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  1. ..... I won't go as far as saying Revell nailed it, but it looks a heck of a lot closer to the real thing then the 70 Challenger 2n1 I also picked up recently. Still like the Challenger it's diecast roots are showing but nowhere near as glaring in my eyes. Some of the trim is a little on the heavy side and the rear edge of the hood and cowl panel fit leaves something to be desired. But these areas are very fixable along with the screw hole in the gas tank center. Here's the new Cobra Jet S/S drag parts and hood You can probably call this a 3n1 one as the Bullitt grille is still here, it's right above the fan blade. It looks like there are two new chrome trees for the stock GT and drag versions. The Bullitt Style mags are still here too. There are no brake details or backing plated for the wheels but I'm sure someone here will suggest an easy solution. It's looks like the same hollow tires as used in the Challenger plus some hollow drag slicks, also without sidewall details I have very few Diecasts in my collection but Revell's Bullitt Mustang is one of them. When I first got it I wished they had done it in plastic, I guess here's one time my wish was granted. -Steve
  2. 1970 Ford police car

    The kit was originally a 1970 LTD dealer promo, then sold as a curbside kit as part of the Motor City Stocker series. The Boss 429 engine was added when it was converted to the Galaxie Police car. I'm pretty sure that engine was taken from some other kit tooling to save money and used because it fit the chassis. I think the 428 was the top Police engine that year. -Steve
  3. Revell's 68 Mustang GT 2n1 kit

    Here's the interior from the one I built. I think I had to correct the upper section of the back seat, not shown here. That was a long time ago so I don't remember for sure. I added the Automatic shifter, that I remember. And here's my finished version..... I added the Automatic Trans too as this was built as a replica of my friends 1:1 car. All things considered I think it builds into a nice model. Steve
  4. Box art has been completed and approved for '70 4x4. Tooling work has started on the 65-66 F-100 parts, should have a better idea once test shots are done and reviewed. -Steve
  5. Yes, the wait for the 4x4 version is almost over. I have a '70 long bed on the workbench as a I write this. Photos of the 4x4 parts will be forthcoming, I'm waiting for Fotki to get back on line. Box art is already in the works. Also we're also getting a 65-66 F-100 based on the on the current kit. Dave got the go ahead just last weekend and I saw the 3D artwork at the NNL East. Test shots of the 65-66 kit may be ready by late this summer. Along with the short and long bed stylesides, we'll be getting a stepside for first time. -Steve
  6. Casey, Missing Link re-pops those exact wheels if you need a set FYI ..... -Steve
  7. Here's a few detail photos, all these wheel choices will also fit the current F-100 kits. The last one sure looks like a 4x4 wheel to me ... there will be more info on these kits so stay tuned. -Steve
  8. Sorry for the delay, I finally went through all the photos I took in Detroit. So here's the photos from the Moebius display. Keep in mind that these are rough 3D prints. After some changes are made test shot's will be next. We might see those early next year. My built up 70 F-100 4x4 sits below the Grim Reaper art work. Maybe not the best placement in hindsight ..... So far I've seen three bed styles, two trim levels and wheel bases. I expect there will be a 4x4 too. -Steve
  9. No, I forgot to upload them, thanks for the reminder Casey. I'll post them soon.
  10. RC2 era 'b and s' cars...

    You are both right on point, here's what happened. Back then they were announcing 10-15 releases at a time and they wanted box art builds in within 30 days. It just wasn't feasible to complete that many. Their go to box builder would pull completed models out his collection along with whatever fresh builds he could handle in a month. Of course most of those already built models were not box stock but the product manager wasn't very concerned. She felt that putting "prototype model" on the box covered those issues. Towards the end I pitched in and helped so one guy didn't have build them all but I had a falling out with the product manager so that didn't last long. -Steve (Cap Sat was my other reference but I can't get the Multi-quote to work)
  11. Look for Moebius to be at the Detroit Model Show next month with the latest updates and possibly some prototypes to check out. My built up of the 70 F-100 4x4 will be there too. Steve
  12. Here's the completed build up for Moebius, while I was putting this together I discovered a few small things that needed tweaked. I believe Dave has it all resolved now and it should be ready for production very soon. I have my fingers crossed that they'll be shipping these before the Holidays. In the future I would like to see some more appropriate all terrain tires added to the kit. Regardless, I think ‘70 Ford F-100 4x4 pickup is a welcome addition to the Moebius Truck line up. I can’t wait to see what other modelers will do with it. -Steve
  13. Exactly right, but that's a very good thing in this case. I've seen photos of the 65-66 mock up and its planed variations including it's optional parts. Anything that's not 65-66 specific will also be a drop in fit for the 69 - 72 kits as well. I'm betting if you're a Ford Light Truck, fan you'll be very pleased with what coming !!! -Steve
  14. That's a good question Brad, your probably right but I don't know for sure. What's in the kit is same trans the comes with 6 cylinder version that would probably represent a three speed column shift. However once it's built you can see very little of the transmission. I also probably should have painted the trans case a cast iron color too.
  15. Thanks Chuck !! Trying to find 1:1 examples of F-100 4x4's that didn't sport full modern aftermarket tires and wheels and or lift kits was pretty tough. I did manage to find a few, here's a 71 F-100 4x4 with the hub caps in question. It looks pretty original to me. Maybe they were dealer installed or aftermarket accessory items like you mentioned. My goal was to simply show what could be done with the kit based on the parts given to me. I could have easily left the wheels open but it was my choice to use them. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the modern battery that's in all the F-100 kits. Go figure ... -Steve
  16. 1967 Lincoln Lehman-Peterson Limo

    I've thought about doing Lehmann-Peterson Lincoln for years. Glad to see it done so well !! Steve
  17. 1962 Ford Galaxie

    Well done !! -Steve
  18. Thanks Mike !! It's the same basic rear axle, different mounts to the spring. The F-100 use blocks to raise the rear ride height to match the front.
  19. Mike, I removed the lower body trim, it was very easy to do. I just sanded it off with some sanding sticks. -Steve
  20. Here's some of the in process photos, I'll be adding a post to the under glass section pretty soon. I hope you like it ... -Steve