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  1. Nice seeing this kit done as a plain-Jane Dodge pickup.
  2. Mack DM600 Water Truck

    Salt and sanding- I've never had the best results with the hairspray trick.
  3. Mack DM600 Water Truck

    Yes indeed. Other than the smokestack the truck itself is built straight out of the box.
  4. Mack DM600 Water Truck

    This is the recent reissue of the MPC kit, fitted with the tanker body from a modified Lindberg trailer kit. The various water pipes and caps were made from various plastic rod, and the whole mess was weathered. This isn't a replica of a particular truck but kind of a "composite" of some of the crusty old water trucks I've seen in use in the area, and in online photos.
  5. I've seen the Dan Models offerings and there are a few things on the "gotta get it" list. Motor City Resin Casters also has a pretty nice curbside N series I need to get.
  6. I believe this was originally an old Jim Etter piece. I'm guessing the hood and grille are molded in place to ease in molding and to reduce the number of molds needed for the package, same reason the dash is molded into the interior. The seat is as well, but I think the original AMT F100 kit had the seat molded into place as well. One of these days I'd like to find a junk AMT '61-'63 F100 annual and combine it with this to make a medium duty F-Series with full engine detail. I'd probably put it in the big-rig section, that's where the medium duty models end up. I put mine in the pickups section because it has a pickup bed.
  7. `67 Volkswagen Type 2 "Bad boy"

    I love it! I also need to know where you got the Iron Maiden decal.
  8. Perfect! I have a 1:1 '34 Ford truck (cab and radiator shell) I plan to do up in a similar style one of these days.
  9. TAT Mack B-61

    This might be the nicest model of a Mack B I've ever seen. Looks appropriately burly on that DM chassis.
  10. 1959 Ford C-600

    I built the tractor a few years back- it's the AMT kit, back dated to a '59 model but retrofitted with a later style Cat V8. The idea I always kept coming back to for it was to have it hooked up to a short flat bed hauling another old Ford. I piddled around with a Lindberg trailer over the course of a couple years, and got it wrapped up a few weeks back, so I had my trailer. Then the problem became what to stick on the back. After trying a few existing models and giving some thoughts to building something especially as a trailer load, I finally opted to put a '69 Ford F350 wrecker on the back. Since Mr. Jim Wolfe seems to be fond of old Fords with some backyard engineered modifications, we can assume the '69 will be his next side project.
  11. Manx Dune Buggy

    Nice! Big metal flake is perfect for a Manx.
  12. 53 ford

    That's a '55.... but it would look pretty cool with a stake bed. Or if you really want to go nuts, you could make up a period service body for it.
  13. Accurate Miniatures Grand Sport

    Send a message to one of the mods and they'll delete it for you.
  14. 1969 Ford Falcon Junker

    This is an AMT/Ertl Modified Stocker kit that I bought for parts to use in re-building a '66 and '67 Falcon, so I threw together the remainder for fun. It's a former small-town circle tracker that's been mothballed for years... who knows how long. There are a few big-name sponsor decals, but most of the graphics are hand-painted and represent local businesses. I think the plan will be for this to end up on a trailer with some various auto scrap parts. For a four-hour time-killer I can't gripe too much with how it came out
  15. More than one car with the same name

    I've always been baffled at why one make will use the same "core" model name on several different platforms. Oldsmobile was the worst offender in that case... Cutlass Calais, Cutlass Ciera, Cutlass Supreme, and a few others I'm not thinking of, all of which were in the lineup simultaneously. There was even a Cutlass Supreme Calais (G-body) and a Cutlass Calais Supreme(N-Body). Today we have examples like the front-drive compact Ford Transit Connect, and the full-size rear drive Ford Transit. Examples like the Taurus and Taurus X make more sense to me (essentially different body styles on the same platform), but sharing part of the name with several vehicles on different platforms always seemed weird to me. I know "brand recognition" and whatever, but diluting that brand never made any sense.