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  1. I think Casey is on the right track. While I can't find a match for the tree where there's four in a row, the other tree seems to be shown in this Goodwill auction: https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/85847105
  2. Thanks for contacting me Mike.  I'm definately interested. Please at your convenience check to see if all the parts a there.

    I don't  like to make offers,  I'm always concerned  I would offend someone.    I'm a cheapskate😂😂

  3. Too thumbs up! It looks the part. I think its interesting you used the Revell bodies. Someone found a use for them.
  4. Mark my words.....in twenty years a mint, stock Honda CRX will bring the money that a 1971 mint, stock Mustang will bring today.
  5. I'm curious as to which will be better the Meng or the Trumpeter.
  6. I think the difference in 1/24 or 1/25 is relative. It has been well pointed out the differences in measuring. Did they measure the actual car or eyeball it. For example, an actual car can now be scanned. I'm sure other cars have been measured from photographs that hopefully are correct although a lot of distortion can be created with different camera lenses. Most of the more recent kits are more accurate than kits molded in the 60's and the 70's although there are glaring examples of both accuracy and inaccuracy in each generation. For truly inaccurate kits go back to BOX SCALE. The kit's size was adapted to whatever fit into the standard box. Unique relics.....
  7. I'm going to go back on topic....I'd love for the old Merit molds to be repopped. While their Grand Prix series isn't the most accurate, they also had the largest series of 1950's racers of any manufacturer.
  8. I often think it's less a matter of scale and more of accuracy of the scaling. For example, the Monogram 1/24 Challenger is huge when compared to either the AMT or MPC Challenger. The differences between the Monogram and the AMT Thunderbird wasn't that great. Some parts could be swapped.
  9. This back from the dead post apparently was hijacked....
  10. The car is molded after the Mickey Thompson car. It is the only accurate set for a replica. Others would require either a chassis swap or a lot of modification to make accurate. Be aware, if the decals are molded to fit the Revell Mustang, they may not fit the JoHan. The Revell rear 3/4s is funky. Slixx shows several other sets. Rex----By the way, where did you get the Quickie Too decals?
  11. Until midway through the pictures I was wondering why you were showing pictures of a real junkyard. Looks very real.
  12. I'm trying to remove a huge amount of paint build up on a paint stand I acquired. I dunked it into an open container of Purple Power which I'm guessing is a generic Castrol Super Clean. It's barely touched it. Am I doing it wrong by not having it sealed up, the generic Purple Power lacking strength or am I expecting too much of it? If I'm expecting too much of it, any suggestions? Thanks, Mike
  13. That may be the fairest thing said about FSM. While they have lead time to incorporate some elements of SA in the December issue, it will take three or so issues to work it in. A big factor of how much automotive that will be included will be the advertisers that migrate to FSM. If the ad rates or significantly more, many of the cottage industries won't make the move. Remember page count as well as article content will be a reflection of advertisers. Back to Topic In sorting through my magazines I found several MCMs that I didn't remember reading. Going back five or so years and this magazine was absolutely outstanding! Here's to the relaunch being as successful.
  14. Something from Model Factory Hiro......it may take my lifetime to build it and another to afford it.
  15. Thank goodness you removed the wipers.
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