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  1. iBorg

    Cunningham C4

    This model would look great on my shelf. Absolutely beautiful build.
  2. Was this built from the original AMT Flyin' wedge or the Prudhomme wedge? They don't share the same bodies.
  3. Any idea how Platto prints them?
  4. Palmer returns as a manufacturer and releases a '34 Ford. You heard it first from me.
  5. I see an order in my future.
  6. I like what I see. Can you post a side view?
  7. Strange as it seems four hole mag wheels were not totally unheard of in the 60's.
  8. iBorg

    Finding Shows

    I'm finally at a point where I can start attending shows with some regularity since the kids have headed off to college. I'm curious as to how to find shows now. It used to be pretty easy, look in the other magazine for upcoming events but that doesn't seem that effective. Any good listings for upcoming events?
  9. The Firestone 500s will be interesting to see. I hope they're big enough for early pro stocks. If so, I'll be buying those. The other kits look like Ollie's fodder.
  10. In one of our conversations he said it would be out in the fall. Then went on to say he didn't know what year.
  11. I've been in contact with Moebius concerning the Nova..... From that conversation:
  12. iBorg


    The all plastic kit was a reissue of the old die cast and plastic kit. As for the wheels being chrome plated or not, Dave is 100% correct. They were painted but never chrome plated from the factory.
  13. Maybe the Tamiya Putty with liquid cement to help it sink in.
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