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  1. SteveG added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ford Ranger Pickup XLT Updated 8-15-15   

    It's all airbrushed PPG lacquers. Colors are '71 Ford Code C Pure White and Code Q Winter Blue Metallic top-coated with PPG Duracyl 468 High Performance Clear.   I ordered the paints from my local PPG store but I'm sure you can get them from MCW or other similar suppliers.
  2. SteveG added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ford Ranger Pickup XLT Updated 8-15-15   

    Almost to the home stretch,  here's the chassis only needing the wheel covers to finish.

    The interior is completed and ready to install ....


    Here's the body parts foiled and clear coated ........
    After polishing and with the glass installed.  I had to repaint the roof as I polished through the first time .....

    And finally the bed is completed other then the side trim and painting the reflectors.

    Next time I'll start on the final assembly.
  3. SteveG added a post in a topic Moebius 1965 Plymouth Satellite news   

    Yes, the Lindberg Plymouth roof is noticeably too short.   I looked at the P/L Coronet too, it's better then the Lindberg kit. 
    IMHO.  nobody got the B-body Hardtop roof 100 % correct.   
  4. SteveG added a post in a topic Just bought Moebius 65 Satellite   

    Here's how the rear axle looks in the finished model,  I agree it's a little undersized but you can't see that it's hollow once it's all together.  

    Two suggestions if you can't live with it is you could swap out the rear axle from the Polar Lights 65 Dodge Coronet.  It's the same style but a little larger.  I think that one's also molded hollow.
    The Lindberg 64 Plymouth or Dodge's would also work but I believe those kits have the Dana style rear axles.  Both kits are pretty common to find if you don't have them already.
  5. SteveG added a post in a topic First Detailed Look and Kit Commentary - new Moebius '65 Plymouth Satellite   

    Yes, the Plymouth kits do have the polished bodies.   Moebius did use a different vendor to produce this one per Dave.
  6. SteveG added a post in a topic Forum e-mails, Notifications, Etc.   

    Yes!  That worked ..... Thanks Brett !!
  7. SteveG added a post in a topic New format   

    I'm having the exact same issue,  using IE version 11 in Windows 7.  I'm hoping it will get fixed.   No issues with Chrome so far .... 
    - Steve
  8. SteveG added a post in a topic Forum e-mails, Notifications, Etc.   

    Looks OK in Chrome but in IE something is way off,  most of the Topic Lists are stacked vertically on the left side of my screen and I have to scroll way down to see everything.  
  9. SteveG added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ford Ranger Pickup XLT Updated 8-15-15   

    I finally got this puppy painted ..... first the weather wouldn't cooperate, then my airbrush started spitting whenever I hit the trigger. I ended up ordering a seal kit from my hobby shop and bought a back up airbrush while I was waiting.

    The colors are Pure White over Winter Blue. I sprayed the inside of the cab along with the bed underside Blue first, then I masked off all the inside and underside areas. I pre-foiled the hood nameplate and shot all the exterior body parts White. I let that dry a couple of days, then I masked off all the areas that needed to stay White. I then sprayed all the Blue areas. The hood was taped in place for the last two coats to be sure of a perfect metallic color match.

    To expose the foiled nameplate I dipped a toothpick in thinner and gently rubbed the paint off of them working very slowly one letter at a time. I think the results are better then trying to foil nameplates cleanly after paint and way cheaper then photo etched scripts.

    The lacquer paint raised the tail gate lettering I had sanded off, so I re-sanded it flat again once the paint dried. The tailgate decal will cover it up no problem.

    So far I'm very pleased with how it coming out. My only disappointed is I missed two small sink marks on the roof from the visor pins. Since the roof is white it's hardly noticeable, but I'll be sure to catch it on my next buildup.

    In a couple of day I will add the foil trim to the body parts and the clear coat everything with my favorite PPG DCA 468 Clear Lacquer. I'll let that dry about a week and then it will be ready for polishing and final assembly.

  10. SteveG added a post in a topic 77 Chevy Monte Carlo   

    Well done Tom !!! My sister had a Monte Carlo like that but with the opposite colors, White with Red trim.

  11. SteveG added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Tom Kren.   

    Happy Birthday !!!
  12. SteveG added a post in a topic Get off my lawn. 71 Ford F100   

    I'm looking forward to it Clayton !
  13. SteveG added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ford Ranger Pickup XLT Updated 8-15-15   

    A quick update while I'm waiting for a dry day to paint the body, I decided to do some of the interior detailing.

    The wood grain insert was painted by hand using a base of dark brown paint and some black dry brushing. Not perfect but close enough for me. There was no need to foil the rear edge of the door trim panel as it's completely hidden by the seat back. I'm going to move on to the dash details if it doesn't clear up soon !