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  1. Complete , plain box, looking for Tom Daniel kits, Monogram classics etc
  2. I use Pledge as a thinner and windex to clean up, it's been working good so far
  3. Complete, box damaged but not the kit.....Trade for Monogram Classics or Big rig kits
  4. Great trade with my80malibu ! Will trade again....
  5. There have been no takers so I will relist them separately...
  6. Looking for Ford Louisville or C600 truck kits or?
  7. All appear to be compete, looking for 1930s to 1960s cars
  8. Resin is fine, plastic is better!
  9. Looking for the chrome grille for the 1930 Model A from Monogram / Revell....
  10. Looking for the stock tires THANKS!
  11. 1951 Kaiser Deluxe, 1958 Edsel Pacer and a clean little Bronco II I drag behind my Motorhome
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