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  1. Here's the rest of the box art showing the built model which was inspired by the F250 used in the brochure photo.
  2. The last information I had was that both the 70 F-100 4x4 and the 65 AFX Comet were ready for production, and the ownership transfer to Pegasus would probably cause a short delay. That information is several weeks old. Typically your looking at about six weeks before they hit the shelves once production starts.
  3. Dan, What your looking at above are the 3D prints which have already had many revisions, not test shots. 1st round test shots haven't even been shown here in any detail yet and probably won't be as there are already change orders on those too. Hopefully I'll have the second round test shots in a few weeks. I'll post photos of those once I get the OK. Feel free to comment then ... Steve
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if that style of bed has been use for more then 50-60 years with minor changes. A google search of Reading's history show's 1955 for their start with a new line of lower profile bodies in 1959. https://www.readingbody.com/about/history/#/step-1
  5. Here's a couple of photos from the DAAM shop display last Sunday. There are no plans for a 8" Flareside bed at this time. Maybe one of the resin caster will step up and fill the gap finally. This is the Utility bed I mentioned. Anyone recognize a brand ? Could be a Reading but I don't know for sure. -Steve
  6. Just advising that it's a drop fit for any of the Moebius Ford Long bed kits. I'm sure it would fit lots of other pickup kits with simple mounting changes. -Steve
  7. Yes, I took a couple with my phone before it died. I'll post them first chance. Steve
  8. 1st round test shot's were on display at DAAM show near Detroit on Sunday where Dave revealed the 4th bed-style will be a aftermarket Utility Bed which will fit any of the 65-72 long bed kits. 2nd round of test shot parts should be coming next month. -Steve
  9. 1978-'83 Chevy Malibu questions

    Luc, Pretty much the full line of the 78 - 87 RWD A/G platform shared the same basic setup with minor variations under the skin, so take your pick. You could bolt the complete front end of a Pontiac Lemans, Bonneville or any Olds or Buick wagon variation to a Malibu or El Camino body as they all shared the Chevy doors too. Steve
  10. Moebius new stuff

    I think he's specifically asking about the built up 70 4x4 kit that was also on display, not the 3D mock ups of the 65-66. The 70 4x4 should be going into production very soon. -Steve
  11. Moebius new stuff

    I've got the same first round test shots of the 65-66 F-100 as well for review and have already discussed a number corrections with Dave. I'm sure there will be some photos shared once he's more satisfied. Hopefully with the next round of test shots. Last time I talked with Dave he said he would really like to have something new released car and or truck wise in the second Quarter of this year. The most likely of those would be the 70 F-100 4x4 and or the AFX Comet. Hopefully Dave will be able share some specifics regarding production of those two kits very soon. Steve
  12. 1970 Ford police car

    The kit was originally a 1970 LTD dealer promo, then sold as a curbside kit as part of the Motor City Stocker series. The Boss 429 engine was added when it was converted to the Galaxie Police car. I'm pretty sure that engine was taken from some other kit tooling to save money and used because it fit the chassis. I think the 428 was the top Police engine that year. -Steve
  13. Revell's 68 Mustang GT 2n1 kit

    Here's the interior from the one I built. I think I had to correct the upper section of the back seat, not shown here. That was a long time ago so I don't remember for sure. I added the Automatic shifter, that I remember. And here's my finished version..... I added the Automatic Trans too as this was built as a replica of my friends 1:1 car. All things considered I think it builds into a nice model. Steve
  14. Box art has been completed and approved for '70 4x4. Tooling work has started on the 65-66 F-100 parts, should have a better idea once test shots are done and reviewed. -Steve
  15. Casey, Missing Link re-pops those exact wheels if you need a set FYI ..... -Steve