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  1. I could really see me building this for our club Halloween build. The lights really make it.
  2. For the way it fought you, this looks good. Your build will help me if I ever crack open my Trumpeter.
  3. Nice build.....as for missing Mike, absolutely. A great person always willing to share his knowledge.
  4. That would be interesting if I could find one.
  5. My local club, as I'm sure many others are, is getting ready to start a Halloween build off. I'm struggling with trying to find a kit to start. Here's a few ideas I've stumbled across: Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Carl Casper Undertaker dragster Tom Daniels Tarantula Boot hill Express Lindberg Pirate series MPC Haunted House Mummy Machine Super Natural Impala Grim Reaper motorcycle Van with "spooky graphics" Graveyard Duo from Wacky Racers I'm sure there's other ideas but nothing is popping into my head. Any suggestions?
  6. This is one of those kits that's been reissued seemingly dozens of times yet I always put off buying it. I'd like to pick one up to build. Box doesn't seem important and a easy to restore started one would work. I have plenty to trade. Let me know what you're looking for and we might work out a deal.
  7. Very impressive! Each time I look at your WIPs, I learn new ideas. What you do looks quite doable but I'd never thought of things. I absolutely love the idea of turning down a plastic hanger for the wheelie par wheels. The Lenco is amazing.
  8. Could you use something like a piece of 1/16 brass rod as a guide through the holes?
  9. Great info......I'll have to look for the coax in other things.
  10. This is one of those kits that most modelers pass up because of its reputation. You've proven with patience and skill you can create a good result.
  11. Do what I did and convert it to a funny car.
  12. The LA Dart will be nice to have back although I've got the last release. It will be interesting if there's enough improvement to justify blowing my money on it.
  13. What was that other magazine we lost that served the hobby?* This issue raises the bar a bunch. *Plastic Fanatic (the forerunner to MCM) edited by Roy Sorensen whose picture is in this issue in the West Coast NNL article.
  14. Mercy.......just mercy. I kept on looking for the model picture and realized I was looking at it.
  15. If you've ever been in an area where coal is mined you'll find significant pollution from acid run off. Many area near coal mines do not have drinkable water. Beyond that the pollution from the trucks along with other environmental damages are immense. But coal is not the leading fuel for energy production. It is natural gas. See: https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=427&t=3
  16. I'll admit I suffer from mental illness. I love FWD Dodge Daytonas and Chrysler XTs. Last produced about 30 years ago in 1993. Seen any on the road lately? I also have a soft spot for PT Cruisers. Last produced 12 years ago. Used to be as common as belly buttons. Notice how they stand out now as unusual? In 20 years after the major manufacturers go away from ICEs, they'll stand out like dinosaurs at a zebra convention.
  17. My concern is they won't disappear but the cost of gas will be prohibitive. What this means is those who can only afford a used petro car will be forced to feed it expensive fuel. This could lead to a cycle of only being able to afford expensive transportation.
  18. I find this whole thread somewhat amusing. A few thoughts. The biggest problem with electric vehicles is infrastructure does not exist in many regions of the country to recharge them. I believe we are facing what was common in the 1910-20's with gasoline. The infrastructure now exists after a few decades dependent on the energy source. Hybrids may be a better choice in rural areas that will lack behind in recharging stations. I'm considering solar power for my house. With a battery integrated into the system, I'll be able to charge my car in the evening. If I charge after dark, I would also be charging during lower needs on the electric grid if I have not captured enough electricity during the day. As for the grid not being able to handle mass charging, I agree. The United State's electric grid is obsolete as has been proven by rolling blackouts. Mass charging without solar generation will result in grid failure. One problem with this concept, is it only applies if you own the property. I don't see many rental houses being solar equipped for the foreseeable future. To fully take advantage of EVs favors those who can invest in infrastructure. This bothers me on a societal level. I am concerned about EV range. This has been one of the biggest drawback to EV's besides the price. Is it really an issue or a point to convince the public to continue to want ICE. We are convinced we need to drive 500 miles without a recharge. Of course my van only does 432 miles on a full tank of gas. That doesn't bother me. Why? Maybe the range issue isn't such an issue except we're being led to believe it is. Maybe the range is not what we should be concerned with relative to the charging time. For example, if I have a 300 mile range and a 15 minute charge time, will that negate the range concern? Of course, we will need charging stations to be as common as gas stations. Maybe we'll have EVs for local driving and rent a petrol car for long distance driving. I love the sound of certain ICEs. The sound of a Ferrari or a nitro engine is amazing. They're cherished memories. Unfortunately, I can't remember when I heard the last one. Electric motors offer near instantaneous torque in near silence. My premium drinking turbo performance car has significant turbo lag. Performance EVs don't. One of the main reasons car dealerships and mechanics oppose EVs is the significantly reduced maintenance costs. Many of our scheduled maintenance items will not exist with EVs. Since most dealerships make a significant amount of their profit from scheduled maintenance, they will need to develop alternative income sources. This will be even more challenging when most buyers of EVs and hybrids hold onto these vehicles longer than those who purchase ICEs. Many will struggle. Manufacturers are starting to deal with a public that is anticipated to buy newer new vehicles with rented options such as the BMW heated seat program. Even with electrics running on electricity that is sourced from fossil fuels, numerous studies indicate this is more environmentally friendly than ICE that rely on fossil fuel extraction, processing and then continously emit further pollution I worry about the environmental and replacement costs for batteries. Alternative battery materials are being developed. These will need to come to market for new EVs to be cost competitive. Likewise, many of the EVs motors utilize rare metals. Alternative designs are being resourced and hopefully will come to the marketplace. As someone who anticipated building a hot rod as a retirement project, the decline of the ICE has effected that decision. I can't get my head around a classic car with an electric motor in place of the flathead although I'm researching a good convertible platform to convert to the performance possibilities of an electric motor.
  19. I second the motion that these would be great to see reissued. I fear that with a 40 year span since they were last issued that the molds are long gone. Overall the kit quality seemed better than the Monogram show cars, which seemed accuracy challenged but giving an easy build. The MPC and Revell (Roth) show cars were more accurate but also quite fiddly. These fell in between those kits. I do think what prevented these kits from greater success is lack of distribution. These were released about the time that K Mart was the largest seller of kits in the US but I don't believe these kits were sold by mass merchandisers. I only saw these at one hobby/toy store.
  20. Nice build of a terribly over designed car. I wonder if removing the top wings would help it look less cartoony.
  21. Here's one in the Virginia area: http://www.rvipms2020.bravesites.com/
  22. That engine is REALLY nicely done.
  23. Thanks for the info......the flattening of the sides is the step I've been missing.
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