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  1. Snow Cobra

    I want that for this winter!
  2. Tamiya1/18 Lola T-160 TS

    Mine is untouched.
  3. Tamiya1/18 Lola T-160 TS

    Got one on the shelf. This reminds me I should pull it off the shelf.
  4. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    Both the Maverick and Vega would take a lot of new tooling instead of puling out existing molds and crafting new decals. The Jo-Han Maverick was an exceptional kit in its day. The interior tub and chassis would take recreating to fit today's market IF the other molds were to magically appear. MPC did the Vega. That kit would be successful as a nostalgia kit but lacks a lot compared to a modern kit. The best thing would be to retool and start over. The body is the only item that meets today's standards. I'd love to have the gassers and the pro stocks. I'd also love the winning lottery ticket.
  5. Lennie Pond Pepsi Chevelle - built 30 years ago

    It has held up quite well. AS for the screen, it looks pretty accurate for the nets that were being used at that time. It captures the real car well.
  6. Mako Shark Survivor Resto/Rescue

    I really wish Round2 would bring this one back.
  7. Help kit

    1/16 scale? Are you going to sell these? If so, I'm interested.
  8. 1981 Mountain Dew Buick

    This actually looks like a race car. Most models of this car look like models.
  9. NEW Round2 MPC 2018

    The McEwen photos at https://www.dragracermag.com/features/feature-tom-the-mongoose-mcewens-tirend-top-fueler-part-2/ shows the car much closer to the Garlits chassis than I remember. Still I wish they'd tool up new panels for the Ivo FE car. The old Garlits body always struck me as wrong. It looks too heavy. Also the rear of the chassis is wrong. Its fixable but it will take a couple of hours.
  10. The question everyone has......how did you prevent the tape from lifting the paint?
  11. AMT Sock-it-to-Me Corvette MSP: Bodywork, Dec. 03

    Now the photos show.....they're worth the wait.
  12. Sox and Martin cuda barn find

    Here's exactly what you're dreaming of.
  13. AMT Sock-it-to-Me Corvette MSP: Bodywork, Dec. 03

    I don't have them from page 1 and 2. Those on page 4 are very educational.
  14. AMT Sock-it-to-Me Corvette MSP: Bodywork, Dec. 03

    I wish all the photos were still here. Looks like a very interesting build.
  15. Nostalgia Fuel Dragster--Scale Archaeology

    Go for it!