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  1. If you're going to the expense of a CNC program to create the parts, you're better to 3D print with a resin printer. Can you CNC styrene, yes.....I've done it several times before. The problem you experience is plastic produces a great deal of heat when machined and often the removed plastic remelts into some sort of blob. To do it well, you need something like a blast of air to keep it cool and remove your waste. The 3D part would more than likely give you a better result with less frustration.
  2. When I return the super clean to the contaner, I use a coffee filter to strain it with.
  3. The wheels in the Revell kits are quite nice. The problem is if you find an original kit, odds are the tires are on the wheels. If they are, at least one of the wheels will be attacked by the tire.
  4. The parts in these kits are very well detailed. The body is better proportioned than the AMT. The engines pose problems in the way they are molded but they're worth the effort. There really isn't must to say negative about the kit. It will be nice to have this kit for parts if nothing else.
  5. I rarely look at dioramas. I'm glad I did this one. Its a beauty!
  6. I'm interested.....Just need to figure out what I've got to trade. New or old trucks?

    I'm getting ready to head out of town but will check when I return or if there's a new kit I can find.

  7. I'm curious about the Model Cars magazine. What's the content like?
  8. Love it.....there's been a lot of interesting slot car bodies that never made it to being a scale model. This is a great build.
  9. This build is very nice.....I agree it captures the 1:1 feel so well.
  10. I'm looking to 1/8 drag parts from Revell's motorcycle kits. I've got a project where I need the rear slick....could use other parts like the front wheel but can figure out a substitute for that. Interested in other parts. Thanks!
  11. How did you print the decals? Car looks really like a local bracket or lower class race car.
  12. Dan, I don't think that was the car. Pete died in 1971 driving a full bodied car with a weird mid frame downforce system. Something broke, and all ............broke loose. A series of failures resulting in Pete perishing in the carnage.
  13. Where's the list? George Carlin is curious.
  14. It's interesting they are releasing the Copperhead. I thought they were re-releasing the Tommy Ivo dragster. Is this an attempt to get another kit out of the molds like the Tom McEwen fantasy wedge dragster? I guess Round 2 is trying to get a last run out of the Chevy II AWB before the Moebius gets released. As for the Lotus, I agree the 1963 Lotus. It would have been nice to have the 1968 Olsonite Eagle instead.
  15. It is obvious you know the subject well. You're replication efforts and scratch building is amazing.
  16. Once again Dan you throw out something that is a great detail I'd never had thought of.
  17. One thing to remember about Chuck and several others, they've been doing this a LOOOOOOONG time. I first saw Chuck as a show somewhere between 1995 and 1998.
  18. How heavy is it? If it was me making it, I'd use a solid rod to cur it from. Far easier than fabricating end covers. It doesn't have the typical lathe marks on it but it could be well polished.
  19. I wonder if this will feature a statue of Chip Elliot without a helmet on?
  20. I think the Cherokee was the first model I ruined. The AMT funny cars I remember. Funky frame, only Donovan 417 molded in 1/25th scale. The Koo-Koo-Kar is a new one on me.
  21. I've got a Sherline in the basement. I've got some end mills. What I lack is your super ability. WOOOOOOW!
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