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  1. The problem with the 550 sports cards is finding them. I no longer have local card dealers which means ordering them online.
  2. 32 big deuce roadster pickup?

    I never would have seen the pick up in that roadster. Your build looks almost effortless. I'm quite impressed in the overall final piece. Thanks for sharing this WIP.
  3. Jaguar XK 120, Revell

    Is this the metal kit? I'll admit I've avoided this kit thinking it wouldn't build up nicely. I was quite wrong. What a lovely model of such a lovely car.
  4. Palmer model kit history?

    This page shows kits marked from 1961-75. How did they stay in business? Their kits typically ranged half price or less of a buildable kit. I wonder how many of these were bought to pacify a child the parent didn't think would actually finish the kit or for a "present" for a party for a less than popular boy. Remember this was the era when it seemed we had a Christmas party and maybe another where we all exchanged gifts. Not necessarily something we wanted to do but a right of passage. I was so glad that habit of my youth has been discontinued.
  5. Change......

    I agree with you that we spend too much time online and less with people and I know a few of those that have passed. I also realize that while I'm in front of a keyboard, I'm not enjoying certain aspects of the hobby. I regret you stepping away. Not only do I respect your knowledge (I'm still waiting to see the Accurate Minatures Taurus test shot), but I've come to think of you as a friend. I hope sometime I'm near your part of the West Virginia hills to visit or we finally have a show good enough in Charleston to get you to visit. Good luck.....remember you have friends in the cyber world as well as in the physical one. Mike
  6. Kits for trade

    Looking for anything else?
  7. Positives to come from the Revell Deal?

    My perspective as to be expected, is a bit different. I could never figure out why we had the same kits released in RoG and Revell boxes. I've never compared the plastic, but I always assumed it was the same with maybe different decals. What I fear he most is higher retail prices for "imported kits" that are made from molds that were created in the US. Seems most of our kits are already foreign molded. I think kits will remain available but I worry that chains like Hobby Lobby may not carry the same range and local shops may struggle to get kits at a competitive price. As car modelers many of us have the luxury of kitbashing from several kits that are not price prohibitive. I fear if kits hit the $35 retail price that aspect of the hobby will be hurt badly.
  8. JDM Style Acura RSX Type S Tuner

    I like this......got the same kit on my shelf. Might have to pull it down and take another look at it. It will be strange when rice burners will be considered retro.
  9. Patreon channel Willys

    Got contact info on Bob? I'd love to know how he made the scoop.
  10. 1966 Barracuda Circle Track Car

    I love the grill......very nice detail touch.
  11. Before we hit the panic button over the kit contents, maybe we should wait to see the kit? Test shots are just that, test shots. Errors have been discussed that hopefully will be addressed. As for the chassis illustration errors, are they errors in the illustration or errors in the chassis that the illustrator accurately reproduced? I'm not going to declare this kit unbuyable. Mercy if the decals are right and other parts are right so it gets kitbashed with another Nascar kit. Last show I went to those were $7 your choice and no one was buying.
  12. ‘70 AAR Cuda T/A

    Loved watching this one......great build.
  13. Pro Mod -63 Corvette

    I stumbled upon this one......really wish all the photos were still available. Car looks killer.
  14. Convertible top

    That looks nice. No clue what it goes to.