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  1. Batmobile

    I just stumbled upon this. There is so much to like. What I really like is the fact you're not really changing it but rather enhancing it. If I ever get to mine, yours will be an inspiration.
  2. Ed Pink Dragster

    Do you have a link for the decals.....I'd like to see what they have available.
  3. "DIGGER"

    I've often wondered how cool this kit could be built. Now I know. FANTASTIC build.
  4. Thanks.....that tells me what I wanted. I think I'll pass.
  5. Does anyone have this Flintstone body? I've got some that are very thick almost slush cast while others are very nice and uniform inside. THANKS!
  6. 1/8 cars

    I'm interested.....let me see what I can find to tempt you.
  7. mpc vette

    The MPC one is 1/16th scale. The AMT is 1/25th.
  8. Gerald Wingrove has passed away.

    I had a brief conversation with Gerald Wingrove about ten years ago via email. First it was amazing that he responded. I learned both he and my father had spent time in High Wycombe in the same time frame. My father was into model trains and marveled at some of the English model makers. I asked Mr. Wingrove if he for chance knew Dad. Sadly he didn't recall Dad although I do believe Dad was inspired even then by some of Mr. Wingrove's work. I think the skills Gerald Wingrove and a few other world class craftsman possess are the true artists of the hobby while most of us are skilled craftspeople.
  9. 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302

    I looked at one of these and am wondering if you might be able to open up the grill by sanding the back of it. Anyone tried it?
  10. Maverick Funny Car decals

    I'd love to find the Atlas Oil Tool decals.
  11. Besides the Slixx decals for the LA Hooker, are there any other Maverick funny car decals available? Thanks!
  12. I saw this at the CARS show. Pictures don't do it justice. I really need to get this kit. Yours is absolutely KILLER!
  13. Just those two pictures tell me I want to watch this one. I'd love better interior pictures. Already it looks more "right" than 95% of the builds of this kit.
  14. 2 Models to Trade

    It may be that there's fewer people with that you're looking for than are interested in these cars.
  15. Chad Little Thunderbird

    I followed Chad in those years. The decals are JNJ's. I felt Chad had great potential, which he showed in Busch. The 19 was a family single car operation. In that car he was relatively competitive as a have-not compared to the have of Rousch, Hendrix and the like. He went to Busch after driving briefly for Cale Yarborough's 66 car. Chad was one of several drivers that could not make that car competitive. He finished second in Busch Cup a couple of years after that. He was leading but his team got John Deere sponsorship and announced a switch to Pontiac and their Ford support dwindled. When he ran the Pontiac in Winston Cup he often finished best in class behind the Chevy's and Fords. The team was bought by Roush and converted to Fords. His son Jesse is trying to get a foothold in trucks. He often runs top ten with a shoe string budget team. Thanks for showing this survivor.