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  1. Chuck Most added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1972 Ford F100 4x4
    This started out with the Moebius '72 Sport Custom F100. I used the front axle, springs, and swing arms from the AMT '78 F350, along with that kit's divorced transfer case. I used the wheels and tires from Revell's Build and Play Jeep Wrangler, in hindsight I wish I'd at least upgraded the wheels. The engine is the big block (backed by the C6 auto) from the '71 kit... in fact, I just switched engines with this and the '71 I posted earlier. The engine uses old machined aluminum valve covers from Arrowhead. It was also adorned with a prewired distributor from MAD.  I upgraded the truck from a Sport Custom to a Ranger XLT using side spears (cut down for the bed sides obviously), tailgate, and decals from the '71. I also pirated some bed rails from the Revell '77 GMC. 
    But, other than that? Totally box stock. 
    I may lift it just a tad more, and foil the bead locks... or maybe try out one of those Molotov chrome pens on them. Other than that, I'm actually pretty happy with how this one came out. That's a pretty rare outcome for my projects anymore. 

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  2. Chuck Most added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1971 Ford F100
    This is a crusty build up of the F100 by Moebius. I used some wide whitewalls from one of the Hornet kits, sagged the rear suspension, and added a tube grille and roll pan with '65-'66 Mustang taillights. The small block from the '72 kit was used, and treated to an EFI swap... I think the intake is from the Revell Deuce 5-window. The home-built camper top was made from various scraps of plastic. 

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  3. Chuck Most added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1969 Ford F350 Wrecker
    This is a '69 F100 kit I bought for parts, set up on a spare AMT '78 frame. It's built to resemble a weird old wrecker I remember seeing as a kid- a regular cab short bed pickup set up on a crew cab chassis, with a semi sleeper stuck between the cab and bed. I used a Mercury from one of the AMT White/DR kits. The wrecker boom is from the MPC Datsun monster truck, built mostly box stock. The rear bumper was made from diamond-plate pattern plastic, and I used a rear step bumper on the front after seeing an old pickup in a junkyard with a similar setup. I think the hitch on it came from the '84 GMC kit. 

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  4. Chuck Most added a post in a topic '53 Ford Rat Rod Wrecker Rig- Second Refresh   

    I never did, I'd just recommend watching one of Dr. Cranky's tutorials on YouTube. He explains it better than I can, and what I'm doing pretty much isn't any different from what he does. He just does it better. 
  5. Chuck Most added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    '53 Ford Rat Rod Wrecker Rig- Second Refresh
    I know some of you have seen the first two versions of this, but I built this seven long years ago, so I'll post the original pics too because we've gotten quite few new people during that time, and it might be a refresher for people who liked the model the first time around.
    Please, don't ask me where I got these parts, I don't remember at this point.  The model was basically just a fun way of getting rid of cast-off spare parts.
    Here's the completed model, as it appeared in the summer of 2010...

    About a year later, after a little "transport damage" had happened, and after I'd gotten a little bored, I did this...

    I replaced the front wheels and tires, as well as the air cleaner. I also made up a sling for the wrecker boom. After all of that, some wide whites were spray-bombed onto the rear tires, so that they'd kinda/sorta match the new fronts.
    And that's where the model stood until last weekend, when it underwent a few other changes, and a general cleanup. 

    This time around, I added some cab clearance lights, as well as some front turn signals from an AMT Ford L-Series. I replaced the air cleaner yet again... I think I nabbed it from the Moebius Comet. Finally, I swapped the headers side-for-side so they'd face down instead of up. And after seven years of faithful service, the rag gas cap was replaced with an actual gas cap. A fresh coat of Testors dull clear was then slathered over the entire mess.
    I guess some projects are never really done. 
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  6. Chuck Most added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    1977 International Fleetstar 2070A
    This is the American Industrial Truck Models conversion kit, installed on a frame that's a hodge-podge of leftover Transtar and Fleetstar parts. 

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  7. Chuck Most added a post in a topic White Westen Star 112" S.B.F.A.   

    Looks great! I'd definitely be interested in the set once it's ready. 
  8. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Resin 1961 Plymouth Belvedere...anyone make one?   

    Is it the green twin turbo one?
    But, to answer your question- I don't think anyone is casting one anymore. Tom Coolidge of Promolite 2000 did a couple of them- a four door and a Fury Hardtop. I think Modelhaus did one as well. Neither one is in production currently, Tom is having health issues and Modelhaus is closed, but there are '61 Plymouth kits out there. 
  9. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Jeep J10 Gladiator   

    Would be cool if Revell did a Gladiator-era J-Truck as a new tool kit. You could have the old Jeep pickup and *maybe* not as many "proportional eccentricities" going on with the body, like the 1980-vintage kit. 
  10. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Shirley Shahan   

    Really nice!
    Was Shirley just a common woman's name back then, or did destiny itself dictate that two of the best known early female drag racers were both named Shirley?
  11. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Lace Decals   

    ^The other problem I see with that is paint building up in the smaller crevices. The paint itself would be a limiting factor.
  12. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Ferguson tractor   

    Perfect! Careful now- these kits can be addictive
  13. Chuck Most added a post in a topic New from Motown!   

    He's a tough guy to miss...
    But seriously, welcome to the forum.  
  14. Chuck Most added a post in a topic Revellion   

    Very cool! Sure wish they'd reissue this one. 
  15. Chuck Most added a post in a topic A Car I Never Knew Existed   

    Must be your settings- I can make out the calipers and slot pattern on the rotors. It's barely-there but I can see it