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  1. We could always start a gasser build off thread here.
  2. Rodders Journal works on a different revenue model than Car Craft or Street Rodder. RJ is for the most part a coffee table book. Its designed for the enthusiast who is more a spectator than an active builder. While they may have a hot rod in the garage, more than likely it was bought not built by the owner (sorta like die casts). The how-to articles of Car Craft and Street Rodder were often in exchange for advertising. They'd feature the product in a build up if the manufacturer committed to advertising. The decline in the magazines that served the shade tree mechanic is reflective in the decline of people who will attempt to do things themselves. This is reflective of our society. Note full range hardware stores are also on the decline. While box stores carry some hardware go looking for something oddball like a 2.5mm screw. Good luck. I'm surprised Hot Rod Deluxe was cancelled. As said previously, their use of pre existing material should make them less expensive to produce. While HRD may have sold more new stand copies per issue cost, Hot Rod has a larger subscriber base which does reduce editorial costs. Their revenue models were different. HRD was new stand sales driven while Hot Rod is ad revenue driven. It is interesting to note they claim they will continue covering the same editorial content digitally. A digital publication can be great. Smithsonian did at one time produce a great digital publication with video content to illustrate the written content. Sadly it was too expensive at the time to continue publishing it in that format. It will be interesting to see what magazines will step up to fill the void.
  3. Sadly with the announcement of more car related magazines folding, FB may be the next source of information about 1:1 cars.
  4. I went looking to confirm the Street Rodder was gone. Sadly I found this: https://www.foliomag.com/ten-publishing-shuttering-19-print-magazines/#list Here's the death list: Here’s a full list of discontinued titles: 4-Wheel & Off-Road Automobile Car Craft Chevy High Performance Classic Trucks  Diesel Power Hot Rod Deluxe  Jp Lowrider Mopar Muscle Muscle Car Review Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Mustang Monthly Street Rodder Super Chevy  Super Street Truck Trend  Truckin’ Vette Everything is supposed to shutter during 2020. DARN IT!
  5. Mike Powell and the other fine folks at the FB page Model Cars Of Gasser's,A,B,C/FX, Altered's,F/C,Pro Stocks up to 1983 is sponsoring a gasser build off from January 19th to March 19th. The subject area is limited to 1950s Fords built in a 60's style. The rules are pretty simple. Post a picture of the unstarted kit on or after January 19th and complete it by March 15th. The car needs to be built in that window which for me, will be a huge challenge. Its a good group, strictly moderated so it doesn't veer into non drag racing or model car building topics. Could be a good place for some SLMers to post their builds. The link to the Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/724835867715378/1234264500105843/?comment_id=1234338433431783&notif_id=1579370554044403&notif_t=group_comment Thanks!
  6. Street Rodder appears to still be in publication. R and C is gone. Of course I bought R and C and don't care for Street Rodder. Elasped Times, which was a drag racing magazine that mixed current, newstlagia and nostalgia is gone. I've heard rumors that Hot Rod Deluxe is folding. It along with the Rodders Journal and a couple of model car magazines are all I buy now.
  7. I'm working on a gasser and I need a blown big block Chevy. I've looked at a few and they all seem lacking detail. Are there any good blown big blocks available? Failing that, what kit offers a good big block Chevy? All the ones I've looked at seems very soft on details. Thanks
  8. The Virago would be interesting but I don't have anything to offer up.....:(
  9. To do customs forms, you need to be able to print purchase from USPS.com. Discount prices (sorta) and automatically generate customs forms.
  10. I'd be interested in the AAR concept. My only concern is the rear spoiler. The rear on the street car just doesn't seem the right shape for a spoiler.
  11. What department? They could be useful. If nothing else they're worth a try.
  12. I'm wondering if this could be the type of paint. Was it a lacquer that could be attacking it? It will be interesting to see how resin will react to acrylic paints.
  13. You know most young people don't even know what a hoe is......or a wheelbarrow.
  14. Where's the rusted out rear wheel wells?
  15. Top side looked really good......then the other side. That's a challenge.
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