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  1. I've seen the Boss Bulldozer a couple of times. Before seeing this one I pretty much ignored this kit. Now I really want one. I just wish Monogram would had modeled a driver for it.
  2. I agree, the recent snap kits aren't my cup of tea but I also accept I'm not the market. These look like something that can be made to sell cheaply enough that they could be stocking stuffers for 7 year olds. Maybe for every ten they sell, one new modeler would be born. That's a great return. I would like to see some of the Aurora road race kits return but I have little expectation. The question is are there newer kits that are better detailed and easier to assemble of the same subject. As for the classics, they're great kits but if you look at the resell market, there's not a huge demand. I find that sad as they are without a doubt some of the best designed kits of all time.
  3. Hmmm.......several passes here. But IVO streamliner!!! Decals look much improved over the original issue. I wonder when it can be ordered.
  4. Nice vintage colors....or are they new again. This should be a great build.
  5. One thing to remember, this was a one time release. Many stores didn't carry it because it was satanic. Dodge only offered it as a Demon one year due to the public pressure and the Demon became the Dodge Sport. From the 1971 model year, I'd bet this was MPC's lowest production annual kit.
  6. I love this!!!!!! Great build with so much to look at you realize every picture you mentioned something. Question, you mentioned laser welding. Can you share more info?
  7. The paint is so period perfect for the late 1960's-early 1970's.
  8. Looking at this, your methodology could be helpful on a couple of projects. What kind of speed were toy using on your mill? What kind of guide did you use. They look wonderfully accurate.
  9. I'll admit I've ignored this era of Rivera for years.....I can see one getting started on my workbench.
  10. Also, the intellectual property I'm sure has long been abandoned.
  11. Those hinges look ugly on the build up. Wait a minute......they're ugly on the 1:1.
  12. I do believe you need to call this the Ghost for ghost of SLM.....
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