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  1. I had one of the later MPC reissues of the Chrysler. I tried to sell it for $18.....nary a nibble. I'll admit I'm weird, I want the Gypsy Wagon and some of the trick motorcycles. I keep hoping Hobby Lobby gets the bikes as they're no where near worth the retail price.
  2. Contact Dave Van on the forum.
  3. I have a Compact Pussy Cat in my display case. Dad and I (more Dad than me I'd bet) built it when new. I'm missing the umbrella. I'll have to the Mean Machine to go with it.
  4. GREAT build.....I love these cars.....I love your model.
  5. Do a search for Oldsmobile.
  6. Check out Mike's Decals....has them for I think $5.
  7. This kit and others in the Jo-Han Classic car line may be the best engineered kits of the 1960's. If they were released today, I think they would still be highly regarded.
  8. What you'd have to do is join the two four cylinders into one eight cylinder. The issue would be to get the crankshafts synchronised so no two cylinders would fire together. If you got the cylinder firing in proper order, which might require a custom crankshaft and cam shaft, it should work.
  9. I saw this at Indianapolis Raceway Park.....humid night. These amazing cars left vapor trails. May have been the best night of racing I've ever enjoyed.
  10. Shades of the 1960's show cars.....I love it!
  11. I would store them in a cool dry, climate controlled area. Excess heat and humidity would work against you. Don't store in an attic or unheated or hot garage.
  12. I am curious as to what the cost per car and per season it is for a season of either Aussie Supercars or DTM. I knew a driver's mother several years ago (he retired in 2002) and she told me he didn't want to go sell sponsors on a 7-12 million budget for a car that would typically run 10-20th in Cup. Recognize the expense now and how marquee drivers have to have multiple sponsors instead of one for the season. I do think the Supercars put on a good show, maybe better than Nascar. The question is, is it the cars or the track? Maybe we need more Rovals and less Charlotte and Charlotte clones.
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