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  1. Drag Racing Books and CDs

    I'll do that. Two AMT birds. PM me and we can sort out the bits and pieces
  2. Piranha Drag Team

    Steve can you post a pic of the decals? I have several of the reissues and the decals would be the reason to pick up this kit.
  3. Tim Richmond's Folgers Monte Carlo Aerocoupe

    I need to build one of these kits. What decals did you use? They look better than the kit decals.
  4. Wanted Monogram 80's NASCAR kits

    PM me your wish list and whether you want to trade or buy.
  5. Most-Kitted Drag Racer?

    I answered this question for myself several years ago. There were several possibilities Dyno Don, Tommy Ivo, Don Garlits, Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen. I was rather surprised with my answer then. I was certain it had to be Prudhomme but it very obviously became Dyno Don.
  6. '65 Falcon A/FX

    I took a screen shot of the picture and opened it up in Photoshop and used the color picker to examine the colors. I used both the rear pillar and the roof figuring these would have similar lighting characteristics. If anything the Gas Mustang is slightly redder although distance tends to make colors darker. There may be a slight variation but I think to the naked eye the colors would be the same unless you had the two different colors side by side.
  7. I fear the small print shop solution may be a bit of a challenge. The thin .006-.008 plates were used on offset duplicators with a 11 x 17 sheet size. Those have pretty much disappeared and been replaced with digital technology. If you're wanting thin plate, may I suggest tooling metal. My favorite sources is Maid-O-Metal at http://www.stlouiscrafts.com/ Typically they sell their metal in a roll but I've had luck in the past calling and asking them to sell it in flat sheets. This is a lot softer than printer's plate. Larger offset presses use a thicker plate, about .012-.015. It has a coating on it which can be a challenge to remove. I'd use aluminum flashing from a home improvement store instead of printers plate. I've worked in the printing industry for almost forty years. A lot of what we used to do with film and plates is done digitally.
  8. Castrol GTX

    G.O. was a favorite of mine. I totally agree we lost him way too soon.
  9. 1971 Hemi CUDA

    Of all the various Cuda bodies out there, Revell, Revell/Monogram, MPC and Jo-Han, none really have the grill right. Yours is by far the best I've seen.
  10. Munsters Koach

    I misread the Barris kit. Think if I wanted a large scale kit, I'd go looking for the 1/16 diecast. Whole lot less money more than likely better detail.
  11. '65 Falcon A/FX

    This is becoming a great how to article.

    Same question..... "What was the starting point for the body? Camaro?"
  13. JD McDuffie done

    Now that's an oddball. Nice work.
  14. What about this? https://www.antiquesnavigator.com/d-371792/antique-vintage-nosco-plastics-toy-car-roadster.html
  15. 240z

    I'd bend a piece of wide Evergreen strip to make the basic air dam. After that's dry, I'd add a piece of quarter round across the bottom and flare in the down sides. Once dry, you could sand the back side to make it less bulky.Not hard but time consuming as the glue has to be dry.