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  1. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Seeing where you started from, this is a very impressive build.
  2. Vega drag car

    PM sent.
  3. First $300,000 can have this race car

    That's about $200,000 optimistic. Maybe at NASCAR's zenith but when Bristol closes grandstands and Charlotte takes out seats to give fans more room, this wonderful won't bring that price.
  4. Or you can order boxes from USPS and drop off the ones you ordered and did not use. Whatever you do, don't buy boxes from the post office. Typically they're almost $4 or $5 each and near the same size as the free boxes from the post office. I concur with Michael. free Priority Mail boxes are NOT the same as Flat Rate. I've had success in some cases with Regional A boxes but the Regional Bs have been useless to me as they're almost as expensive as Flat Rate.
  5. Wow...... There's so much to like. MADD skills.
  6. They shoot horses, don't they?

    Kurt trust me, I know about being delayed. My shop has been slowly coming out of boxes for the last FOUR years. I'm finally able to connect my spray booth and who knows, maybe even destroy some plastic.
  7. Actually Priority boxes come in a bunch of varieties. The Post Office often only has the flat rate boxes in the lobby. Ask for others. They have the OSHOEBOX which is great for shipping standard 1/25 or 1/24 kits. I often sometimes use Regional A boxes. I use the calculator to determine which is best. It all depends upon distance. Priority Mail 7 boxes are 12 x 12 x 8. I can get three kits in one but four can be a challenge. Fortunately, USPS has gotten better with larger boxes. The used to be a stickler for things measuring over 20 inches in one dimension. That seems to changed. As for flat rate, unless the item is heavy, avoid flat rate. Typically, it seems $5 a box higher than paying actual weight to ship.
  8. They shoot horses, don't they?

    Any updates?
  9. Serious 3D printing inquiry...

    A few thoughts. In some ways I compare this to the ALPS printers. When they first came out they did not sell. This was due to several reasons. First off, they needed more computer horsepower than the average computer. In fact, they needed a top of the line computer. If you could connect it, I think an iPhone 8 would power it. In addition, the software to create the required files was very uncommon when the ALPS was in production. Many high schools now teach that software. A misconception is that with larger volumes printed, the cost will go down. There are two costs associated with printing these files. Designing the files and the actual printing. The cost to design will be less per piece the larger the volume printed but the cost per item printed will remain the same. Analog printing technology allows many of one while digital is one of many. There is no cost reduction in the actual printing cost of digital printed images if the volume increases. As for quality, currently other forms of mass producing kits are less expensive and produce better quality in the hands of a skilled craftsman. If given the same quality pattern, injection molding is currently better quality at less cost per piece. If the volume doesn't support injection molding, resin casting produces better quality than the average 3D printed item but if the product is large enough and the volume small enough, 3D will be less expensive and if printed on the right printer will be equal or better quality than resin. In many ways both injection molding and resin casting are mature technologies. There will be few if any major technology upgrades in these technologies. 3D printing is very immature. The best quality printer of five years ago, is equal to today's hobbyist printer. The technology will continue to evolve. Soon hobbyist printers will equal better resin parts. This is another facet of the hobby that some of us will explore and others will choose not to
  10. 65 Continental Roadster Pick-up (Ranchero style)

    Normally I look at kits that combine different eras as bad styling experiments. That's not the case here. I could see someone taking a beater and making this beauty. The sidewinder parts work very well with this conversion. I'll admit I think that's one kit that offers a host of styling possibilities.
  11. MPC 1967 #40 Indy Turbine Car 1/20 Scale

    Check to see what Indycals.com has to offer. I think he has the tires you desire.
  12. I often think today's builders are so talented with their photoetch, resin and machined parts. Then I see something like this. Different raw materials but still very talented. Care to share what you paid?
  13. There's some very nice detail pics i this collection. Thanks for sharing.
  14. MPC Motown Shaker Vega F/C Wanted

    I sold a sealed one on Ebay last year. I expected in excess of $100. Only got about $60. The Revell kit is much better. I wish the decals were available for that body.