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  1. iBorg added a post in a topic disabled modler in need of a kit   

    Any ACME or GMP hot rods or altereds or their kits. I'll throw into the trade if you do.
  2. iBorg added a post in a topic disabled modler in need of a kit   

    What 1/18 do you have? I've got a sealed Cutlass I'd let go for the right 1/18.
  3. iBorg added a post in a topic 1/18 ERTL Warlock, AMT LIL Red, Mono 86 Monte SS Wanted   

    If Jim is interested in the Warlock, I might be interested in the Ferrari.
  4. iBorg added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 9/18/2016   

    And the bar keeps getting raised. Amazing!
  5. iBorg added a post in a topic Wanted !:18 Diecast kits   

    Rods, non-exotics, race cars. I plan on customizing whatever I get. I've got a couple of the ACME altereds and Autoworld funny cars. Could always use more. The only imports I'd like are Audi's. Would like to try to convert some kits into Trans Am cars.
  6. iBorg added a post in a topic Der Beetle Bus   

    I am VERY impressed with both your creativity as well as your execution. I'm going to have to look for one of these kits.
  7. iBorg added a post in a topic Adventures in Soldering :Maserati Tipo 61'Birdcage'New Pics 9/10/16   

    An ambitious undertaking. Your progress so far looks like you're up for the challenge.
  8. iBorg added a topic in Wanted!   

    Wanted !:18 Diecast kits
    I'm looking for 1:18 diecast kits by ACME or GMP. Other 1:18 parts kits that could be used for drag racers. If you've got any that you'd like to trade for plastic kits or other things, please let me know. 
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  9. iBorg added a post in a topic Getting Out of Model Cars   

    If he'd had the list ready when I was buying to replace my lost collection, I'd bought the whole thing. Nothing rare or hard to find but quite reasonable prices.  I was promised a second list of harder to find more pricey kits but haven't received it
  10. iBorg added a post in a topic Tamiya 2016 NSX*update OP with photos*   

    Curious question.....is there any savings buying from HLJ after shipping?
  11. iBorg added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - Does a bear..... New Pics 9-16   

    I'll really think the engine needs showcased and an altered is a great choice. Please show the making of the 12 spokes. That could be very helpful to other builders.
  12. iBorg added a post in a topic Trojan Horse Coming Soon   

    The Trojan Horse that most remember was the '71 Mustang (the really dark candy blue one). This car came after and ran in the mid 70's after that car.
  13. iBorg added a post in a topic Is it true???   

    The Hurst Olds pleased some. Its only real use to me is as a WJ pro stocker (and Slixx is working on the decals.....THANKS!). Its been a good seller.
    A boat tail Riviera is so iconic. A stock Detroit car that's a beautiful car straight from the factory. Truly this is one of a few kits announced in the past ten years that I'd pre-order.
    Oh it hasn't been announced.   Fall new releases should be announced in a few weeks. PLEASE!
  14. iBorg added a post in a topic Willys Pickup circa late '60s - Interior Almost Finished   

    A question and a suggestion.
    How are you cutting the metal? Are you using something like snips or heavy scissors and hen filing to shape? The seat and riser are quite impressive. 
    Now for the suggestion....Scoring the lines in the door panels and adding a door pull or handle will add a lot to the interior. Overall, a wonderful job.
  15. iBorg added a post in a topic Trojan Horse Coming Soon   

    Kit is not as good as the box art.....I used the body for this project.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I still have the body I was working on. If I do, I'd love to restart it. The body tin and the chassis is junk although the rear end is useable. The engine block has potential but the blower is rubbish. I'd suggest merging the kit with either a Revell or Monogram FC. Actually the Monogram is closer to accurate. The Revell kit chassis was pretty well dated by 1973.