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  1. I'm amazed the Vegas are seeing light of day. I do hope the grill and bumper get separated. The hood scoop looks interesting.
  2. Thanks for taking the lead on the NNL. While you're far from nameless, your efforts helped re-energize the hobby.
  3. A very personal type of self abuse.
  4. iBorg

    1971 Colt-Ford

    Toy may consider it crude, I consider it beautiful.
  5. The easiest solution is to trade the kit off to me. What do you want for that old incomplete kit? 😀
  6. I'm interested.....I have annual instructions to trade.
  7. Watching......I could be interested in a set.
  8. Use the Ford where you're steeling the wheels and maybe the tires.
  9. This just looks like an April Fools Day joke.
  10. A really cool build up with this chassis is to use it as an early 70's street rod with either a T or Bantam body. Of course if you really want a challenge morph this body with the Revell Vega to make a Wonder Wagon. Doable, great result but a heck of a challenge.
  11. I have the Moeibus 1955 Chrysler I'd like to trade for the 1956. Mine is sealed in bag. Thanks
  12. Anyone have a source for a left hand drive?
  13. Thanks to Mark, I have some drivers coming. Now I need to learn how to stay focused on a project.
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