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  1. SteveG added a post in a topic Round2 '64 Plymouth Belvedere Lawman Modified Reissue   

    Nothing new was tooled up for this kit until Round2 green lighted the project again about two years but I've been waiting almost nine years.   Not counting the tires and decals I counted forty new individual parts added.   According to Harry's post below it can be had for under $25.00 plus shipping.  You'll have to decide for yourself if it was worth the wait and or price.
  2. SteveG added a post in a topic Round2 '64 Plymouth Belvedere Lawman Modified Reissue   

    Engine choices are the Max Wedge or the stock Commando 426, could pass for a 383 I suppose.  The slant six parts were dropped from this issue to make way for Super Stock parts.   These photos are from my "stock" Box Art build ups for the 2006 Model King release which to me was never a true factory stock model because of the bucket seats which weren't offered in the Belvedere to the best of my knowledge. 
    Regardless I still consider these kits to be probably the best and most successful from Lindberg along with the 64 Dodges.
  3. SteveG added a post in a topic Round2 '64 Plymouth Belvedere Lawman Modified Reissue   

    As far as I know the divided scope matches what was used on the build up by Bill at Tom.  I don't know it's original source.  The other hood scoop was beyond the original proposal, it may match a different S/S Plymouth that could be a future release. 
  4. SteveG added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Round2 '64 Plymouth Belvedere Lawman Modified Reissue
    Here's a quick look at Round2's latest release of the Lawman 64 Plymouth Belvedere which just arrived at my door a few hours ago.  I've been waiting about nine years for it. The original proposal came from Bill Coulter during a discussion at iHobby 2008 with Ernie Petit and myself on how the Lindberg line-up could be expanded.  The build up by Bill and the late Tom Creeger was displayed the following year as a 2010 release.   The fact that Tom's not around to see it happen make it bittersweet for me and no doubt for Bill too as they were close.   Kudos to John G. and the gang at Round2 for seeing this through.


    Here's all the new parts that were added.  The only thing holding this back from being a true 2N1 kit a set of stock or street machine tires.  All the other stock V8 version parts are still in there.  

    With all the new parts now included I can see plenty of Drag and street machine possibilities using different decals sets and or tires.  Thanks again Round2 !!!
    Available now at your favorite Hobby retailer .....
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  5. SteveG added a post in a topic 65 Belvedere Kansas State Patrol, updated 8-25   

    Yes,  it's scale plug wire with the insulation strip off.  They're easy to make. 
  6. SteveG added a post in a topic '68 Plymouth Fury. Mass. State Police UPDATE 8/25/16   

    Nice work Jay !!!  one day I'll have to build one of those Fury's instead of robbing them for parts.
  7. SteveG added a post in a topic Fans weep over rediscovered Bullitt Mustang   

      I recall reading a story about the Bullitt Chargers and that one said there were three.  There was the close up car that was always black, one that was original blue that they crash at the end.  You can see the blue paint exposed near the end crash seen where the door handle was ripped off.  The third one was a Camera car and believe it was yellow before the repaint.  I'm pretty sure that last car was found and restored.
  8. SteveG added a post in a topic 1971 Pinto Wagon Street Freak Showcar - Flinging Some Paint   

    Great progress ..... I can't wait to see it in person.  What's the upholstery material your using again ?
  9. SteveG added a post in a topic 65 Belvedere Kansas State Patrol, updated 8-25   

    I've added the final details to the engine bay, first is an under hood siren which is from the Johan Police Fury with a pedestal mount added.   The other is a dual snorkel air cleaner which is the kit part de-chromed and modified by adding the two snorkels made from short lengths of K&S tubing.  

    Next, I started mocking up the interior. The A990 style interior trim while very plain is different from the base Belvedere, noticeably absent are the armrests.   

    I decided to use a set of armrest taken from the Satellite kit test shot.  I removed them by grinding and sanding away at the side panel backside until I was able to break them free.  Minimal sanding was needed to clean them up before painting.

    I started with the rear armrest and then front was cut down after removal to match the rear.  I painted them a slightly darker color that will match the dash.  The handles were then covered with BMF to finish off the trim.

    I think that's better, not as Deluxe as the Satellite.  Hopefully close enough to pass as Belvedere.    
    More to come ....
  10. SteveG added a post in a topic Is it true???   

    I'm not holding my breath waiting for this one just because I don't see enough versions to justify it.  On the flip side I never thought I 'd ever see the S&H Torino or a mid-eighties Olds Cutlass in kit form either.  I agree it's a great design, maybe Revell has another surprise for us ?
  11. SteveG added a post in a topic Moebius '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone news   

    I'm like 99% sure that Bob got his hands on a test shot of the 65 Comet from Dave.   There's been several rounds so there's a few out there ....
  12. SteveG added a post in a topic 65 Belvedere Kansas State Patrol, updated 8-25   

    Another quick update,  the engine is in place and the front suspension is now permanently attached.

    I added a few more details by using a photo etched radiator cap and I made the squeeze type hose clamps from leftover spark plug wire with the insulation stripped away.
  13. SteveG added a post in a topic 65 Belvedere Kansas State Patrol, updated 8-25   

    Yes, it's the stock 4bbl manifold found in both the Satellite and the Belvedere kits.  It's supposed to represent the 426 wedge engine, I'm just trying to detail it to resemble a 383.  I can't say if accurate for either one.  Once the air cleaner is on you wont see much of it.
  14. SteveG added a post in a topic 65 Belvedere Kansas State Patrol, updated 8-25   

    Thanks G,
    The color scheme for Kansas I'm using goes back to around 1950, the original paint color numbers I found decodes back as 1951 GM Midnight Blue metallic and 1951 Ford Truck Silvertone Grey.   I'm actually using some more modern colors which are perfect matches, Plymouth code B9 Regal Blue Metallic and a Ford Fleet Light Grey which looks almost white against the very Dark Blue.   I had both colors mixed in lacquer for me at a local PPG paint supplier, I have the PPG paint codes if anybody wants them.
  15. SteveG added a post in a topic 60 Edsel Ranger convertible   

    Stock color or not, that came out Beautiful !!!