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  1. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    Good point Mark, the Vega would have to be a dedicated Pro Stock kit. You could probably get 3 versions by doing the early and later noses of the Vega's and by doing a Chevy Monza too. That's the only way to make it cost effective. I seem to recall somebody ran a Pro Stock Pontiac Astre too, I'm not sure you could sell enough to pay for the changes.
  2. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    I have no doubt there would be support for a new tool Grumpy's Toy Vega or Dyno Don Maverick. The real question is how many of us would support the Factory Stock Maverick's and Vega's that would have to be tooled and sold before the Drag version. That's the nature of the Model Car business today. Steve
  3. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    The only Dyno Don kit coming for 2019 would the Moebius 65 Comet A/FX. A 70 Maverick and or Comet would be a great idea though. If only Pegasus Hobbies would see it that way …. -Steve
  4. Actually it started as the 1970 Ford LTD 4 door hardtop promo, then it was part of the Motor City Stocker Series. It wasn't much of a stretch to rework it into the Galaxie Sedan. It's not 100% correct as still has LTD roof profile. I recall AMT's choice of engine and trans being questionable too. Why Ford wanted that particular promo done is the real mystery here. -Steve
  5. Dyno Don 1965 Comet

    Yes, also Cincinnati was spelled wrong on the Beswick Car … Steve
  6. Dyno Don 1965 Comet

    Thanks Tom and Tim !! My Display model is sporting a set of Aftermarket Slixx Decals which aren't quite sized for the Moebius Comet. Hopefully the production Decals will fit perfectly and that everything will be spelled correctly this time around. -Steve
  7. Removing polish

    Meguiars, 3M and many others have Paint Shop safe polishes. There's a high end restoration shop that I used to visit that turned me on to a brand called Wizards. I've been using that happily on both my full size and scale projects ever since. Steve
  8. You'll be able build one from Moebius kits sooner or later. Everything exist to make one but all of it hasn't been released yet. The current 70 F-100 4x4 has the correct running gear. Moebius will be doing 65-66 Short and Long Styleside beds along with a Short bed Flareside and a Utility bed. They will probably put it all in one kit as some point for you but that hasn't been officially announced yet. Here's a pic with the resin prototypes from last years Detroit NNL. The 70 4x4 is in the background. Here's my 66 F-100 Short bed built from Second Round Test shot parts. It will be at the Moebius Detroit NNL display tomorrow.
  9. Removing polish

    Unfortunate Novus #2 contains silicone or similar type materials that will create "fisheyes" if there's even a microscopic spec of residue remaining on the surface. If you sand it before thoroughly cleaning it you'll embed that residue and game over. I one tried to use Novus #2 to clean off BMF residue before clear coating a body. It looked perfectly clean but I soon as started apply the clear it was a disaster. I tossed the Novus #2 out and now I only use true Automotive grade polishes that specifically say they are safe for paint and can be painted over right on the label. I strongly suggest you thoroughly wash the body several times with a grease removing detergent like Dawn before doing anything else. -Steve
  10. Dyno Don 1965 Comet

    Other than the Box Art, Decals and maybe the instructions they should be identical inside. Both are limited run kits so I'll want one of each. At some point there will probably be a B/FX kit, that one will have some different contents from all the prior releases so far. -Steve
  11. FYI those are the short collector headers which now have revised part #'s 124A - 127A. It will be interesting to see what will be included with the AFX kit assuming that's still a go for next year. Here's what the long collector headers look like on my AFX build up. -Steve
  12. Tim, Your not loosing your mind, there are actually three styles of headers tooled up for the various Moebius 65 Plymouth kits. I searched through my test shots and found the following ... Part #'s 106,107,108 &109 have a short collector and would be inserted on the tree with the fan blade, oil pan and carb parts. Part #'s 124,125,126 &127 have a long collector and would be inserted on the same tree. I believe these are for the yet to be release AFX car. Part #'s 161, 162,163 & 164 have a blocked collector and connect to an exhaust pipe and muffler part #160. These are on a separate tree for the Melrose Missile / Golden Commandos kit and may be in the California Flash kit too. If so, then I believe it's the California Flash kit that has two sets of header, my kit is still sealed too. Maybe someone else has already cracked theirs open and will check. -Steve
  13. Here's how it looked with the body color splash pan and a test fit of the 65 Style grille. The splash pan is molded to the cab body with the bumper and grille being separate plated parts. As others pointed out I did paint to the splash pan Argent/Silver vs body color to match my reference 1:1 truck. I also noticed some of the two-toned trucks had the bed inside panels painted the lower color and some were the upper color. I went with the upper color. Maybe those are different assembly plant variances ? -Steve
  14. Thanks !! The tailgate was masked using tracings directly onto 6mm Tamiya masking tape which were cut out by hand. It took several tries to get the results you see. The wipers and the tail lamp bezels are carry-over from the Bump-side kits along with many other parts, I agree the wipers are clunky and I've discussed them with the Moebius team, but I'm not holding my breath. It would be easy enough to thin them out and hit them with chrome paint or replace them with photo etch pieces but not on test shot. I use what I get. As for grille comments, I didn't measure it but I did compare it to an original AMT 63 F-100 pickup and they're almost identical in height and overall shape. -Steve
  15. There will be kit issued with the Utility Bed and I believe it will be a Model King limited release. No release date or production numbers yet … Steve