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  1. I love the color of the cab. Do you know where those tires came from? I have several projects that I would like to use something like those on.
  2. Love the way this truck looks. Very nice work so far. I love that it's a parts box build!
  3. I've finally gotten back to this thing. I was originally going to add outriggers between the cab and the wrecker body. I just didn't like the look. While digging for parts for something else I found an Italeri pivoting crane that had it's own set of outriggers. Problem was I had no room for it between the cab and body. What to do? I stretched the frame again: I mocked it up to make sure everything would fit And here it is up on it's tires, well half of them anyway. The rear wheel openings do not appear to line up properly so some work to the body is in order. I need to wait until the wheels and tries are mounted for good before I can do that though. Thanks for looking. I'll hopefully have more updates soon.
  4. This is really coming along nicely! That bed looks AWESOME!!
  5. I really like where this project is headed. I LOVE those tires.
  6. I did a bunch of research on these when I built mine. Most of them have Gin Poles that rest on the bed sides. They can be flipped up to act as sort of a tow truck style boom. I cut some evergreen tubing in half and glued it to the bed sides. The gin poles rest in there. I added a fifth wheel to mine but not all of them have it. You'll also want to build some sort of cage around the winch. I have since finished this truck.
  7. I like where this is going! Cool idea for a build and you're executing it nicely!
  8. Fantastic job weathering! I really like where this build is headed!
  9. I LOVE this truck!! You've done an amazing job so far!!! Can't wait to see the final results!
  10. This is one incredible project. Your scratch building skills are amazing. Looking forward to more.
  11. That's going to be one good looking truck! Nice work so far.
  12. Hi Guys!! It's been a while since I posted a build on any of the forums here. I thought by jumping into the build off it would get me motivated to finish something. This truck is an all resin kit that took FOREVER to get. Here's where I'm at: I built the chassis and was going to build it as a converted fire department tanker. Then I picked up a Revell Kenworth 900 Wrecker kit dirt cheap at a thrift store. I decided to Convert the Krazz to a wrecker. This meant I had to stretch an already assembled frame. And here's where I'm at. The space behind the cab is supposed to house the spare tire but I destroyed the tire carrier. I'm thinking of adding a pair of outriggers there and mounting the tire behind the boom. I've made a new winch bumper for the front from scratch. Here is the truck mocked up. This rig will be blue and white To match the other heavy wrecker in my fleet: I intend to wheather the Krazz slightly. This is how far I've gotten with the truck so far. I'll keep you all updated! Thanks for looking!
  13. Wreckers are some of my favorite type trucks. Looking forward to more!
  14. This is a very cool project! Are you going to put logs on the trailer and if so what do you plan on using?
  15. It's been a long time since I have contributed to this forum. I'd like to participate please. I'll be building a Kraz 255 Wrecker Thanks!
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