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  1. WIP Hasegawa taqa-Q Toyota 88c

    Your tire decals will look better if you coat them with dull coat after lettering them. A lot of people will spray gloss on the tires, then decal the tires. Then dull coat them afterwards. Your overall build looks like its going to be killer when you're done.
  2. Drop Tank 'Liner

    It looks the part. I'm sure if we were on the salt in the 50's we'd see something very similar on the flats.
  3. Removing Paint

    My experiences with brake fluid is mixed. I had a Tamiya Porsche I used it on. After three days, the plastic was deformed. In the same vein, whats the best thing to strip chrome to the bare plastic removing the chrome and the chrome under layer?
  4. Under... wrap

    New Corvette or Camaro. The nose reminds me more of the Camaro.
  5. Another project , just what I need

    The wheel looks right although I agree with you that the music wire is a touch small. Do you think the same technique would work with a 1/16 wheel which of course would be half the size? Thanks, Mike
  6. anybody trade for these

    PM sent yesterday. Please let me know if you got it.
  7. This HAS to be THE crapiest box art EVER!!!!

    Over the years I've always held these two kits up as a low standard. A black car against a dark gray background. Any designer can tell you that's a no-no.
  8. This HAS to be THE crapiest box art EVER!!!!

    I never saw the second reissue of the '59 Chrysler.....if so I'd bought it. I saw the first one and had no idea what was inside. I thought it was a promo that had been converted into a kit. I passed on even picking up the box.
  9. Lindberg '79 Caddy - Jo-Han mold or clone?

    To throw more sand into the mix, the Lindberg Challenger body is a pretty good copy of the MPC '73 or '74 Challenger. The chassis and engine, not so much.
  10. The Glidden late T-Bird and the Reher and Morrision Camaro were both reissued. The Iacono Camaro was scheduled but I don't know if it was. In both cases the runs were fairly small and many snatched them up. They weren't on dealers shelves long although the Glidden car did end up at Ollies.
  11. AMT '55 Corvette (BM/SP)

    Two thumbs WAY up. Looks like what I saw in the early 70's on a Sunday afternoon at the local strip. Mercy I miss those days.
  12. Slixx John Weibe decals

    I know Slixx still sells the John Weibe decals but if you have a set you're not going to use, I'd like to trade for them. Slixx decal for Slixx decal. Thanks, Mike
  13. This is my first look at this project in a couple of weeks. The details you're throwing into a curbside is amazing.
  14. Bronco Buster

    It looks terribly archaic and dangerous.....just like the real one. Looks like you nailed it.
  15. Porsche Outlaws & Hot Rods

    I absolutely love this car. When I was younger this would be my ideal of a daily driver. Now I feel like I need AC and cruise. Still it would be a blast to own.