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  1. Nice renderings.....it will be interesting to see how it translates to plastic.
  2. The paint looks the part....very nice.
  3. Concerning the metal pieces, most convertible tops metal pieces have all sorts of bends in them. I'd use a solid brass or other soft metal rod.
  4. Thick plastic sheet sanded to shape than a smooth paper towel mixed with white glue to cover. You can use it to add wrinkles.
  5. I know both kits. The only real difference between the Ramchargers and the GG that MPC released is the body panels.
  6. Note the day the article was published.....Gotcha.
  7. That's pretty.....where'd you get the body?
  8. If you want to get rid of those four parts boxes, I'd love to have them. Looks like a fun build.
  9. Nope...too many projects already without the time to deal with another one. But it is tempting.
  10. I'll love to see someone do a full detail of this or merge it with the Foose Caddy.
  11. I remember seeing these on base when Dad was in the Air Force in the 60's. I'd totally forgotten them. Thanks for the flashback.
  12. The '67 Mustang has a great chassis to swap under other late 60's Fords. It's my chassis of choice to put under JoHan Mavericks or resin repops.
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