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  1. Also a '93-'96 Cadillac Fleetwood
  2. That really is a beautiful build. I love the color combo.
  3. I'm sorry it's so long between updates. I've got a lot done on this one. The interior is finished. Here's a shot of it before I mounted the cab for good. Cab is mounted for good and I was able to add hinges to the doors. Engine detailing is done and I hinged the hood as well. I also got the windshield installed. While I was at it I added a spotlight to the "A" pillar. The lens for the spotlight has been added. It fell out and I didn't notice until I took the pics. I'm in the home stretch with this. It should be finished soon. Thanks for looking
  4. Firs, I want to thank everyone on the positive comments on my project. This is one of the most difficult builds I've ever attempted. Here's my latest update: I was able to get started on the interior. Those seats look way to clean. Guess I'll have to dirty them up. i figured out the spare tire mount. Simple seatbelt buckle from MCG. Cab is painted and the boom is installed. Cab is just mocked up as I have quite a bit more to do before I can mount it for good. Thanks for checking it out!
  5. Oh yeah, like I said before, Love those tires. The overall look of the truck is fantastic.
  6. I really like the museum Idea. This is what I love about truck building. You can be so creative!
  7. I love the white wheels with the yellow cab. Nice clean work,
  8. Nice work so far! I too am glad to know about the front axle as one of these is on my "to do" list.
  9. Nice job!! I don't think I could have done those stripes.
  10. This is awesome. I've never seen one of these trucks before. Looking forward to more.
  11. I cannot get over the detail on this truck. Absolutely stunning.
  12. I really love the look of this truck. I agree with the others that the color really makes it stand out. I've always wondered how the logging trucks haul their trailers seeing your build finally answered that question for me! Looking forward to seeing more.
  13. I've been moving along on this project but forgot to update it here. Sorry about that! Here's where my monster wrecker stands as of today. I did some additional detailing on the engine then made it look well used. Every pic I've seen of one of these has the paint peeling off the air cleaner. I tried to replicate that look. Here's the boom arm detailed. I've got a few more details to add before I can call this part of the truck done. Here's a front view. I'm trying not to go overboard with the weathering. And here's a preview of the livery it will carry. This will match my Lonestar wrecker. This truck has been one of the most challenging builds I have ever done. Between the resin base kit and all the mods it has really tried my patience but I think it will pay off. Thanks for looking!
  14. This is looking great! Those tires make a huge difference. Nice work!
  15. Nice job building a new cab. Your truck is looking good.
  16. I love the color of the cab. Do you know where those tires came from? I have several projects that I would like to use something like those on.
  17. Love the way this truck looks. Very nice work so far. I love that it's a parts box build!
  18. I've finally gotten back to this thing. I was originally going to add outriggers between the cab and the wrecker body. I just didn't like the look. While digging for parts for something else I found an Italeri pivoting crane that had it's own set of outriggers. Problem was I had no room for it between the cab and body. What to do? I stretched the frame again: I mocked it up to make sure everything would fit And here it is up on it's tires, well half of them anyway. The rear wheel openings do not appear to line up properly so some work to the body is in order. I need to wait until the wheels and tries are mounted for good before I can do that though. Thanks for looking. I'll hopefully have more updates soon.
  19. This is really coming along nicely! That bed looks AWESOME!!
  20. I really like where this project is headed. I LOVE those tires.
  21. I did a bunch of research on these when I built mine. Most of them have Gin Poles that rest on the bed sides. They can be flipped up to act as sort of a tow truck style boom. I cut some evergreen tubing in half and glued it to the bed sides. The gin poles rest in there. I added a fifth wheel to mine but not all of them have it. You'll also want to build some sort of cage around the winch. I have since finished this truck.
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