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  1. I cut one down to the right size a couple of months before PL announced their funny car series. Talk about ruining a valuable kit!
  2. I may have a set. I'm away until Sunday. I'll try to check then.
  3. I'll try this weekend.....getting ready to head on the road.
  4. I find myself often amazed by John's builds.....I've noticed he hasn't been on the forum for two months. Any info?
  5. Didn't Tamiya and AMT also do one. If I remember correctly the AMT kit was surprisingly well done.
  6. Nice pictures. Where's the model? That's the model.....? Looks ready to drive!
  7. I'm following along. I've got a real good start to my own Garlits car but the body has been my nemesis.
  8. I wish they had brought out the original Ramcharger Challenger. This is the Soapy Sales car. The original was the chassis under the Candies and Hughes/Stardust Cudas. Two of the first kits I built.
  9. Nice build. Interesting comment on the body. I think both the Revell and MPC body tries to capture this era and both miss in the wind shield area. MPC got a LOT closer. I prefer the Johan body but you need to look at the actual car you're trying to build. In this era there were several companies that made funny car bodies. What was right for the SWC Mustang would not be right for the Mickey Thompson Mustang that Johan molded.
  10. I lone Daddyfink's picture. Wish I knew of a source for those decals.
  11. Actually Jungle Jim ran both a Logghe style and a digger chassis. The Slixx decals can do either one.
  12. Amazing work in this thread.....wow. Steve's work is the best seats I've ever seen in a model. I'm curious as to how you made the tonneau cover upholstery. What paint did you use?
  13. So where's the model? Absolutely great pics.
  14. Please don't think my statement is anything less than praise. I love what you're doing. The rear wheel tubs and the area for the rear differential are great. I picked up a started Firefighter Mustang II that someone did the same think to the chassis. Great improvement.
  15. Great design and execution. The use of the battleship hull is brilliant. While parts don't look prototypical, at least to my knowledge, they look functional. For example I've never seen a front suspension with one air shock severing both axles but it could work. The front wheel flairs with built in ground effects is wonderful original thinking. Congrats on a masterpiece.
  16. A bit off topic but yet related. I've seen this chassis stuffed under several Opel GTs and other small cars as a drag racing transformation. Chassis was only useful as a fairground cruiser. I appreciate your efforts to actually make it a legitimate chassis design.
  17. If you're doing significant remodeling or have a dropped ceiling, I'm really happy with my LED can lights.
  18. I'm looking for the Thumper II, rabbit logo and the Midwest Auto decals from this sheet. Anyone who built this car non stock have these left over? I can trade decal sheets for this if there's anything you're looking for.
  19. This is such a great offer. I’ve got what looks like a complete built up. I’ll have to inventory and see what if anything is missing.
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