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  1. A little challange between two Contests , to build Avanti your own way.I always wondered what to do with a car like that...... This is my idea: Cut of the roof........ To be continued / Torgny From Sweden
  2. Some pictures of the interiorbuild. Not 100 % to take a 2 door coupeinterior to a 4 door stationwagon,but the details that fail cant be seen throu the windovs anyway. Or more like nobody havent seen it yet Torgny
  3. Yes its a Jimmy F Casting, it was a very good build , all the parts from the Lindberg -53 model i used fitted perfect. Torgny / Sweden
  4. A big thanks for all the uplifting comments Torgny / Sweden
  5. A project that started with the boat but got out of hand ,this is the result. ( Buildingpictures is under " All the rest") Torgny / Sweden
  6. Well Friends ,had to do the last bulidingtime without photos ,i had a deadline for a contest. This is the result of the Cris Craft Project. Hope to be back with more projects soon / Torgny
  7. This is the first boat , in mahoganyveneer and two Cadillac engines. The trailer with real wood inlays and the car built from a resinbody. I cut out the sides and replace it with mahoganywood. Some pictures of how it's made ............ Torgny/ Sweden
  8. The engine is a Cris Craft 6 cyl. it's in the box. Even with orginalengine it's VERY tight in the motorcompartment. Torgny
  9. After 15 layers with clear, now sanding and more clear ............ Start to work on the trailer and car ...... Work,work,work / Torgny
  10. BMW 328 by Heller (France) 1/24 , custmized to fit the wide Wheels
  11. Looks realistic that chrome, is it possible to send part to them ? Torgny / Sweden
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