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  1. This is coming along beautifully!!! Nice work!
  2. Nice work! I got to see the Tasca Ford one in person. Really cool car!
  3. Looking forward to getting one of these. I've built a few over the years but none of them survived . It will be nice to have another on the shelf.
  4. What a great Idea! Nice build!!
  5. Thanks for the lead. I'll be following your thread!
  6. Did you 3d print it yourself or did you get it off shapeways? I would love to have one of these as our Family car growing up was a '79 New Yorker. Thanks for any lead you can give me.
  7. Gorgeous build!!!
  8. This is the kit that was being built from scratch. Send Gregg Wann a PM for the price. It's a great kit!
  9. This is a resin kit available from Gregg Wann. It's a complete kit right down to the tires and it allows you to build the '88-'89 version or the '90-'91 version. I was lucky enough to get two of them. I went to college in Memphis and remember seeing a few of these running around. They stood out because the fleet in Memphis was all Chevy. When I found the right decals at the local hobby shop I knew one was going to be from Memphis. Here's the interior: I added the interior spotlight handles: The car number 413 is my college girlfriends birthday. This will be going to her. I see now that the windshield has popped loose. I will have to fix that. Also Ronnie Keel mentioned my lightbar was sitting way to high. I will correct that at some point. This was a fun build that got me back into the swing of modeling. Hopefully I am able to continue building. Thanks for looking!!
  10. Here's on I'm working on. The lightbar is just sitting there. I swapped out the kit hubcaps for an aluminum set from Parts by Parks. It's almost done. I'll post pics in the under glass section when it's finished.
  11. I'm really enjoying watching the process. Thanks for sharing! I'm learning a lot!
  12. This is coming along very nicely! The more I watch your builds the more I think I'm going to give brass a try!
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