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  1. The comments on the Thomas Flyer surprise me....maybe it shouldn't. AMT produced a bunch of that kit and very few people rushed out to get one. Okay, no one did. I've heard more than one person desire to buy one. It reminds me of the original Knight Rider kit.....thing was more common than pimples on a thirteen year old. I bet know if you had a sealed one at a show, there'd be a fist fight over it.
  2. Thanks for what you do for the group members!
  3. Couldn't make up your mind on a donor kit? 😀 I hope you have WIP pictures in case you enter it in a show. It so well done, most would not believe it had that extensive of bodywork. VERY nicely done.
  4. I'd believe brake fluid but no alcohol until I see it. That is a nice list of somewhat hard to find bodies.
  5. Reducing font size shouldn't cause pixelation. The majority of fonts are vector based and should change size without a problem. Of course what your printer does to them is another thing.
  6. There's so much right with this build. I absolutely love it! Makes me want to rush to my local hobby shop and pick up the 29 Roadster......oh shucks.
  7. I'm working on a dragster and I plan on using some resin cast slicks. They don't have sidewall markings. The time frame of the car would be the white lettered Goodyear Blue Streaks. Did they have Goodyear on both sidewalls? If they did have the lettering on both sides, how was the lettering positioned in relationship to each other?
  8. If this was CNC, I'd be impressed with your drafting abilities and your skill converting those drawings to code. Knowing you do this freehand, I'm simply in awe. I think I have most of the tools although I have Sherline and I think you've got a variation of a Sieg but I don't pretend to think I'll ever perfect your talent.
  9. iBorg

    R & D unique

    R and D Unique did two different front end set ups. The one you're showing is there Mustang II front axle. They also did a pretty nice dropped axle. At one time they also had a full chassis set up available with either front end.
  10. I'm with Bob, I've used alcohol to soak a body for several days with no ill effect.
  11. Are the Liberty and the Revell kits the same engines with Liberty's being assembled?
  12. I've been pretty silent as I've watched this unfold. I started the first and second pay it forward for one purpose only, to help bring goodwill to the group. I feel qualified to offer my two cents. The group had been victimized by two individuals, one a con artist in Canada (I say that in researching his name shows he did the same thing in RC cars AND go karts) and the second by an individual in Pennsylvania who promised big and eventually had a person claiming to be their father go ballistic on anyone who sent this individual anything. This is all about a bit of fun but it's also like gambling. Don't offer more than you can afford to loose. That is not to say let it go, but take it to PM if possible. Involve the starter of the thread. We all go through issues. I had a time where in the matter of a MONTH I spent one day in the ER for heart issues, the next day I drove to Illinois due to an an emergency phone call that my sister was close to death. I returned on late Saturday and on Monday was a day past due as a Boy Scout Leader at a camp that was blissfully without and form of cell or wi-fi service. Prior to leaving, I contacted the three people I had deals working with. I explained what was happening. The last night we were hit with the Derecho. I drove home in what looked like a war scene from a day after movie. On Wednesday of that week I contacted the administrator for the trade section and the names of the people involved and asked him to let them know. I was at a McDonald's. We went two weeks upon my return without electricity. There were no harsh feelings. Folks talk to each other. At the end of the day, these are toys (don't lynch me for that), that more than likely our heirs won't cherish as much as we. Remember it's a hobby. Life happens.
  13. The kits were always Monogram or Revell, before they merged. I used to think they were a Revell thing until I picked up a few Monogram collector's club kits.
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