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  1. Well, they did add the 421 badges to the decal sheet in the newest release plus some other goodies. here's a close-up pic. Here's the full decal sheet
  2. pau is Hawaiian for finished or done. Nice job on the Camaro. Steve
  3. Yes, they are the Hurst Mags with Goodyear Polyglas tires, Red line on one side and Gold line on the other. I'm sure Chad will show them off in Jan. 2022 video since he overlooked them this time. -Steve
  4. Rob, I believe that this is all the versions that has been done so far, maybe it's the Ground Shaker you're thinking of. Steve
  5. Casey is correct, it's not part of the stamp series. It will be the '77 Pinto hatchback with decals and box art for the USPS Livery, something similar to the photo. Steve
  6. Actually this is a much better photo from one of my other albums but you'd had to know where to look. The newer tool 60 Starliner is a great parts donor to update any vintage 60-64 Ford Full size project. I added valve stems to this build. I'm sure these wheels are out there if that's what he's looking for.
  7. To be clear, the recently released 63 Chevy II wagon kits are best described as reproduction. They may be based on the original design but the tooling is 100% new. No previously existing tooling was used in it's production. What's left of the original tool still exist as the "Boss Nova" mid engine drag wagon. It was modified past the point of any restoration. They don't share anything. In comparison, the Supernatural Impala kit is considered a Modified reissue. It contains some new tooling but the rest is from the Impala SS kit first issued around '97. Unlike the "Boss Nova" Wagon the Impala SS version can be still be reissued in the future as the Supernatural specific parts are in addition to the existing tooling. -Steve
  8. It's not the Mako Shark, I can tell you that much. -Steve
  9. Peter is right, your rag test isn't exactly how plastic colorants are tested for things like bleed fastness, the solvent fastness of pigments or the solvent solubility of dyes. There are actual standard lab tests for those real issues in the plastics industry. Natural high impact polystyrene or HIPS is actually a very translucent white so all model parts other then the water clear items have some colorant added to them. Anyone who has tried to paint over brightly colored polystyrene with solvent based products and didn't have a problem, consider yourself lucky. After I switched to collision repair grade paints, I stopped attempting to paint over anything molded in brightly molded colors, especially red or yellow. It only took a couple of failures to learn my lesson. I can tell you the reactions I saw had nothing to do with the opaqueness of the finishes I was using. For the record if it's not clear already, I'm no fan of molding kits in any heavily colored plastic. But if the boss says there's still going to be some kits molded in color that's what going to happen. Not everybody can or wants to paint to their model builds. -Steve
  10. I believe the concept they went with is a Show Car Hauler for Ed Roth, what your not seeing is a yet to be announced matching trailer. A close look at the graphics on the rear of the cab lists some of his custom cars. -Steve
  11. Don't forget that the Cab portion still needs to work with all the previous issues that are still viable. It should be fairly accurate for a '71 or '72 model based on when it was first released. Considering the basic body style ran for 33 years, even if they changed some details to earlier or later model trucks, there always will be someone saying they picked wrong. -Steve
  12. I believe one of the trucks that was referenced is this one known as "Old Purple" and you can see the Garwood body has a fair amount of setback to it. There's a nice video of this truck in action on YouTube "Old Purple" Ford C-Series - GarWood LP-900 Rear Load Garbage Truck posted by Thrash 'N' Trash Productions -Steve
  13. From the Drastic Plastic Fotki albums, Here's The Californian original Box Art And a very cleanly built model from the same album -Steve
  14. The last time the Californian kit was issued, the Beatles were still performing live. Underneath that love it or hate it Harry Bradley designed body is basically a stock MPC 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado kit. The Surf Shark Caddy now gives us a stock '59 Miller Meteor Combination body to work with. Those Safe-T-Vu roof lamps have never been done in scale before. Jamie hinted that there's another version coming. This kit is based on AMT's Ecto-1A which still leaves the Polar Lights Ecto-1 in the tooling bank. -Steve
  15. All new tooling I-6 without the big axle hole, otherwise it's a straight up clone of the original customizing kit with the addition of a separate battery, radiator and brake cylinder. Plus the kit will be jam packed with all the Customizing parts and Accessory items jut like the original. -Steve
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