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  1. Jim makes a great point. If the info submitted is in error, should he correct it? What if he is in error? The info in the magazine can be only as good as what's submitted. I'm more than happy to look over the occasional errors for the inspiration each new issue brings. Since I used to get about four magazines a month I'm thrilled to get MCM with what looks like a fairly regular schedule.
  2. One of the things I hate about this kit is the chassis. It claims to be a gasser but gasser rules NEVER allowed a round tube chassis.
  3. I stand corrected. Apparently Kamblach recognized one of their many errors. This one they actually corrected.
  4. Plus it will only work on Windows.....I know cause I'm MacCentric and I'd like to have this but.......
  5. Since I just bought one......the MPC Mako Shark.
  6. What about removing the plastic rim and using it with the photo etch?
  7. I opened the topic and scrolled straight through the photos of the car in the museum to get to the model pics. Had to scroll back.....VERY nice.
  8. This is becoming a textbook on building this old Merit/Smer kit. This is a tremendous build.
  9. If you're on FB there's a couple of Kentucky groups there. Message me for info.
  10. If you're shopping try Auto Models in Greensburg or there's a place in Cranberry. Be prepared fpr sensory overload.
  11. I appreciate the comments. Previously I tried aluminum with CA. Didn’t work at all. The idea of drilling holes in it with slow set epoxy may be winning combination.
  12. I need to add some small diameter square brass tube or aluminum to the inside of a body for structural support. I'm looking for the strongest joint possible. I'm thinking either epoxy or medium CA. Any thoughts and recommendations? THANKS!
  13. I checked in again just to be amazed. The A arms are stunning. The carbs....breathtaking. If I remember you're using a Sherline. I'd love to see more pictures of your set ups to help me learn about my set up. You've already shown me the possibilities.
  14. The wood and the ornaments (urns?) on top are amazing. This is definitely a different take on this kit.
  15. If anyone wants a CB Freak, pm me.....we can work out a deal. With that commercial out of the way....COSMA RAY!!!!
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