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  1. This is the Sportside kit with a frame stretch to accommodate the Moebius service body. The 8 bolt wheels came from Scenes Unlimited and the bucket was cobbled together from Evergreen strip. Some accessories from Hobby Gear fill out the bed.
  2. This was an idea I've had for a while- the go-fast parts and touches from a Thunderbolt applied to an F-100. The engine, rear shocks, and traction bars were swiped from a Revell Thunderbolt, as was one of the bucket seats. I added the test equipment from the AMT '65 Grand Prix, and the slicks are from a Moebius Satellite. I also gave it a Hemi Dart scheme- gray primer on the steel and black gelcoat on the fiberglass. The battery was moved to the back and sits on an aluminum floor. Unneeded items like the rear bumper and passenger's wiper were omitted to save weight.
  3. Yes it does. I know that's off-putting to many modelers but I've had far worse-fitting plastic rails.
  4. It's there up until the late '80's Customizing Series version of the kit. The later versions (gray box art and later) lost the piston/con rod and pistol grip shifter in favor of new hop up parts for the Flathead.
  5. Chuck Most

    Brat Rat

    So, what do you do if you have a '78 Subaru BRAT that's too rusted out to restore? Well, I'd chop it down to a three-window coupe body, fab up a new chassis, and stick the engine out back with a VW transaxle. But maybe I'm weird like that...
  6. This is the Moebius kit done up as a bagged beater with a turbocharged Cat V8 diesel, which was originally built for a '70 that stalled about 1/3 of the way through. The wheels are the centers from a USA-1 monster truck and wrapped in tires from a Tamiya Nissan 300 ZX.
  7. A while back I printed off a sheet of decals. One of the graphics I had was for Leatherface Tree Service. So, I felt like a rundown old junker wearing another rundown old junker's face would be just the ticket to put the graphics to use. The main kit is the '70 F100 4x4, which was fitted with a '65 grille and fenders, AMT '79 hood, and an AMT '95 bed, with the backup lights done '87-'91 style. Stickers of "Winston Hoyt for Sheriff" and "Leatherface 2020" were added to the back window.
  8. I wanted to do a backwoods beater from the BRAT reissue. To that end, I fabricated a lift kit, used some MPC Desert Dog tires, and wheels from an MPC Cavalier. I also added a turbo to help turn the big tires.
  9. After I swapped the grille and engine from a '66 Flareside into one of my service truck kits, I used the '65 grille on the '66 kit and repowered it with a 302 from the '72 Sport Custom kit. It was lowered and fitted with Pegasus deep dish Cragars, most of the badging and handles were shaved, and a roll pan and bed cover from an AMT '53 were used. The whole thing was hosed off in Testors Star Spangled blue with white accents.
  10. In short, it's the old Ertl kit built box stock other than the air conditioner, aluminum smokestack, and decals. I also made new spindles as the diecast parts in the hit refused to cooperate with me.
  11. When AMT reissued the BRAT, I naturally had to nab four of them right away. Molding quality was decent, except for one kit, which had a pretty badly warped body. So I opted to have a little fun with that one and did it as a long-suffering but now-retired veterinary vehicle. Other than the decals, which were printed onto Micro-Mark carrier, it's box stock.
  12. Don't know how I forgot that when I still have two of the two piece wheels from Dad's '66. 🤣
  13. This is, of course, the Moebius '65 kit. I swapped the grille for a '66, and swapped in the straight six and three speed from that kit as well just for kicks. I visually converted it to a 3/4 ton with Scenes Unlimited wheels. I also used Scenes Unlimited mud and snow tires on the back. The front hubcaps are in the kit, and were used to complete the 3/4 ton visual conversion. even though they're one generation too new for a '66. My dad's old '66 had a set of C8UA-1130-A caps added later, so it was something that could have happened if the original caps were lost. The "Ted Nelson Plumbing and Heating" graphics are taken from one of Tom Servo's jokes on the MST3K episode highlighting The Incredible Melting Man. I also used a 1977 Michigan tag as a nod to the year of that movie's release. I also threw together a ladder rack from 2mm styrene strip just for fun.
  14. These were built from the Moebius kit- the "business coupe" from the stock Belvedere I, and the street machine began as the Butch Leal drag car before the stock Belvedere came out. I prefer the stock kit- not only can it be built stock (naturally), but Moebius modified the molds and the door and trunk lines are much deeper and better defined! The business coupe was done up as a delivery/errand car for an old thrift shop. I used the rear seat panel from one of the Leal kits to do a "back seat delete", and modified a '68 Roadrunner bench for the front seat. The Slant Six is one from Motor City Resin Casters. The car was made to look like a green car that had been repainted white at some point. I don't know where I got the front white walls, but they came from either the Comet or the Satellite kit from Moebius. The street machine was built around the engine. It's the blown 426 from the Revell F&F '70 Charger, with the valve covers from the Foose Charger. I built the engine ages ago and threw the '65 together for a place to house it. The stock Satellite back seat was swapped in, and I used the big and little tires that come as options in the stock kit on the Leal kit steel wheels.
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