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  1. Test Shots and Other Parts Oddities

    Yes, they were running out of time per my contact at Lindberg. Apparently they made it just in time. The kit manufacturers don't like to talk about licensing issues. After tooling cost, it's one of their biggest expenses. -Steve
  2. I pulled as many photos and magazine articles I could find before building my Moebius AXF Plymouth test shot. The kit is based on the restored Lee Smith Car. To the best of my knowledge all the AFX cars were delivered to the race teams with stock oil pans and the K-frame were most likely painted black or left natural metal (I painted mine black ). The cover of the July '65 Super Stock Magazine shows the S&M car doing a wheel stand (in color) and has an excellent article on it inside. You can see where they had modified the oil pan already which appears to be painted black. I checked through all my photos and didn't find any Yellow painted oil pans or K-members but it's certainly possible a certain race team might have done so. Here's some detail shots of my built Melrose Missile model for what it's worth ….
  3. Test Shots and Other Parts Oddities

    Lindberg's Police Chargers went through seven rounds of test shots before they finally went into production just as the licensing was to run out. One of the most troublesome parts were the steel wheels and center caps. The Chinese tool makers just couldn't get the contours correct from photos after multiple tries. We solved that problem after I suggested we buy an actual steel wheel and center cap from a local Dodge Dealer and sent it to China so they could scale it down. Here's a photo of first resin printed wheel parts installed on my first build up with the proposed CHP livery. The small roof antenna never made it to production either. Here's the Texas DPS box art model with final test shot wheels and center caps the later I had sent out to be plated myself as I never got an actual plated chrome tree sample. I probably have two cases worth of test shot parts on these and pages worth of email and photos used to make corrections. Most of which only a handful of people would even care or want to know about. -Steve
  4. I have some of the second round of test shot parts and the cab is much improved. Assuming there's no major revisions needed there's an excellent chance we'll see some version of this kit before the end of 2018. Also, I should have a display models completed next month. -Steve
  5. Here's a photo of built test shot B/FX engine bay, I believe Jim Kampmann is the builder. Photo was taken at the 2017 NNL East. -Steve
  6. Moebius has already tooled up all the B/FX version parts but so far no announcement if or when they will release it. I'd suspect they're waiting to see how well the A/FX version does. Steve
  7. This HAS to be THE crapiest box art EVER!!!!

    AMT 1961 Ford Galaxie issued in '69 as part of the Flower Power series. The others were a '60 Mercury, 60 Pontiac Bonneville, 60 T-Bird Convertible, 62 Buick Electra and 65 Ford Mustang HT. All had the Flower Power/ Psychedelic box art work as AMT tried to cash in on the Hippie Movement. The tooling for the 61 Ford, 62 Buick and 65 Mustang are still around. The rest are long gone. -Steve
  8. Here's my built up test shot engine pics, what do you think ?
  9. Here's the rest of the box art showing the built model which was inspired by the F250 used in the brochure photo.
  10. The last information I had was that both the 70 F-100 4x4 and the 65 AFX Comet were ready for production, and the ownership transfer to Pegasus would probably cause a short delay. That information is several weeks old. Typically your looking at about six weeks before they hit the shelves once production starts.
  11. Dan, What your looking at above are the 3D prints which have already had many revisions, not test shots. 1st round test shots haven't even been shown here in any detail yet and probably won't be as there are already change orders on those too. Hopefully I'll have the second round test shots in a few weeks. I'll post photos of those once I get the OK. Feel free to comment then ... Steve
  12. It wouldn't surprise me if that style of bed has been use for more then 50-60 years with minor changes. A google search of Reading's history show's 1955 for their start with a new line of lower profile bodies in 1959. https://www.readingbody.com/about/history/#/step-1
  13. Here's a couple of photos from the DAAM shop display last Sunday. There are no plans for a 8" Flareside bed at this time. Maybe one of the resin caster will step up and fill the gap finally. This is the Utility bed I mentioned. Anyone recognize a brand ? Could be a Reading but I don't know for sure. -Steve
  14. Just advising that it's a drop fit for any of the Moebius Ford Long bed kits. I'm sure it would fit lots of other pickup kits with simple mounting changes. -Steve
  15. Yes, I took a couple with my phone before it died. I'll post them first chance. Steve