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  1. they both look great. Nice and weathered. Great job on these freight shakers
  2. Great job and I like the paint job and color
  3. Nicely done. I like the Western color and decals.. I wish Great Dane would build the 53ft. model trailers. Mobius does I know. Either way sharp looking unit.
  4. Great looking Freight shaker. Nice color combo
  5. That insulation under the doghouse gives it a nice touch. Nice build overall.
  6. Nice looking combination. I especially like the Cabover.
  7. Nice color combination. I built this truck but as a tractor.
  8. Nice paint design. What happened to the sun visor?
  9. They only make 1/16th scale flatbed for those trucks. That truck looks really good.
  10. You cannot go wrong building the Kenworth or the Peterbilt Snap Tite. This set up looks great you built.
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