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  1. It's lookin' great! Jus' got some more of the trim to remove and it'll be perfect on the cab! Sorry to hear about the frame! Don't feel bad I realized after I cut mine and got it glued back together it's only 1/16th too short on one side. Ooops! You'll get it right. Keep up the great work and keep the faith!
  2. Xcellent Xecution! You did it right and on the first try! Great work! I'm watchin' this build! Keep up the great work. Now you'll be carvin' plastic left and right. Keep us updated please?
  3. Ok! Dually Bed it is! So many complications have reared their ugly heads it isn't funny! I've stripped, redid the body work, and started all over again so many times I'm finally happy with the results (maybe). I really like the two tone paint schemes of the 80's Pick Up Trucks! I chose that for this truck. I went with FoMoCo Medium Blue Pearl and Grey Mist for the colours. I am happy with the results, but by all means this isn't going to be a show quality truck. Jus' something I like that different like all my builds. Enjoy! Enjoy!
  4. A thanx to those who have commented on this build! It helps keep me motivated on this build. Havin' a li'l difficulties on the rear door hinge but I think I'm close. You can also see where I'm fixing the roof as well above the front doors. Enjoy!
  5. Ok, I got the side trim done! Here's how I did it. ;D First, I took the "stock" trim and lined it up on the car. Then Cut the front and rear door sections free. Then I trimmed the new quarter panel trim. Then I took another "stock" trim from another kit and cut it into 3 pieces. Only need the front door piece. Ok, Need to locate the pin in relation to the body and make a new hole on the body for this to fit into. Then place body trim in position and cut the excess off the rear secton. And now you have the side trim for the extended body! Easy! LoL Just repeat for the passenger side. Enjoy till next update!
  6. Absolutely stunning work! The attention to detail is amazing! Looks like it would run with a li'l gasoline. Keep up the great work! I am watchin' for sure.
  7. UPDATE TIME!! Ok, I wasn't gonna bore you guys with the 4 days of styrene putty drying time, then 2 days of sanding, bondoing in the low spots, and sanding some more. I have to say I'm rather happy with the results. I do see some spots that need fixed. The saying is true. No Two Hearses are ever alike! LoL Enough of my blabbin'. On to the pics. I scribed all door lines, trim lines, etc after all the sanding was done. Then I sprayed it with 1 light coat of primer and sanded it to find the spots that needed work. This is the result of 3 light coats and one good coat of "Filler/Sandable Primer" by DupliColor. Then a light polish to smooth it out nicely. Enjoy! P.S. Thanx to all those who have followed this build! It's been a blast to build this 1 off ride! David@Minidreams I appreciate you lookin' in your stash for another casket for me. It's much appreciated.
  8. First off Hats off to ONE OUTSTANDING SCRATCHBUILD! The sectioning, molding, mixing and matching of everything is really coming together nicely! I myself am waiting for another spectacular update on this! Keep up the outstanding work.
  9. Truly exceptional work! I like the ideas you have going with this build. Can't wait to see more. Great work on bracing up the frame looks like it was made that way. BTW: Thanx for lookin' for a casket for my Chrysler.
  10. Lookin' good Ryan! Is this a Revell/Monogram Reissued truck? I've been lookin' for one. I like the idea on the bed wood. Can't wait to see more on this awesome truck!
  11. I'll get one soon. Gonna start on the interior soon. Jus' can't touch the body at the moment since I put styrene putty on everything. Update comin' soon. I promise.
  12. Ok, someone told me while I'm waiting for the styrene putty on the 300C to dry out and harden up. I needed something simple to keep my mind occupied. Ok, first off me building something simple is like asking Vincent Van Gogh to do Paint by Numbers w/ Water Colours! LoL I figured out long ago I can't do anything "Box Stock." Well I am keeping the mods down to simple ones, if you wanna call them that. LoL First off I "Lightly" Frenched in the headlights but not enough to take away from the character lines of the car. I also opened up the grill for a li'l more realism. Then I got creative because I want this car down but not so far down that the undercarriage drags the ground and I hated the "optional" suspension. So, I got out the knife, needle files, some tubing, and pins and got to work! I made the upper and lower A-arms where they function up and down. Next I'll cut the "spindle" off the lower A-arms and make new spindles to drop this car a li'l more and where the tires will be poseable. Till next update! Enjoy!
  13. Off to a great start there 2whl! I built a bike once. Can't wait to see more progress on these builds. Keep them updates comin'!
  14. That paint job is amazing! I'm lovin' this build! I can't wait to see more. Keep them updates a comin'!
  15. Great job on the conversion! I'm glad to see I'm not the only Hearse Scratchbuilder around here. I like the "broke surfer" look with maybe some skinny white band tires, steel wheels, and hubz. Either way, it's your build, build it like you want. I love it!
  16. Update 2! I'm on a roll fellas! I got the rear end done, door made, and jamb installed as well. Now it's on to a ton of body work. Wish me luck! Enough of my blabbin'. On to the pics! Enjoy!
  17. That is jus' simply amazing work! Stunning colour as it looks jus' like the 1:1! Can't wait to see more on this one! Keep up the stunning and exceptional work!
  18. That is one stunning 51! Love the way it flows from front to back! The colours are jus' breathtakingly beautiful and fit the build! That engine looks like it's ready for it's first cruise down the boulavard (sp). Keep up the great work!
  19. WOW! That is a stunning car!! Great work! I'll look for it in Under Glass. Great job!
  20. Interesting concept! I love it. Keep us updated on this build. I'm watching this for sure.
  21. Lookin' good Mr. Mike! I have this kit in my stash and I noticed the same thing. I'm wondering if some of the parts were meant originally for the Supercharged Mustang or possibly a stock truck. Not sure. Love the colour and you nailed it with the ground effects. Keep up the great work!
  22. First of I wanna thank everyone for their comments! It has been a great help to keep me motivated and focused on this build. It's been a build in the planning for years. I know a lot of you wouldn't believe I did this unless you saw this thread and the updates that come along with it. Well here's another update! I present to you an almost completely ready for body work Hearse! I have the back half completely sealed up. Now it's time to let her rest and the glue cure before I fine tune the rest. Thanx again for following everyone.
  23. Lookin' good! I like the direction you are going. Good to see some creativeness going into a model. Can't wait to see more.
  24. That Ferrari engine is stunning in itself! I can't wait to see the car. Now that 56 Nomad is gorgous!!! I love the roofline and how you sloped the roof's "A" pillars back like that. The reradiused rear door edges give it that sexiness it needed. Great job! Thanx for the tip on the bondo. Might make my job of door jambs and such easier too. Gotta give that a try.
  25. Thanx everyone for the comments! It helps me keep going on this project. 2nd Update today! I haven't been able to put this car down! But it's rainy and cold so it's all good! LoL Well started the bracing and some of the roof work. Now you'll see why I left the roof intact in the front like I did. Hehe Yes this is going to be a "Hi-Top" hearse because these cars don't have much headroom as it is. I also "squared" off the rear door windows. As promised the rear door panels. Enjoy!
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