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  1. iBorg added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 5/2/2016   

    I keep on reading this post and keep on being amazed. As I've said before, this is a textbook. Not a W.I.P. 
    Looking at the distributor I just couldn't understand what you were doing with it......mercy it looks good finished. How were you able to cut all the brass to the same length? Also, were the boots 3-d printed? 
  2. iBorg added a post in a topic Round 2 new releases for 2016   

    I like that photo...... my wife will hate it. The Bison has Arias Hemis.......great part source. The Flying Wedge, I've got the Kenny Goodell decals for (maybe). Baked off the Ivo AMT mold, it may be the best rear engine dragster chassis. The Prudhomme Yellow Feather will be interesting to see if there's any changes to the Garlits mold. The Trojan Horse is a reissue that originally had mediocre decals to go with an overall so-so kit, but its the only Mustang II FC in plastic. With two of those bodies you can actually create a good body. I showed how to modify the body here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/61064-blue-max-mustang-ii-now-a-wip/#comment-733283  Maybe one day I'll find my started build and find primer.
  3. iBorg added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Scale Auto Details
    Last year, Doctordarryl or Darryl Peters showed some amazing builds of a couple of Don Garlits cars. He hasn't been on the forum for a year. Is he still around? Is he still active in the aftermarket?

    If so, can someone PM me his contact info.


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  4. iBorg added a post in a topic Revell's new Corvette Racing C7R   

    Oh my......
    That's a must have.
    Does any of the body remove to show detail?
  5. iBorg added a post in a topic Bruce Larson Tribute car   

    Another great funny car build? This forum is great!
  6. iBorg added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 5/2/2016   

    Could this be a centerfold subject?
    Absolutely THE instructions for how to super detail a funny car.
  7. iBorg added a post in a topic What makes me do it????   

    I'd give your money back.
  8. iBorg added a post in a topic Ollie's strike again   

    I went to both Beckley and Huntington, WV today. It must have been the April 14th thing. Both store said they were selling quickly. I know my car had some plastic on the way home.
  9. iBorg added a post in a topic Rear Engined Mustang - Start of Rearend New Pics 5-4   

    Concerning the rear engine/front engine debate, I was an active follower of drag racing from this period. A few thoughts.
    Before the rear engined dragster, the front engined cars faced severely declining popularity compared to funny cars. The fans filled the stands for funnys but did not for dragsters. There was even an article in Car Craft about the death of the top fuel class. Rear engined cars shot new life into the dragster class. If it hadn't been for that, the dragster class would have died. Already in the early 70's, many of the top top fuel drivers were running two cars, rails for national events and funnys for booked shows. 
    There were several rear engined funny cars. Typically most were created by bucks down racers who were trying to create a better mouse trap to even the playing field. Rear engined cars were not highly successful. Jim Dunn had arguably the most successful car but after one or two seasons he went back to a front motored car. The reason most likely was to go to something that required fewer specialized parts. Others tried to follow with much less successful and sometimes disastrous results. 
    In the late '90's, funny car performance was approaching top fuelers again. This was the era of the Bernstein Batmobile. There was some concern that unless a performance differential remained between the two classes, they would merge into one. At this same time, John Force announced he was considering a rear engined car. Force at the time was the dominant power in F/C, although he didn't have his current sized stable. To prevent Force from doing this and potentially closing the performance gap even more with fuelers, NHRA outlawed rear engined funny cars. They also enacted in this time frame a minimum wheelbase in top fuel to prevent funny cars from crossing over to top fuel.
  10. iBorg added a post in a topic Ollie's strike again   

    Huntington, WV -Lindbergh F-150 trucks........wasted trip.
  11. iBorg added a post in a topic Show me how you pack your kits for shipping......   

    First off how many kits are you shipping at a time? If only one at a time, USPS will give you a Priority Mail shoebox. Perfect size. Provides better protection than a hacked together box.
    If opened, I'd suggest wrapping the glass and chrome in a paper towel, beyond that, almost everything is overkill. Kits shift in the box with minimal damage. 
    For proper protection you should center the item in the box with one to two inches between the item and the box edge. 
    As far as shipping built kits, I have absolutely no clue.
  12. iBorg added a post in a topic Junkman, the manic swapper, has many kits for swappage in a kit swapping frenzy   

    Can you give us a list of kits you're looking for? I see a couple, I'm interested in.
  13. iBorg added a post in a topic Trading   

    I have no horse in this race but a few thoughts. Life events has made me unreliable in getting trades out. As such, I do not provide my mailing address until I have sent the other person's item out first. If I take a few days longer to ship than I should, at least the other party isn't out their end waiting for me to ship. I feel this protects the other trader.
    May I make a suggestion? 
    If you're trading with a newbie (and I've been burned by two newbies), don't ship until the other party ships their end with shipping confirmation or better yet, you receive their end. If they are not willing to accept those terms, don't trade. You have your reputation at stake.....all they have is a kit. Trust me, for most of us, our reputations are worth more.
  14. iBorg added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    I have to agree with Bob on this, a Prudhomme kit is highly unlikely as Prudhomme licensing is quite difficult.....but if they are releasing a '72 Prudhomme kit, the wedge would be a huge hit and obvious choice. Looking at the AMT wedge box art (using the chassis that was the Ivo/Sand Dragon), it could be confused as the Prudhomme wedge. Is that where the list posted by Mr. Obsessive identified the Flying Wedge as the Prudhomme kit? The MPC Spirit of '76 car used the Garlits chassis. It is not the same as the AMT Flying Wedge. The Wedge was released with minor modifications as Steve McGee's Black Beauty. A build up of the AMT kit can be found here:http://coffincorner.proboards.com/thread/19410/flying-wedge
    Here's a build up of the Spirit: http://coffincorner.proboards.com/thread/19411/spirit-76
    Which is the better kit?  For myself, I'd pass on the Sprit car. I'd get at least three of the Flying Wedges.