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  1. Surprised at detail for small scale like that..Go for it..!!!!
  2. I`m sure you will do just fine.Keep us posted on progress
  3. Hi Vince, Lucas here, glad to see you are back.
  4. I`m liking the small windows..going to look good
  5. You made out like a bandit..I've scored junkyard buys but never in that amount. Good deal..!!!!!!
  6. That looks like my work bench..It seems like I end up working in a very small area when I have 4x8 table top. But I am having fun. Keep up the good work on the Titan 90.
  7. Super job on the two builds. Very nice detail. They both look like well seasoned Highway Trucks..!!!!!
  8. Nice work..brings back old memories when trucks looked like trucks..Nice clean build.
  9. Thankyou..Way Kool..love the red glitter steering wheels with the oxblood red diamond tuck upholstery..Long gone. Nice memories
  10. Thank you for posting those super kool truck and car pictures. Would you happen to know where you were at when you took the picture of the old Carnation milk truck? Brings back memories of where I grew up at..Thank you again
  11. Hi Kerry, That looks like an automatic going in there. Should be fine..Well keep an eye on this project..LOL
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