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  1. Beautiful build!!! I love it
  2. Nice work so far. I love the looks of these cars!
  3. LOVE this project! Can't wait to see more!
  4. I love watching you build Tyrone! I learn something with every build.
  5. Fantastic build. I'm really digging the color
  6. Got some more work done on this last night. I de-soldered the LEDs from the board: I cut 4 lengths of wire: Then I soldered them into the board where the LEDs were: I will now solder the LEDs to the wires. Next up I start working on the rear interior. Thanks for looking!
  7. That's gorgeous! Nice work!
  8. Beautiful! I love the color
  9. That really came out great! I love how you painted the wheels!
  10. Thanks for your interest guys. Phillip, I'm going to pose it flying. Thanks for the tip on the weight though! Dave, I loved this movie the first time I saw it. Such a cool concept. Last night I got a lot done, I extended the horizontal stabilizers and widened the lower rear fuselage. I also reinforced the horizontals so they won't droop later. I also found parts to modernize the dash: a setup to light the wings, dash and engine: And I found something to use as a base: Next up will be fitting out the rear gunners positions and building the light box to illuminate the dash. Bodywork and paint on this are gonna be a bear! Thanks for looking!
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