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  1. Back when I was building up test shots for Racing Champions I received an early sample of the AMT F&F Camaro. This was shortly after I had built up a F&F Supra test shot for them, I had very high expectations as that was such a nice kit. Well you know when I opened the package what I got looked to me more like a Cartoon of a 69 Camaro then anything else. I quickly fired off an email to their Product Development Manager who I won't name here. I did my best to describe all issues with it in a professional manner to them and ended my comments with that they should expect a package back from me with a sample of what a 69 Camaro should look like. I ended up sending them a Revell 69 Camaro body out of my unbuilt kit collection. I thought once they saw had bad it looked by comparison, they would be way too embarrassed to go ahead with it as is. They sent it back acknowledging how much nicer the Revell piece was but basically said there was no budget to make the corrections to fix it. Yes, they knew it sub-standard and went ahead with it anyways. I told myself at least I tried to get them to fix it. As for that F&F test shot, I was so disappointed that never bothered to build it. I've still have it untouched packed away in a box somewhere. -Steve
  2. Here's the fresh of the presses Box Art for the upcoming Styleside short bed version. Details on the release date are still pending but it will be released through Model King. I expect there will be at least two more versions to look forward to after this one, a long bed and a 4x4 based on the test shot parts already shown. -Steve
  3. Moebius is not leaving the Automotive Model Kit market and any rumors regarding that are false. My workbench is plenty busy and there is much to look forward to coming from Moebius. I would expect some announcements this fall all goes to plan. -Steve
  4. Hi Len, Missing Link resin offers those Hub Caps already plated and Fireball Modelworks offers them unplated with separate 14" steel wheels under FMR-143 Steve
  5. There's very good news pending on the AFX Plymouth's but I can't share the details just yet, Your going to have to hang in their a little longer. Also there's still hope on the Nova's being done at some point, in the mean time there's some great subjects that Pegasus has just OK'd yet to be announced. Stay tuned .... Steve
  6. I agree 100%, If he can get market price on the first several kits or so more power to him. I've already purchased two of Paul's kit at his starting bid price just by being patient, no muss, fuss or bidding war. I'm very pleased with both and I have no problem waiting for the prices to come down on the next one I'm interested in. Shipping was fast too. Keep up the great work Paul !! Steve
  7. I asked Ernie about that when we started development on the Lawman Plymouth. I don't recall his response exactly other than it was just typical corporate inefficient mindset of the Mid '90. Why have one shared project when you can two at twice the price.
  8. To set the record straight, the Lawman Plymouth kit project started with Lindberg at iHobby 2008 as suggested by Bill Coulter. The prototype Display model built by both Bill and the Late Tom Creager was shown the following year. Ernie Pettit did want to use the Super Stock Dodge kit parts but as Mark said they were designed separately so it turned out not to be practical. It was scheduled for the 4th Quarter 2010 (the sign says 2009 in error) but the project almost died with the sale of Lindberg. John G. at Round2 restarted the project when he came across the display model after the Lindberg purchase and started asking around about it. They basically had to start over and ended up tooling up over 40 new parts. Creating modified re-issues from old Tooling is no easy task, so I would cut them some slack. The fact that they are showing prototype parts means the project is pretty far along. My best guess is that your looking at another nine months or so before they hit the shelves. -Steve
  9. Yes, the Flareside bed will drop right in on any of the Moebius 69-72 Shortbed pickups as they share the same frame.
  10. The chromed 10 hole wheels are new and there are two hood badges, one for V8 models and the other is for the 6 banger. The rest of the extra chrome parts are carryover from the 69 -72 versions. Any of the drivetrain parts from the 69-72 versions will drop right in for those that want to V8 power their Flareside pickup. -Steve
  11. Steve it's not the same as MCW, he's still using actual lacquer paints for most of his factory colors. Modern base coats are designed to go under a 2 part Urethane Clear Coat and are thinned with a Enamel like reducer 1 to 1. If Duplicolor is Lacquer based, it may attack the base coat. I'd try it on some plastic spoons or a scrap kit part before painting that nice '65 Fury of yours. -Steve
  12. I saw it in person at the Stark Club Show today and your photos don't quite do it justice, It really looks awesome !!! I believe Karl already got his first award for it among tough competition. Congrats Karl !! -Steve
  13. What Ford calls Poppy Red in 65, Mercury calls Competition Orange AKA Ford Calypso Coral. Regardless of the name, they are all the same Reddish Orange color.
  14. Yes, 65 Ford Poppy Red is the color we came up with as correct for the Moebius California Flash Plymouth. I believe he used that same color for years. -Steve
  15. Bob is correct, I brought the test shot 66 F-100 short bed and the 70 F-100 4x4 to the Columbus Show on Saturday. They were next to each other on the table and I got the display forms switched. Eventually we'll get a 4x4 version of the 66 F-100. I was hoping to see Sean there but I didn't see him or any of his models on display. -Steve
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