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  1. NEW Round2 MPC 2018

    I had another flash......what if they tooled up a different cowl section and used the AMT Ivo kit?
  2. NEW Round2 MPC 2018

    As for the McEwen kit.....the Garlits kit is a much more accurate kit with the wheelbase although neither kit has the correct 392. Betcha that if Round 2 "corrects" it, the engine will be the same with different valve covers and the magneto moved.
  3. Early 60s T roadster

    If the state has any kind of safety inspection I've got to wonder if the cars are legal. All look like trailer queens or good for half an hour to prove it can be driven on the street but not that they can be DRIVEN.
  4. Dodge Revellion Funny Car Revisited

    They worked too well. Other funny cars refused to race them.
  5. Two thumbs way up!
  6. Kit car kits

    The Scarab was done as a resin kit by Mini Exotics and in the early sixties as a staic model by Stombecker.
  7. Thanks for the Hot Rod story......a great read. Plus a wonderful side view of the early paint scheme.
  8. If anyone has the Hot Rod article or other era correct magazines (I'm thinking SS&DI) can you scan them and send them to me as a PM or post them here.
  9. Bronco Buster

    Alan.....any chance to get an accurate set of Dyno Don decals? The lack of foil really distracts from the upcoming Round 2 release.
  10. I agree......it appears we have two sets of decals that are 80% correct for either of the four versions. I don't understand why they didn't do foil. Hopefully the aftermarket will step up.
  11. Finished 2018 Sheldon Creed ARCA Toyota

    That's impressive. A great result for a challenging build.
  12. Mine is on pre-order simply because of the decal sheet. It appears there were three paint schemes for the car. The original did not have the gold that's on the Slixx sheet. The gold hood car appears to have not been driven by Don but rather Frank Oglesby the majority of the time. If my attachments work correctly, the first two are the original paint scheme, then the gold hood with Don driving and finally with Oglesby. I much prefer the original scheme. r
  13. Whoever gets it first, can they post the decals? I'm hoping they're more accurate than the Slixx decals which are a whole lot more accurate than the originals.
  14. I asked at my shop today (mine's been on order for over a month), and I was told the Dyno Don Cougar won't be delivered until July 8.......errrrrrrrr.
  15. Kit car kits

    You could add the Chrysler kit car race cars of the seventies as well as the old MPC Barris Mini T and the Shalako .