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  1. It should fit the same on both sides, looks like a short shot issue to me. Please go to the Round2 website and either use the contact us or Replacement part section to explain the issue. It would be helpful if you got the production date codes for each kit. It's right below the bar code on the bottom of the box. -Steve
  2. Coming soon is AMT1363 '68 Plymouth Roadrunner kit which is a reissue of AMT849 from 2013. The box art has been freshened, instruction sheet has been fixed with the correct wiper motor part # and graphic. This fix will apply to all the B-body variants that share the same tooling. -Steve
  3. I'm pretty confident you'll be seeing additional light truck items coming from Round 2. You're just going to have to be very patient on seeing any announcements on what those items may be. 2023 should be a great year. Personal I think Moebius has done a brilliant job with their 65-72 Ford truck line-up warts and all. There are only so many vendors that actually do the kit production regardless of who and where the design work is done. We use the same vendor that's currently producing their Ramp Truck for many of our kits, and I have no doubt they will get any production issues straightened out. -Steve
  4. The rear valance panel design is nearly identical to the original 1966 annual with the tips molded in, except the placement is more accurate and there are now backup lamps which the annual kit was missing. While not perfect I'd still call it an improvement. Super detailers will want to drill them out and add short pieces of tubing to represent the tips better. -Steve
  5. First look at the AMT1305 1966 Mustang GT Fastback test shot. Tires shown are not finalized, so final content may be different. Photos from my phone is the best that I can do for now. Next time I'm at the office I'll see about additional photos. There're a few minor things needed before it will be approved for production, but I'd say were about 95% there. -Steve
  6. Tim, Even if your hunch is wrong, I have no doubt in my mind that John's current project is one that you would definitely be excited about. Currently we're waiting on some revised mockup parts. I'm hoping once he's happy with the design work and he approves it for tooling that one of us will be able to share with everyone just what it is. -Steve
  7. AMT1304 1978 Ford Bronco kits have already been shipped out around the 1st of July. They should be available by mid-August if there's no further delays. -Steve
  8. Repairs took longer than expected but I believe everything is now approved and it's in line for production. With luck they might be ready to ship by the end of the month. -Steve
  9. I really never intended on saying yes or no while guesses are listed. However, we've already had our big Move and TV themed announcement of the Black Beauty by Jamie who typically leads all the Sci-Fi and TV and Movie model projects. I did say this was John G's project. -Steve
  10. Already added to the list for late this year, MPC996M Monkee Mobile GTO with the original style box art so the band is on it. Expanded decal sheet and last I heard the tires will be big and little Goodyear Blue Streaks. Sorry no restored D.J. badges this time. Not the secret clone project obviously but someone did guess it correctly. -Steve
  11. That segment was recorded in a different location. Those items down below are part of Tom's personal collection, not a tease for something coming. -Steve
  12. No, not cancelled. It's featured in July 2022 Round 2 Product Spotlight. It should be available in a few weeks. -Steve
  13. It's got the original decals and the narrow style Free Whelin' graphics too. You can see them on the box bottom if you look closely. -Steve
  14. No, it's definitely not the "big" announcement that's been teased. That subject is being fully cloned can't be built factory stock. The '66 T-bird reissue is part of larger ongoing tooling restoration, Improvement and expansion project. We're also working on new Parts Pack tire and wheel sets and new decal sheets. -Steve
  15. Here's a preview of the AMT1328 1966 Thunderbird Convertible - Hardtop kit which now includes a restored Sport Roadster style Tonneau cover not seen since the very first annual issue in 1966. Also added is a set of new tooling Roadster style wire wheels, almost identical to the modern tool 62 T-bird wheels but specifically designed fit the annual style wheel backs. Look for these Wheels to also be available in their own special Tire and Wheel Parts Pack which I'll have more details on soon. This should be out late third or early fourth quarter of this year. -Steve
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