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  1. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Yes, the Flareside bed will drop right in on any of the Moebius 69-72 Shortbed pickups as they share the same frame.
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    The chromed 10 hole wheels are new and there are two hood badges, one for V8 models and the other is for the 6 banger. The rest of the extra chrome parts are carryover from the 69 -72 versions. Any of the drivetrain parts from the 69-72 versions will drop right in for those that want to V8 power their Flareside pickup. -Steve
  3. '65 Fury. Back on the Bench.

    Steve it's not the same as MCW, he's still using actual lacquer paints for most of his factory colors. Modern base coats are designed to go under a 2 part Urethane Clear Coat and are thinned with a Enamel like reducer 1 to 1. If Duplicolor is Lacquer based, it may attack the base coat. I'd try it on some plastic spoons or a scrap kit part before painting that nice '65 Fury of yours. -Steve
  4. Flintstone Flyer Too....x3

    I saw it in person at the Stark Club Show today and your photos don't quite do it justice, It really looks awesome !!! I believe Karl already got his first award for it among tough competition. Congrats Karl !! -Steve
  5. What Ford calls Poppy Red in 65, Mercury calls Competition Orange AKA Ford Calypso Coral. Regardless of the name, they are all the same Reddish Orange color.
  6. Yes, 65 Ford Poppy Red is the color we came up with as correct for the Moebius California Flash Plymouth. I believe he used that same color for years. -Steve
  7. Bob is correct, I brought the test shot 66 F-100 short bed and the 70 F-100 4x4 to the Columbus Show on Saturday. They were next to each other on the table and I got the display forms switched. Eventually we'll get a 4x4 version of the 66 F-100. I was hoping to see Sean there but I didn't see him or any of his models on display. -Steve
  8. Model King '59 Imperial.

    Missing Link Resin has a beautiful set ! -Steve
  9. '70 Impala AMT

    That's a really beauty Paul, like all others you have a knack for adding just the right details !!! How did you detail the thin side moldings ? Paint the center first then foil ? -Steve
  10. That might have been my post on Spotlight. 65 Ford Poppy Red is the color Dave Metzner and I came up with while doing the research for the Moebius California Flash. I just don't recall where we found the information. Steve
  11. Last I heard is they were working on getting licensing from one of the race teams. Right now the decisions on if and or when to run this lands of the new owner, which is Larry at Pegasus. It didn't take too many angry emails to get him to change the box art on the 70 F100 4x4's, so take it from there guys ….. FWIW, the first two versions of the 65-66 F100's are due early next month and the Nicholson A/FX Comet shortly after that. That's small progress anyway, don't know what's coming after that. Steve
  12. the testor's johan reissues

    I know that RPM/Testors paid a significant portion of the design and tooling cost for the Dodge Charger kits J. Lloyd/Lindberg produced. Al some later point RPM/Testors wanted out of the Plastic kit business and canceled any remaining orders including the Police car version of the Charger. That got the ball rolling for J, Lloyd to make a new deal to get whatever Plastic kits RPM/Testors owned and or had the rights too. That was well over ten years ago around 2007, at the time my only interest was seeing the Charger Police Car kits completed. Beyond that I can't tell you what that deal included because I never asked. Ernie Petit later told me that deal included those old Johan tools that were in the HSO boxes. Ernie was once an Executive at Testors before he went to work for J. Lloyd so he must of known what they had. Did RPM/Testors buy or lease the tooling from Seville before they went under ? I don't know as Ernie never gave me the details. I know Okey Spalding didn't get them. Did they really get moved to China ? I don't know but that's what Ernie claimed, considering he was well into his Seventies when we had these discussions. Maybe his memory wasn't as good as he thought. -Steve
  13. the testor's johan reissues

    Ernie Petit told me on several occasions that he was sure he got those Johan tools from Seville and moved them to a Chinese Vendor when he was with RPM/Testors. Later when he was with Lindberg he said acquired the rights to all of the Testors Plastic kits with the intention of running those old Johan tools again. After that point he says he couldn't locate the tooling. He tried find them again when we worked together on the stillborn IMC project. You would think there would be some paper trail if that what happened. Personally I don't think they will ever turn up again, I'm betting they were scrapped at some point. If they did by some miracle, AMT could probably make a claim for them as they acquired all of Lindberg which includes the Testors kits. -Steve
  14. Ideas for source of wire wheel covers

    The AMT 1966 Olds 442 Convertible kit has a nice set of wire style wheel covers in it. You'll have to find some different center caps as comes with the spinner style. -Steve
  15. I'll bet it ends up being offered in resin with or with out the modern changes, (maybe both) within a few weeks of the Service Truck kit being released. Note the 65 Comet AFX hood was available in resin, which was a direct copy of the kit part. It was out well before the AFX version even hit the streets.