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  1. Yes, clear front lamps for both the Silverado and the Dually. -Steve
  2. I haven't given any thoughts to updating the Dually yet kit beyond this issue but I wouldn't rule it out. I believe the Tahoe is another one that we never owned the tooling for. So if we did it it would have to be retooled. It would probably be few years away If I can get on the to do list. I would describe the new Dually kit as an easy to assemble glue kit. Same for the Silverado Pickup. -Steve
  3. Here's the printed mockup for the Dually. In the late '80's and 90's a number of promos were contracted out as finished items and we never owned the tooling. I believe the Dually was part of that group. Also shown is a partial first test shot for the C1500. They were designed at the same time but don't actually share any parts. -Steve
  4. The '96 Chevy 3500 Dually is the upcoming new companion piece to '92 Chevy C1500. See the other discussions about it in the truck section.
  5. The new Charger RT's are not in stores yet, still on the container ship on their way to the port. HPI Guy got one of our production samples sent by air freight. Hopefully you can find them around mid-December. -Steve
  6. This is my actual test build using the new Chrome parts on a leftover AMT637 55 Nomad kit. It's like having builders driving things because we are builders. -Steve
  7. Stock tires are wide whites on the one side, narrow whites on the other. Slicks are pad printed Goodyear Blue Streaks. We've also added some clear sheet stock to make front side and or vent window glass as desired. -Steve
  8. I will try to post some images sometime after the Thanksgiving Holiday of the latest mockup for item #4 of next year. In the meantime, here's a big hint! I have paired up several of these projects, the 65 and 68 GTOs were paired up to make the development easier. This next item was paired up with '92 Chevy C1500 short bed pickup. -Steve
  9. This version has been stripped of its badges and the wipers too so it's really not a good starting point for a stock conversion. Personally, I'm a big fan of the GM intermediates 64-72 so I'm hoping to keep filling in some of the gaps of what's missing especially with the ones we can clone easily from our own designs. I've already got eight cloning projects going for 2023, you've only seen the first three so stay tuned. -Steve
  10. The Rally IIs are same as the original promo except slots molded open. If there's any issue with the side window openings then it was also on the original, but I'm not seeing it. The Rally I's will be a wheel option in the 68 GTO too. An open headlight grille may appear is a later issue, adding it now would put me behind schedule and over budget. The 65 GTO will have three wheel options. Original Rally Is, Steelies with the poverty caps or open steel wheels as the proper front - rear hub and lug details are there. To attach the hub caps you open a blind hole on the back of the steel wheels and attach the hub cabs with a center mounted pin inside the hub cap, easy-peasy. I supposed I could have made the one year only 65 Lemans - GTO full wheel covers or even the 64-66 Wire covers but I believe the poverty hub caps will have more appeal and are way overdue to be done in 1/25th scale in my opinion. -Steve
  11. This kit uses the standard 245/45R20 tires with a tread design similar to the Firehawk GT but they are no-name tires. Last time I checked the scaled out correctly. Pursuit package cars run on 18" wheels. -Steve
  12. There are now three sets of headlamp housings, one with the eyebrow, one without and a Lucas style housing. The Nomad chrome tree had been altered several times, the latest attempt was so it could share parts with the Bel Air kit and was barely useable when AMT637 version was run in 2009. We even re-grouped all the part and added number tags for easier assembly. -Steve
  13. We might have those parts but right now all I have to work with is a list of inserts that I can potentially use in a future version. I really won't be able to explore them at all until after this version has been run and any reorders have been filled. -Steve
  14. It's a great idea, but in this case, we cloned something that was always 100 % from the AMT brand. Hopefully you'll have your answer tomorrow. Steve
  15. Yes, I just double checked the test build, and the clear side windows are in there. -Steve
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