rod kit out there, but it's nice to see one being "backdated" in such a fashion. I'm taking notes...
  13. Definitely a (Grand Prix) spoiler. I don't have the GP flares but I'm weighing my options. I'd like to have rounded wheel openings. I just think they'd flow better with the overall design.
  14. Finally dug this out of the dumpster and did a little work. After losing the AMT style metal axle, the front wheels were unsecured and a tad flappy. To cure this,I drilled into the fenderwells and used section of plastic rod to form makeshift struts. One the glue cured these were cut flush and assaulted with a coarse sanding stick. As for the interior I opted to keep the Cavalier seats, despite the insert pattern mismatch between these and the existing Regal rear seat. Hopefully the dark colors will obscure that. Still a little detail paint, touch up, and a wash required but you get the idea.
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