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  1. Porsche 907/8 L by Union Models

    The Porsche 907/8 and the Ferrari 330 P4 were also issued by AMT(?) in a double kit. I remember that the decals were non factory markings; perhaps depicting cars that were raced at Daytona. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to trade the un-built kit decades ago. I think there were other double kits (namely the 917 & 512) in the series as well.
  2. Novo DH-88 Comet Racer

    Bruce, no offense was intended. "FROG" is the name of the kit manufacturer and is not meant as an insult to the French. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frog_%28models%29 Interestingly enough, they re-branded the kits sold in France and the United States. I've built many of their kits. My favorite was the Arado 234 Blitz with the guided bomb. The only reason I brought up FROG is because the NOVO text style reminded me of the FROG kits. As it turns out, there is a connection between the two. Similarly, J.A.P. engines are engines manufactured by John Alfred Prestwich and powered many a memorable British motorcycle and Morgan Three-Wheelers. I simply don't go around insulting people nor will I ever disparage their nationality.
  3. my hot rod paintings so far

    You are really progressing nicely. Compare this to the first one and you'll see what I mean. If I may suggest... Keep you background really fuzzy with minimal details. Grey out the background colors. Sharpen up the contrast on the car especially on the front surfaces. Save the highlights for the front details as well. All of this will center the attention on the car itself. It might help you to look at landscape paintings to see how distant trees and foliage are best done (fuzzy shapes and not individual branches and leaves). I too paint but strictly portraits in oil. Keep it up
  4. Novo DH-88 Comet Racer

    Turned out brill, Pat. The kit is very interesting in that the package states "Made in USSR" but is printed in English. Must have been made towards the end of the Soviet era. I believe this plane's DNA carried forward to their immortal Mosquito Bomber/Night Fighter/Fighter Bomber and even further into their incredible post war Hornet. Wasn't there an early FROG kit as well?
  5. Edurance Racing Group Build (Official Thread)

    Robin, feel free to join in. Your Mazda 787 would be in appropriate (and very good) company Okay, I've added you to the entrant's list. This should be a beautiful birdcage!
  6. Tamiya Calsonic Impul Z - "2004 Suzuka rd.7 Winner"

    Beautiful job, Robin!
  7. Edurance Racing Group Build (Official Thread)

    Misha - Glad you could join us. Revised the entrant's list. Phil - Superb job on a true 24 Hour build! All interested parties are welcome to join in the build with an appropriate car. Entrants can also add new eligible projects at any time.
  8. Porsche 907/8 L by Union Models

    Hi Misha. The original kit was by Heller of France. I built the kit back in the late 70's but sold it along with my entire collection in 2001. My friend kindly gave the build up back to me and is waiting for a complete restoration: The model is tiny and it's hard to believe that it's in 1/24th scale. You will definitely have to scratchbuild a lot of the missing details. The same goes with the 917's in the series.
  9. So why has the price of model kits gone up?

    Here you go: http://www.bosch.com/media/com/bosch_group/bosch_in_figures/publications/archive/GB_2012_EN.pdf Guess who owns 92% of Robert Bosch Gmbh stock? http://www.bosch-stiftung.de/content/language2/html/389.asp BTW, "Stiftung" - FOUNDATION (NONPROFIT), i.e. CHARITABLE FOUNDATION
  10. Edurance Racing Group Build (Official Thread)

    Paul, you can add any projects as long as they are at 20% or less completion stage. Merely adding or changing the decals on a completed model does not make that project eligible.
  11. So why has the price of model kits gone up?

    Greed.....is not necessarily a bad thing. The pursuit of profit is the cornerstone of the economy. All of our jobs rely on companies and corporations engaged in the pursuit of profit. It is what allows us to put food on the table, clothe and house ourselves and our families. It even allows us to pursue hobbies like building plastic kits It is in essence neither a "good" or "bad" thing. What does distinguish each profit seeking venture is it's intended goal and underlying social conscience. For example, Robert Bosch Gmbh is actually a non for profit corporation. Bosch's corporate constitution dictates that their profits be given to charity. Their strong social conscience was incorporated into the company's DNA from the beginning (1886). On the opposite end of the scale is Wal-Mart
  12. Edurance Racing Group Build (Official Thread)

    Still cleaning up the bodyshell. There was a surprising amount of misalignment between the mold halves and inserts: I've also taken to opening up all of the louvers and re-scribing all of the lines as well as adding missing ones: I will have to cut out the "aerodynamic extension" on the door area so that I can add the rest of missing door. I will also have to grind out the molded screen air intakes on the "c" pillar, build out the correct passages and add fine wire mesh.
  13. Endurance Racing Build Inquiry

    Excellent. I'll revise the participant's list to include it.
  14. '71 Hemi Cuda 'vert sells for $3.5M

    Harry, multi-million dollar Stradivari are used by the world's top violinists in concerts. Several are on lifetime "loans" to certain virtuosi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Stradivarius_instruments The sound quality actually improves with age as does the provenance if the instrument is played regularly especially by competent hands. But then again, Stradivari are meant to be played as intended by the maker. Porsche also loans out their museum cars to distinguished pilots for occasional forays notably Goodwood. At the very least, they fire up the engines once in a while:
  15. Endurance Racing Build Inquiry

    Cool! Participant's list updated.