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  1. trick my mixer added a post in a topic FINISHED!!!! ERTL CO 4070A Transtar.   

    Very nice work...looks great!!!!!
  2. trick my mixer added a post in a topic Italeri 1/24 Volvo VN 780   

    looking good so far...Sorry you have encountered flaws with the parts...It is either that or you get warped parts or excessive flahing...or better yet missing parts
  3. trick my mixer added a post in a topic California Hauler 359 Peterbilt Stretch Help   

    Hi Jesse,
    I will give you my 2 cents worth on this topic and hopefully it will help.   Yes I have built several of these California haulers before... I have also built several of the  revell  Peterbilt 359 snap tites and they are easy to build with good detail. What I like to use for the stretch is use  pieces of original frame rails from the same kit. easy for me since I have plenty of those. I usually try to make the cut where there are no cross members involved and usually under the sleeper if you plan on using one. I have used some round sprue stock for the driveline  or you could use some round plastic tubing from local hobby shop in that size. What i would do is cut the u-joint ends off original driveline and put them on new driveline. Also as for covering the new lengthened area  I usually use some diamond plate from Don Mills or just use some plastic sheeting and cut to to size. Length and width. If I use diamond plate I will baremetal foil it and If I use regular flat plastic stock I sometimes paint it same color as  as the frame or what ever your choosing might be...Hope this helps...I am sure others have their own way of doing this, ... Some when they cut the  frame rails cut them at an angle on both ends,,,,I usually just cut them straight and together at the same time...Make sure you re-inforce the inside  and over lap the seems for added strenght...Good Luck...Here is a picture of my  "  Project 350 "

  4. trick my mixer added a post in a topic Mack DM600 Crane Truck 1/25 MPC   

    Looks real to me...You out did yourself on detail and weathering...Looks great!!!!!
  5. trick my mixer added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359   

    Nice build for a week long project...Those snappers are great...unlimited what you can do...Nice paint job
  6. trick my mixer added a post in a topic New Guy   

    Hello Ruben,
     Welcome aboard. Happy to have you!!!!
  7. trick my mixer added a post in a topic Modeling in the great northwest   

    Welcome earl,
    I too am from washington Sate...Welcome. I live in the North end and build semi trucks also. Great place to learn and see some great models by fellow modelers
  8. trick my mixer added a post in a topic Freighliner Cabover Tractor   

    Eat your heart out J.T. I got to see this model close up Sunday at our monthly model club meeting...It is all of that picture and more.
    The builder is our club president and as you can see detail is the name of the game here. Even I have not had a chance to see the trailers. Really looking forward to the finished project.
     I will talk him into posting more pics especially front ones.......
  9. trick my mixer added a post in a topic ITALERI Black Thunder   

    Send me a pm. i have that model unbuilt...Would a picture of that step work or what?
  10. trick my mixer added a post in a topic Clays Coe freight liner   

    Nice job. really looks good. I really like the single stack look....You don`t see that much anymore especially on model trucks.....Looks good
  11. trick my mixer added a post in a topic Sean Davis (oldbuckaroo)??   

    I tried texting him but no luck, also tried calling but says that number is no longer in service. Tried to email but no answer. I am sure all is good probably just trying to get re-situated. Hope to hear from him soon. Will keep trying....
  12. trick my mixer added a post in a topic Help! Revell w900 grille needed!   

     Is it possible to post a picture of the part, or better yet PM and maybe send pic by phone. May be able to help.....Lucas
  13. trick my mixer added a post in a topic Hello all from an older newby   

    Welcome aboard Mike. You will have fun here I hope...I am sure you will
  14. trick my mixer added a post in a topic Glue Bomb Great Dane **Finished**   

    Nice save Kurt, and especially for being patient. Projects like this sometimes end up going air born... know what I mean...Looking forward to finished product