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  1. iBorg

    1/64 Nascar

    I hope this doesn't get moved as I view it as NASCAR modeling. Has anyone dismantled and then detailed 1/64 Nascars? If so would share some secrets? I'd like to add window masks and am wondering if anyone has tricks for that as well as masking the chassis for detailed painting. Thanks!
  2. iBorg

    Foyt Laguna .

    Your build looks so right.....the first two look like the actual car. Great job!
  3. One point, if you're like me and hearing aid dependent, ultrasonic cleaners interfere with them. When I use any of my three cleaners, I must turn my HAs off. If not they have a loud buzz sound.
  4. I'd still like a list of shops that received it. I know one of my locals dropped it last year. If one of the others got it, I'd pick it up.
  5. Clean builds of very challenging kits. Maybe they didn't win but they're still fantastic on the shelf.
  6. What scale are the Lotus parts?
  7. The decals look better.....not right. Sad thing is the changes to make them right would not be hard in either Illustrator or InDesign. Any decal makers interested?
  8. I'd love to acquire that holy grail. Hint....hint.
  9. Depending on the issue this is a great kit. Most I've seen lately were near the end of JoHan and suffered serious flash molded in some "wonderful" color like orange. I haven't seen usable decals on most of the kits, even when new. GREAT Build!
  10. The ones I see that are unusual are the Ashland ones. Ashland was a popular gasoline brand in Kentucky and West Virginia. Their most popular line was Valvoline, which is now a separate company.
  11. Mercy that makes me miss my Chrysler Laser XT, the Chrysler twin to the the Turbo Z. Your build looks dead on. As for the comments of being a fast car.....in 1987, it was the one of the fastest cars made by Detroit. West Virginia had some that were factory specials that could top out at 150.
  12. I'm curious about the decals....I've got a case of these from a prior issue.
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