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  1. That looks fantastic!!! Really nicely done.
  2. I like where this is going! Cool idea for a build and you're executing it nicely!
  3. This is fantastic. Mud looks great!
  4. Fantastic job weathering! I really like where this build is headed!
  5. I LOVE this truck!! You've done an amazing job so far!!! Can't wait to see the final results!
  6. This is one incredible project. Your scratch building skills are amazing. Looking forward to more.
  7. That's going to be one good looking truck! Nice work so far.
  8. That is some amazing work! Very, Very nicely done!
  9. Hi Guys!! It's been a while since I posted a build on any of the forums here. I thought by jumping into the build off it would get me motivated to finish something. This truck is an all resin kit that took FOREVER to get. Here's where I'm at: I built the chassis and was going to build it as a converted fire department tanker. Then I picked up a Revell Kenworth 900 Wrecker kit dirt cheap at a thrift store. I decided to Convert the Krazz to a wrecker. This meant I had to stretch an already assembled frame. And here's where I'm at. The space behind the cab is supposed to house the spare tire but I destroyed the tire carrier. I'm thinking of adding a pair of outriggers there and mounting the tire behind the boom. I've made a new winch bumper for the front from scratch. Here is the truck mocked up. This rig will be blue and white To match the other heavy wrecker in my fleet: I intend to wheather the Krazz slightly. This is how far I've gotten with the truck so far. I'll keep you all updated! Thanks for looking!
  10. That's some seriously nice bodywork on that cab!
  11. Wreckers are some of my favorite type trucks. Looking forward to more!
  12. This is a very cool project! Are you going to put logs on the trailer and if so what do you plan on using?
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