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  1. iBorg added a post in a topic Howdy from West Virginia   

    Glad to have another Kanawha County modeler.
  2. iBorg added a post in a topic Pay It Forward   

    YEAH! Let's keep it rolling!
  3. iBorg added a post in a topic Bond Bug   

    When I was younger I REALLY wanted one.  From what I've since learned, not getting one may have been a very good thing.
  4. iBorg added a post in a topic Pay It Forward   

    Next week, I post another kit.
  5. iBorg added a post in a topic Pay It Forward   

    Kit is still available. I should note the tail lights are a bit funky. The stock ones are molded in the body with instructions to paint them. There are red molded tail lights for a custom body panel . 
  6. iBorg added a post in a topic Pay It Forward   

    Sorta exactly what I'm asking for. Put your offer for the next person on line and PM me your address. The kit will go out on Monday (I'm out of town from tomorrow until Sunday.)
  7. iBorg added a topic in Trading Post   

    Pay It Forward
    It’s time for a bit of positive karma to this group……
    Over the years I’ve received several kits and parts. A few of these were for builds I’ve started. A few I lost due to circumstances beyond my control. All were appreciated.
    This is about giving back.
    I received a collection of aftermarket parts from br67 (Brandon Robertson) and I was touched by his generosity. That type of modeler’s spirit seems common to this group. We talked about what I should send him in return and we discussed the idea of a “Pay It Forward.”
    If you’ve never participated in one before, here’s how it works. I’ll post a kit (at Brandon’s suggestion) and send it to whoever is the first person to claim it. In exchange for the kit I post, the claimant offers an item of equal or greater value up for the next person to claim. The idea is to enjoy what you receive……build pics would be great.
    I’d love for us to keep this going for several kits. If this is successful, I will be posting two other kits in succeeding weeks.
    Here’s the first kit:
    Sealed inside, AMT 1963 Impala SS.
    As you can tell by the pics, it appears to be complete and untouched. It’s labeled as a 2n1 kit.
    Who wants it? 

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  8. iBorg added a post in a topic 1954 and 1978 Chevy P/U's   

    How much difference is there between a '54 and a '51?
    AMT kitted the '51.
  9. iBorg added a post in a topic MPC Coibra or parts   

    I might be in my model area by mid May!  I'm looking for three sets. 
    I look forward to the results of your digging.
  10. iBorg added a topic in Wanted!   

    MPC Coibra or parts
    I'm looking for the rear tires from the MPC Cobra in 1/16 scale. I'll take a complete kit, glue bomb or tires only.
    Let me know what you have and what you want.
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  11. iBorg added a post in a topic Trades Gone Wrong   

    I think this thread is near its sale by date......
    Tomorrow I will close it and start something on a much more positive note.
  12. iBorg added a post in a topic Modern top fuel roll cage shield   

    What about modifying a disposable plastic spoon?
  13. iBorg added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine, The Future   

    I disagree. This site ha had issues in the past, but, I feel overall it works pretty well for what it is. Even with the issues (a typical annoyance for a site that has become too big to be a one man operation but not profitable enough to have a support staff), the content is so far above what i available to most American modelers, I'm willing to support it to just remain as it is.
  14. iBorg added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine, The Future   

    I buy the magazine every month issue. Common phone call, "Sherry (owner of shop), new copy of Model Cars in?  Great. Hold me a copy." I support my LHS and the magazine. I know subscribers are more profitable (I teach magazine business models). With 700K views, you should be able to get some advertisers but most people don't like that. I do think a minimal subscription/donation for support makes sense. Maybe disable PMs and searches for non subscribers. Make it cheap. We're a cheap group. Make payment convenient.... We're also lazy. 
    The challenge is finding the price point where people will buy into it without debating its value. I'd suggest $10 which is half of one kit or about a can of spray paint. 500 subscribers would be $5000 which would go a long way to make hosting this site break even.
  15. iBorg added a post in a topic Is this typical ?   

    Was this bought from Jimmy or another vendor? Can you PM me the auction link?
    I've bought JF stuff before and while its not Modelhaus, it is typically pretty good. This is well below the typical JF standards. 
    I'd contact the seller and ask for a replacement or a refund.