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  1. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    Same rules apply to everyone......even the administrators. The first PIF had people claiming two or three kits in a week. Some felt they were excluded if they weren't living at their computers. I'd much rather have people building than sitting at their computers hoping their Grail kit was going to pop up. I'd love to have more participants but I also want people to feel its fair. I've been watching and not participating as I realize I have 200-300 kits more than I need, plus the way work is hitting me I may never get more than half an hour to build.
  2. Model Cars Magazine Renewals

    I think one thing that would be helpful would be to provide a list linked to the MCM main page showing shops that stock the magazine. I've been told that the number of shops carrying the magazine has been reduced. While I haven't subscribed, I've bought almost every issue printed. I seriously think I'm missing three during the entire print run since MCM took over from Plastic Fanatic.
  3. The Twister Vega

    Seeing this and I have to ask where is the USA-1 Bruce Larson Vega reissue, promised two years ago.
  4. Old style window net

    Go to a fabric store and look at wide ribbons. Some of those my work. Another possibility is actual nylon window screen material. The problem with that is getting it to be flexible in a window down usage. I've never tried it but maybe you could sand it to make it more flimsy.
  5. New kid on the block ?

    I saw this yesterday on Facebook. I'm excited. It appears as a new mold if not a new mold. It could be the old Monogram chassis with a new body. Either way, any company that steps in with a quality product deserves consideration. Would I prefer a different kit? Absolutely. I'm sure 90% of the forum's users would prefer something else also. Of course, that would be ninety different kits. I think what killed Monogram's Nascar kits is the new decal, its a new kit mentality. I hope they don't fall into that trap. I think the price is average for what you're getting. A short run kit with quality decals for $40 is pretty good. Hopefully they'll be successful enough that they can offer additional kits and not be a two or three kit company.
  6. new for 2018

    My knock is not on the base kit. It a very nice kit. My knock is this version. I just can't see it as boxed selling. Too many people will be turned off by the car's ugliness to not see the car under the lightning bolts. Its possible the ugliest movie car of all time. Why remind us of it?
  7. new for 2018

    "Why? I mean, it makes a lot of sense from a "how do we release what appears to be an all-new kit from something which already exists in or inventory" line of thinking, and Round2 does it all the time-- same basic kit, new decals, a few new parts, new box art, and wham, "new" kit. Grease is a pretty popular (and by now classic) movie and musical, so, why not? People are always clamoring for a totally stock kit option, too, so here they go." Sorry I never can get the quotes to work........ I was not a fan of the movie. I worked in radio at the time and found John Travolta pretty annoying. I won't go on about that. The box art is some of the worst I've seen in years. Does the car really sit that unevenly? It looks like its sliding through a turn without the benefit of a driver. I just can't see it selling. Revell has used Grease before. I'd bet any of those kits would sell much better.
  8. new for 2018

    I keep looking at this and thinking its a bad joke.
  9. Darkside decal lot for trade -SOLD-

    I'd love to have these but shipping is a killer.
  10. RIP Dan Gurney, 1931-2018

    Another boyhood hero lost. The list of racing greats I followed in the sixties and the seventies that have not gone for the final checker is getting mighty slim. From all I've read he was a great racer and engineer. He was a businessman who could operate a racing team for longer than all but a few of his competitors. His Alligator motorcycle design may someday lead to redesign of two wheeled vehicles. Above all of this, his reputation was as a true gentleman. Long may you run, and God speed.
  11. 75 Charger Funny Car

    Jesse, that's the Charger in the first pic.....see: http://www.70sfunnycars.com/lost.html
  12. 75 Charger Funny Car

    They were rare. Ivo's was the most known car. There was a Mr. Norm car (more than likely the last car in the series), and a Gold Coast Charger. Body wasn't very aerodynamic compared to the Monza's and Mustang IIs. The Dart Sport and then the Omni's were a more aerodynamic choice for the Chrysler racers.
  13. 75 Charger Funny Car

    Actually is a Charger. Chrysler went to that body style in 1975. Ivo used that and a Dodge Sport in very similar livery. I'm not sure what body you'd use to make it....maybe a Duster FC with a lot of modifications?
  14. Double "A" Dale Rail

    What's really impressive is merging the plastic and the brass. Epoxy?
  15. Looking for Slixx Decal sheet #1945

    What body is correct for this? The Hemi Under Glass? Its close but not quite right.