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  1. Calderone added a post in a topic Bandag Bandit   

    There are some Bandag Bandit Decals right now on ebay !!!
  2. Calderone added a post in a topic Bandag Bandit   

    Can't wait to see the Hideout truck !!!!!!!!!

    Check our reply to the Papa Truck Thread here

    Calderone / Ken Harris
  3. Calderone added a post in a topic Tyrone Malone's Papa Truck KW FINISHED   

    WOW i have to say wow !!!!
    You are doing an amazing Job here !!!!
    im Calderone,me and Ken Harris have just launched the brand new Tyrone Malone's Bandag Diesel Racing team
    at http://www.tyronemalone.net ,we are always looking for content and for the next month's update we are adding articles
    and new pictures as well,due to the high demand this AMT model trucks generate,we are gonna include a button
    exclusively for this scale models !!!! and you are invited to send them over,your pictures,your story,why and how did you get this
    vintage trucks and if you are a big Tyrone Malone fan,tell us what you remember from the Bandag diesel racing team
    Congratulations and keep the good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Contact me via PM or send me email over the contact form on the site
    my gmail is sammycalderone (at) gmail.com
    we are 24/7 Online !!!!
    Thanks and we are really amazed because of your work !!!!!

    Calderone / Ken Harris