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  1. iBorg added a post in a topic Wanting to buy kits   

    I've been asked about the number of kits I need to buy from one individual. I can buy 5-10 at a time from different individuals although I prefer larger numbers. 
    I'm also looking for detail items, decals, resin and photo etch.
  2. iBorg added a post in a topic Carl Casper`s : Phonebooth: "On the Workbench" 7-11-16   

    Those headlights are quite good and clever. 
  3. iBorg added a post in a topic Wanting to buy kits   

    First off THANK GOD for insurance and an agent who insisted on more coverage than I thought necessary.
    I have a question: how did you value your collection with your insurer?
    Most of the collection was priced at current retail. Did I loose money or make money? Not a clue but it seems hard to accept an MPC 73 Duster being the same value as what I can buy a current kit from Michaels. Still I got a better bang for my buck for some NASCAR kits than I would on eBay. Some kits will be listed on my final inventory that are high dollar or unique, it will be interesting to see how they handle those.
    Did you have to provide receipts or did they accept photograph / video evidence of what you had and an estimated value?  The first insurance adjuster walked into my model room it didn't burn but had water (of course on my best kits) and soot damage. She commented on the number of kits I had. Soot is very acidic and can destroy anything in a few days. I think she took photos. It was a blur. I do have to provide receipts for replacement value. 
    What percentage did they pay prior to replacement purchases? Roughly a third or low retail.
    I have a sizable collection and currently not a nickel of insurance on it. If you're a renter, get rental insurance. If you own a house, you need to ask. My garage and basement had a whole lot more money in them than I expected. I've been buying kits in mass since the early seventies. At one time I had at least 2000 unbuilt kits. I think I was down to 800-1000 prior to the fire. Ask your agent before you need to about coverage. 
  4. iBorg added a post in a topic Wanting to buy kits   

    PM me pictures here or pm me for a email account. 
  5. iBorg added a topic in Wanted!   

    Wanting to buy kits
    I have a bit of a unique problem. I lost most of my modeling items when we had a house fire in 2014. To get fully reimbursed by our insurance company, I need to replace the items. I had made arrangements to buy out an individual's collection but his house was destroyed in the WV floods. I'm looking for an individual who is retiring from the hobby or for some other reason wants to sell everything model related who is wiling to sign a receipt (a State Farm requirement). I'm only interested in doing this for unbuilt automotive/motorcycle kits.
    I'm into race cars, drag, F-1, Indy, road race and other race cars. My Nascar to be built kits survived. Also cars that can be converted intro gassers are good.
    Not into street cars except imports.
    Also like show cars
    I'm also interested in 1/18 and larger die-casts and kits. 1320inc Drag cars are of interest.
    . I need to purchase about 200 kits to replace the quantity I lost. you got any you want to sell and will ship (with me paying shipping)? To help my paperwork, I really need to pay with PayPal. That makes State Farm happier.
    Please send pictures of what you have and prices including shipping to Charleston, WV, 25304. If you're within three-four hours and the collection is large enough, I can come and pick up.
    Please note I cleared this with Harry before posting.
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  6. iBorg added a post in a topic AMT '64 Pontiac GTO w/diecast for trade   

    PM sent
  7. iBorg added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Vaughn Hart
    Anyone have a connection with Vaughn Hart? He made a Challenger conversion that I could use a couple of.
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  8. iBorg added a post in a topic Rat Packer Nova Question   

    I thought seriously of the Miss Deal chassis but I remember the bolt on Instant Funny car kits.......I wanted one badly as a 12 year old. Going to get one in scale.
  9. iBorg added a post in a topic Rear Engined Mustang - 1 down, 1 to go. New Pics 7-26   

    Absolutely amazing.
    No other words are adequate.
  10. iBorg added a post in a topic Free 1 24 and 1 25 parts   

    I'd appreciate the '55. 
  11. iBorg added a post in a topic Rat Packer Nova Question   

    That is so spot on to what I want to build. Even the injected motor is right. 
  12. iBorg added a post in a topic Revell, kit this.   

    I believe there was a solid resin cast. Several people bought it, a few actually received it. Cool car. 
  13. iBorg added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    A tip of the hat to Merkur XR4Ti (Steve Salhany). Good communication, good packing. What a trade should be.

  14. iBorg added a post in a topic STEVE SCOTT ,A.KA . [ UNCERTAIN T ]   

    There's a lot of reasonable thoughts and unfortunately a lot of venom in this thread. I agree with Gary R that this thread should be left to die. 
    I think most of us can be charitable and say Steve Scott is being a bit unrealistic in his place in hot rodding history. He had one magnificent show car unlike the multiple cars of Barris or Roth. If he'd followed it up with other noteworthy cars, he might be justified in placing himself on a self promoting pedestal like Barris. Instead he had one noteworthy car that was made into a noteworthy model. Its sorta like the race driver who won one race fifty years ago (yes it was fifty years ago) who expects to be recognized and honored for that one win. 
    There are a couple of questions left unanswered. What happen to the Uncertain T and why has the kit never been reissued?
    I suspect like many race cars and show cars of the 60's and 70's, after its show days it fell into disrepair and slowly got stripped of parts. Exposed to the elements, I doubt it still exists in a recognizable form. If it does, whoever owns it, may be keeping it in hiding to avoid dealing with Mr. Scott. In that same vein, if the molds do still exist of if Monogram had any desire to reverse engineer it, they may believe that any profit would be meager after dealing with license and/or legal fees. I do agree that a good version could be scratch built fairly easily although some parts would be hard to acquire. Seems like a good project.
  15. iBorg added a post in a topic Porsche 550 1500 RS PanAmericana 1/8   

    That's sweet. Scratch built or resin?