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  1. SteveG added a post in a topic Lindberg's '64 Plymouth "Lawman"   

    Assuming the stock spindles are on a tree with the other necessary suspension parts they should still be there.  I doubt they would go to the expense of blocking them off.
  2. SteveG added a post in a topic Seen in the Mobeius booth at NNL East   

    Any of the 63-65 B-bodies would be a no brainer,  The 62's were on the same platform but I think they were shorter. 
  3. SteveG added a post in a topic Seen in the Mobeius booth at NNL East   

    Dave and I have talked several times about all the possible B-body variations possible from this kit so I doubt this is the last announcement....   
    I'd expect a number of variations of that Comet too .....  I can't say either way on a AFX version but I can say Dave has set the bar pretty high.  
  4. SteveG added a post in a topic Seen in the Mobeius booth at NNL East   

    Here a little better shot of the original car I was just sent and it sure looks a lot like Turbine Bronze to me ....  so which is correct ?

  5. SteveG added a post in a topic Seen in the Mobeius booth at NNL East   

    MM-1 Turbine Bronze was my first thought as the paint formula was available back then to repair any damaged Turbine Cars and it's also listed as spring '65 color for Dodge.
    I went through this same discussion regarding the "Lawman" 64 Plymouths which appears to use the same color scheme and I could never get a definitive answer. I have one reliable source saying one of the Golden Commandos cars that was recently restored was painted using a Plymouth Prowler color for the Bronze so using a restored car for reference may not be the answer either.
  6. SteveG added a post in a topic Seen in the Mobeius booth at NNL East   

    Great tip on the color Jason,  thanks !!!  I looked at the chip for K-5 1970 Dark Burnt Orange Poly on and it looks like a great match to most of my reference photos.  I'm curious to what was actually used in '65 though considering your source is recommending a 1970 color.
  7. SteveG added a post in a topic Seen in the Mobeius booth at NNL East   

    A big thank you to Dave Metzner for letting me give everyone an early preview of this kit which is most likely a mid 2017 release.  I built the unpainted one first and it went together so well for a test shot that I jumped on doing a full build of it.  I had doubts it would make it to the NNL but I ended up finishing it up with one day to spare.
    Although Dave doesn't have a specific car in mind yet,  based on the AFX parts I had been provided to use from I see at least six possibilities. (Dave please correct me if I'm wrong) Two versions of the Melrose Missile,  at least two of the Golden Commandos, the California Flash and the Lee Smith Car.  I believe the Lee Smith car was referenced to create the tooling.  
    Another possibility might be the Sox and Martin Car but I would have to research that one further.  I picked the injected version of the Melrose Missile to build because I liked it and I found paint and decals available to do it.   I was originally leaning toward doing one of the two-tone Golden Commandos car to be totally honest but I had questions about the color used and finding decals. 
  8. SteveG added a post in a topic Roll Call! NNL East is less than a week away! Who's going? Whatcha bringin'??   

    I'll be leaving tomorrow about this time along with Bill Borgen, Todd Wingerter and Ken Andrus so we should be there in time for the dinner.
    I'm only bringing two or three but one of them will be special.  I've been quietly working on a project for Dave Metzner for the last two months. It's so new I'm not sure if Dave's ready to announce it yet but I got the OK to bring it.   You're probably just going to have to spot it on the tables.
    See you all tomorrow !
  9. SteveG added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    The 76-77 Pontiac LeMans Enforcer would be on the on the top of my list followed by the 71 Dodge
  10. SteveG added a post in a topic Will we ever see this Dodge ever come back again?   

    If the basic uni-body chassis structure and driveline parts are the same between the 65 Plymouth and the 68 Dodge it would be a no brainer for Moebius.
    Are there any B-body experts out there that could shed some light on what they would share in scale ?
  11. SteveG added a post in a topic Hurst Rescue Gremlin   

    Great project Aaron !!  When I originally heard that the 75 Gremlin was being reissued the "Hurst Rescue Gremlin" was the first thing I thought of but it never got past the idea stage for me. I'm sure glad your doing it !!
  12. SteveG added a post in a topic `65 Plymouth Hemi Super Stock "Melrose Missile"-Moebius/Model King   

    It's this one, coming soon to hobby shop or retailer of your choice ......

  13. SteveG added a post in a topic Calling All Units   

    Here's a few of my favorites you might have seen over the years ..... Euclid Ohio Traffic enforcement Impala

    OSHP 57 Chevy 150 sedan. Built from an AAM resin trans kit years before the Revell kit was released.

    CHP "Ghost Charger" Built from the first round of test shot parts for the Lindberg kit.  The steel wheels hadn't even been tooled yet, they sent me resin prototypes to use here.    

    '72 Ford Custom 500 "Magnum Force" built from a Modelhaus kit with the Custom 500 trim added. Yes, the Movie car was really green with a blue interior. " Excuse me .... Do you know where the entrance to San Quentin is ...." Great Movie !

    A phantom LAPD '59 Rambler SW built as part of the IMC project. Hopefully Moebius along with Model King will make this happen one day.

    Thanks for looking .... -Steve
  14. SteveG added a post in a topic 1958 Chevy Delray - Ann Arbor Police   

    Nicely Done Tom !!!  Definitely a unique color scheme for a Police Car.
  15. SteveG added a post in a topic Will we see a new '63 Plymouth?   

    There's no '63 Plymouth currently in the works as far as I know.  That being said, I know Dave is fully aware of all the potential subjects that can be done off the '65 Plymouth tooling.  There's still more variations of the current kit already planned that have to completed before there's any chance that you'll here about any alternate year Plymouths or Dodges for that matter.  Don't forgot about the already announced other kits like the Mercury Cyclone and 61 Pontiac Catalina that still haven't hit the shelves yet. Heck, Moebius just shipped the 65 Belvedere's ....  
     Even if Dave announced tomorrow that a '63 Plymouth would be next (don't bet on it) your talking at least 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 years down the road.   Personally I'm a big fan of the '62 to '65 Mopar B-bodies so a modern '63 Plymouth and/or Dodge are both subjects that I would really like to see happen.  For now, I'd suggest finding a good 63 Plymouth builder somewhere (like eBay) grab a Moebius 65 Plymouth and have at it combing the two.  Should be a fun project.