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  1. If you're referring to their synthetic lacquers, then yes, the rattle can paint from Mr. Color is excellent sprayed right from the can. Some colors are gloss, others are flat and require a clear coat. I would say it's every bit as good as Tamiya Lacquer. Mr. Color #46 clear gloss is very good as well. It's a lot harder to find those paints in the US though, but Sprue Brothers carries most of their colors in both rattle can and bottles for airbrushing.
  2. John, I think that's the best looking 59 I've ever seen. I love the powder blue color and mild custom look. A superb model.
  3. That is a stunning color Stephen. Very nice build.
  4. I really like this build. Especially the nostalgia look and flat black color. The red wheels make it pop, very well done.
  5. Beautiful build, great color combo.
  6. Very nice build, I like the two tone color scheme.
  7. Very nicely done. Where do you get the decals? I love the color, seems like it was very popular on these cars.
  8. I also have no clue why my response above appears as a quote instead of a normal response. ?
  9. I like it. I think it looks good in yellow. Not a color you see very often with these cars. Very nice build.
  10. I have both the 2014 and 2015 Corvette promos, and neither Revell nor AMT appear on the boxes. It appears as though Len is correct since the bottom of the window boxes have "ivy promo.com" printed.
  11. karbuildr


    Wow, beautiful wagon.
  12. You are the man. Awesome build, fabulous detail, and I love that color.
  13. I'm with Snake. I'm thoroughly confused as to what you're asking. On the other hand, it isn't difficult at all to confuse me.
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